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Episode 981

This week: Subterranean fast food tunnels. Montana bans TikTok. The curious case of Natalia Grace. Dr Pimple Popper is an angel. Movie set breakaways. Northern Lights. Religious tattoos. Monkey magic tricks. And more. Seatbelts.

Episode 973

This week: Ginseng is Made In America. Whatever is gonna kill us is already in the water. Conscripted Korean boyfriends. No bank robbers in Denmark. Parkour debt runs. Moviefone is BACK. Locals-only super cruises. Jonathan is quirky like Zooey Deschanel. Sea World's poacher coaster. And more.

Episode 968

Dual 3-decade podcasters, Seth's trip to Hawaii, powerful Maui winds, happy that Owen Wilson is still alive, opening day Sonic, Crypto: OUT, Artificial Intelligence: IN, Uhh Yeah AI, Coke Move, upcoming asteroids, Grandma Space, getting snowed in with your Step-Grandma, Umbrella Weekend, digital nomads, living with no power in LA, nobody knows Pete Holmes, dumb money for podcasting, white men can jump, and surviving the podcasting long-game.

Episode 967

Reflecting on the history of UYD, checking in with Voyager 1, music from space, 25 things you don't know about Holly Madison, counterfeit Mexican meds, anxiety and your brain, opening the demonic gene-pool flood gates, Car Clits, The History of Truck Nuts, The Safest Countries In The World, ruining July 29th forever, more billions for Nevada, picking up strays, learning to suffer less, and inventing the 5th element.

Episode 966

In the midst of celebration, AI poetry, The Bob Marley One Love Experience, everything's a dupe, paying for premium movie seats, Wild At Heart at 13, Frosted Lemon Cheerios, Jonathan's upcoming Japanese trip, the grip strength of sloths, you can never root for the hunter, the nightmare sound of 100,000 hens, The Best Smoking States, AI Music, cancelling Valentine's Day, and I just want more Reggaeton bangerz.

Episode 964

New improved Pepsi Max, raw dogging panax, Starry is for Gen Z, synthetic pig erections, celebrity bow hunters, Amazon is everywhere, Seth visits Ben & Jerry's, younger people have zero phone etiquette, 26 things you don't know about Harry Hamlin, bear resistant products, marshmallows and fishhooks, and what if Jennifer Aniston and Kelly Slater had a child?

Episode 963

Cottage cheese is the moment, the power of the pipeline, plant based Korean meats, chest bumping with the bros, vaccines for bees, the oldest living American, stolen age valor, sober gossips, messages for your 100th birthday, attacks on power substations, full tactical Billy Bob's, The Parent Test, Dr. Penis Penis, visiting the Mercedes dealership, The Iowaska Church of Healing, enormous and oiled, and there's no such thing as a bad trip/bad lift.

Episode 961

Who wants the Jordan poster?, the fur of undomesticated animals, allergic to sesame, returning items to Nordstroms, lighting the Hollywood sign at night, things found in human rectums, legal Vermont marijuana, a man with no state, Newsweek from 2003, another billion dollars for Nevada, Tom Brady and his son, The GOAT Kisser, a plastic covered ocean floor, GetHuman is a powderkeg, and gotta get the coin points.

Episode 960

Shoutout to south of the border UYD fans, the end of JAH-nathan's Poetry, Dan Fielding rides again, the first dentist in South Cheyenne Wyoming, revisiting 2013, the collective clitoral awareness, unmarking the beast, synthetic cocaine, Newjack laboratories, getting duped in video chat, like clits in the night, sexually harassing your boss, race realists, The Last Penis Related Study of 2022, Mother Clit, NFL's Covid Refund, Jonathan heading to Japan, and preserving Hobart.

Episode 959

The UYD Christmas Choir, The Hollywood Christmas Parade, MXQ LifeWater is the new Grindr, Christmas toffee, percentage of haunted houses in America, finding loaded guns in airports, everyday bug-out bags, Seth watches Avatar 2, cats love Juicy G, Clitsssss, JAH-nathan's Poetry, AI meets AC, chromium crushing, and raising the clit for 2023.

Episode 958

A testament to greatness, burying nuclear waste for 10,000 years, a land of Slender Mans, Happy Birthday Cap'n, droppin' copters in Ketchikan, dying in paradise, USA Today Snapshots, meaningful coincidences, everyone bawls in the psychosphere, suckling lagniappes, 2022 porn stats and searches, Flip That Jock 6, JAH-nathan's Poetry, The Zuckernerd Hospital, 17 years of podcasting, and living long enough for The Godfather rerelease. 

Episode 957

The mandate is laughter, what do you call a Fatburger in France?, 25 things you don't know about Chris Redd?,  USA Today Snapshots, best looking mugshots of the week, empathy robots, more Element voicemails, cockfighting on an exceptional scale, The 2023 Color of the Year, never helping a man in distress, no hooch for you, The Annual Screenplay Blacklist, preparing for Pandora, recording with your Ray-Bans, and JAH-nathan's Poetry. 

Episode 956

Twinkie candy canes, nut puns, Tagalog Max Headroom, The Boil Down Sessions, 25 things you don't know about Jenna Bush Hager, coming from a place of murder, the least reliable automobile, corrupted by wealth, can canned water help the planet?, mainland suckers, brain damage sensing mouth guards, if we had fun then we won, a myopic world, can you taste the terps?, JAH-nathan's Poetry, Vegas tastes, and the trouble with leap-seconds.

