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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 779

Take it ease, The Hollywood Comedy..., extracting lobster blood, Michael Shannon's shoes, visionary cobblers, Volcano Live!, an uptick in free climbing, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get permission, lengthy 911 response times, Gorilla Lamborghini, knocking over empty bottles, USA Today Snapshots, The Oprah Podcast, looking at Tom Brady, running diagnostics on Seth's vehicles, The Dance and Me, the physics of fried rice, UYD LIVE across the country, and forced to go axe throwing.

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Episode 778

Ohh Yeah Dude, big boy hydro flasks, the music of Skip Marley, extra pair paternity, it takes a Himba village, Spring Break 2020, the death of The Dance, the best or nothing, Eckersley and Boggs, baseball year, Fenway nights, erotic podcasting, USA Today Snapshots, The Truth of 2 Corey's, the downsides of online dating, Just Jamba, and vehicular keepsakes.

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Episode 777

Nothing macabre going on here, heroic doses for Whitey Bulger, the length of black sermons, collecting the body of Christ, Seth watches Corky Romano, trying to light the most sparklers, most consecutive chop-ups, Woke Bars, extending The Corvette Raffle, how often do you go to the library?, The Oakland Athletics, no more baseball on the radio, testing fingerprints for cocaine, and Ask Jonathan.

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Episode 776

Being disappointed by Plymouth Rock, The Zach Braff Podcast, Volcano Live, a rise in global extinction, the future will fix the spider bites, the first black hockey player, smart QR cups, associating with criminals, Dear Abby, low cost airlines, wine stats, The Madsen Siblings, podcasting as a hobby, tourist burglars, and the straight up Chilean swap.

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Episode 775

Calculating your SAG-AFTRA earnings, movies are made to be watched in 9 minute segments, the confines of a cruise, full worm moon, getting your naked feet in the earth, The Bible Bill of Bean Station Tennessee, USA Today Snapshots, smoking at 14, EMF Rocks, 5G walks amongst us, male vs female self evaluation, stretching your ship, monster galaxies, unexplainable universes, high school students feeling like garbage, teaching podcasting, and the hometown of Rob Zombie. 

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Episode 774

Happy Anniversary UYD, kicking off the 15th year, be my hero eyes, the malleable human memory, Hasidic boog on the Mercedes, Jonathan pledges loyalty to The Queen, The Britney Spears Experience, Lime Crime, 100% fail rates for parallel parking, Jonathan invents Bumble, a life filled with vision, Super Bowl porn searches, rockin' Jordan 1's, and time comes for Aaron Rodgers.

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Episode 773

Late night style for 2020, the proper way to open the door for someone, the first cookie made in space, burial preferences, exploding beers, feeding people to animals, Rod Carew's batting stance, American Family Field, dogs are more human than gorillas, interspecial impregnation, Seth's sports recreations, stressed middle school teachers, USA Today Snapshots, out of touch with my memes, Ask Jonathan, Hungry-Man Hank, and DMT: "That's exactly what it's like".

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Episode 772

Two thousand twenty, time-traveling cyborgs on Dr. Phil, Siamese incest twins, surgical masks for the summer, 36 years of spilling gas, USA Today Snapshots, the graveyard orbit, passive aggressive calculators, serial tampering, Jelly Belly water, oral rewards, The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, prayer tasers, The Farm-to-table Cunt Ranch, and what's the most you've ever won in The Lottery?

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Episode 770

Happy Birthday to Jonathan's Mom, quoting UYD, Seth's first earthquake, revisiting the great docs of yesteryear, getting Sticks off the streets, Cousin Groot, Cool American Doritos, The Hottest Jobs for 2020, USA Today Snapshots, Be My Eyes, The Conscious Life Expo, The Interstellar Trade Route, the world's fastest camera, furniture rentals, 90 minutes too late, beanbag soft worlds, and The UYD Blood Drive.

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Episode 769

Seth's lock screen, Dak's Sleep Number, peak unhappiness, youthless and useless, coming of age during a recession, a doubling of scripted comedies, finger banging on The Paramount Network, the poorman's copyright, Seth on life support, buying a $1 house, covered in Hydrox and corn chips, terrible football bets, preparing for The Kitten Bowl, Impossible Pork, it's either Snoop or Shaq, The General's Donk, The Habit Burger Grill joins Yum, Unidank Industries, $2500 movie tickets, the filthy seats of The ArcLight, VR Mountain Hiking, and never getting concessions at the movie theater.

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Episode 768

Is 20/20 still on?, the return of Y2K, predictions for the new decade, mortal meat bodies, the Dyson car, USA Today Snapshots, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Hawaii's first Olive Garden, spotting Rob Zombie in the wild, peaches on display, The Atmos Air Filter, passing out your bug-out-bag items, Seth's TV Picks, sorry/not sorry, the return of pleurisy, the slow growth of LDS members, Donny Osmond vs Michael Pena, sorry/unsorry, please/thank you, and check out the video versions of UYDtv.

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Episode 767

Seth's French class, revisiting JAHnathan's song lyrics, Peter Max's Corvettes, USA Today Snapshots, a sleepy Saturday night with The Dead, picking up hitchhikers on Christmas, For The Love of the Glove, Smart Toilets, a lack of street knowledge, the last podcast of the decade, 2020 meat-body vessels, and spotting Maui Fever in the wild.

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Episode 766

Coke Zero in a Bosch mug, keeping you posted on Celebrity Brain Games, Jon Hamm on UYD, this ain't your grandma's Miss America, all holes at all times, USA Today Snapshots, one-handed Spyderco, the podcasts that defined the decade, the world's only 3 decade podcaster, eliminating disposable cups,  the first mistress of Gower Gulch, The Thorn-In-My-Side Award, The Global Gender Pay Gap, The American Omega Movement, visiting every church in New Orleans, and preparing for another decade of podcasting.  

UYD: Anything good, it kills.

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Episode 765

Not talking about comedy, Home Depot blames junkies, The Screw King, making a TV show solely for Seth, fact checking your own biases, All Fizzed Up, the sober struggles of going to the bar, The 2020 AVN Award Nominees, making porn from Mad Libs, USA Today Snapshots, Seth goes camping, hitchhiking to Reggae Fest Vermont, the cost of drinking losses, cancelling alligator skins, riding the highway to the danger zone, bless up T-Squared, Venice Board Walk (Go Flea), and the chilliest lyrics of 2020.

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