Episode 955

Happy Birthday to The Sagi's, surviving Covid, brutal autumn, Hollywood's most henpecked husbands, Jeff Dunham's tiny people, not intended for eyes, giving money to the poor makes them happy, small hands on the killing floor, Tuno Melts, Mountain Don't, Cobra Cane, how big is a hunting party?, turnabout is deer play, JAH-nathan's Poetry, USA Today Snapshots, On Patrol: Live, buying weed in Arizona, Native No Mas, Boring Beverly Hills, and Nepo Babies don't want your life.
UYD: Ride again.

Episode 954

Life-taking emails, The Hit Kids, long term group chats, The Influencer Agreement, mispronouncing celebrity names, The 2023 AVN Award Nominees, wearing it better than Charli D'Amelio, still cheering for The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, The Long Night's Moon, deadly Samsung refrigerators, JAH-nathan's Poetry, knucking biting, USA Today Snapshots, the existence of X-Files, and praise the Cameltonians.

Episode 953

Counting up to 8 billion, nervous about visiting a weed shop?, overseas military slot machines, Lo Mein Mondays, saying goodbye to Parade Magazine, falling out of bed, the Sonoran Desert toad, bufo-breeding, Seth's bucket list, smearing the name of Kermit Castellanos, The Guilty Floor, it's easier to forget than remember, The Truth Baguette, JAH-nathan's Poetry, and beat-synchronized rats.

UYD: Nobody dies.

Episode 952

The funniest billionaires, JAH-nathan's Poetry, wearing two separate socks, computers for olds, fucking the neanderthals to death, throwing bottle caps at monkeys, giving your child a smartphone, The Authentic Generation, the sweet spot of astrology, USA Today Snapshots, leaving your meat-body, losing fat and Fatty, illegally listening to UYD in Canada, Seth's TV Picks, animals teaching you how to love, rising for Judy Justice, watching TV on the internet, The Media Gandhi, and using Thanksgiving as pre-pro for New Years.

Episode 951

Life is a highway, Seth picks up the 'rona, saying goodbye to Fatty, Happy Birthday Marcia, muling fall foliage, blowing an acorn, Pandoran Flakes, Ask Maryland, voting for mayor of LA, USA Today Snapshots, holiday flavored chips, JAH-nathan's Poetry, Nevada's casino winnings, thriving adults, the age at which you are unhappiest, radioactive schools, and the lottery ticket fractal.

UYD: Zoomed in too far, a couple of times.

Episode 950

Saving The Complex, 25 things you don't know about Jennifer Tilly, a home invasion captured during the podcast, USA Today Snapshots, cocaine or coffee?, too young to be healing, sending vibrations through an email, Talkin' Tilly's, The Patriot Awards, the original Toyota headquarters, dying from exhaustion, JAH-nathan's Poetry, UYD's science archives, The Spaghetti Challenge, The Covid Conquerors, limited edition gum flavors, the first Fatburger of the Congo, and beware of high magic.

Episode 949

Autumn support, on demand residuals, a young James Woods, Seth's writing credits, USA Today Snapshots, Satan's classroom, JAH-nathan's Poetry, The Red List of Threatened Species, Fuck Night at the zoo, finishing Columbo, we are pure energy, slowing the earth's spin, how do we know that time exists?, Seth's sound baths, The Vine American Party Store, plant-based creamers, The Aerosol Arts, and wide open throttles.

Episode 948

Waiting for your breakfast salad, taken over by Halloween, the countdown to Christmas, sexy Pinhead, I ain't ever scared, no one has friends on Linkedin, holiday themed potato chips, chimpanzee drummers, JAH-nathan's Poetry, you are traffic, saying goodbye to Dead & Company, the dangers of 3rd hand smoke, upcoming stamps, low energy crypto, growing purple tomatoes, and The Butterscotch Bandits.

Episode 947

No Namaste, the date on which you receive your fall foliage, vanilla TV remakes, defining 4D, Station 19 vs LA Trash Bins, Dreyer's vs Edy's, never getting duped by VR, JAH-nathan's Poetry, high powered laser facilities, you not allowed to watch Ring Nation, don't fuck with Astro, Customer Wars, riding along with Danny Brown, prime alligator season, The CIA Podcast, why are podcasts so popular?, earning a trillion dollars a month, kayaking in the LA River, and 100 years of The Hollywood Sign.

Episode 946

Cowboys and Indians Magazine, turquoise-ian wisdoms, getting rinsed by Mötley Crüe, Rom-Com's won't heal us, The Golden Ticket Awards, challenging what you know about water slides, Seth wants his $2.35, getting tracked by your bank, USA Today Snapshots, human flavored snacks, the post-rock connection, Slint vs Tortoise, men harassing their female bosses, JAH-nathan's Poetry, and being changed forever by LSD.

Episode 945

Hands-free podcasting, is Seth wrong about The Red Hot Chili Peppers?, getting mushrooms from your dad, cutting and cashing checks, the disabled vs the homeless, the wardrobe of Jerry O'Connell, straight mayonnaise, fission vs fusion, the best entrance into the soft drink space in over a millennia, baby's first Ticonderoga, The Blackwing 602, Burning Man highlights, don't tell children that they're smart, poisoning paradise, JAH-nathan's Poetry, USA Today Snapshots, getting out of crypto, out travelers and solo sex trips, powdered fisting lube, 25 things you don't know about Chrissy Metz, and still Leapin'.

Episode 944

The poor-man's Porsche, life starts over in the fall, Z Cavaricci High School, double 3 decades of podcasting, flat daddy furniture, Bike Blues and BBQ, too great to hate, FAT Brands and The FAT Family, states with single area codes, Occupy WeHo, The Soprano's Convention, JAH-nathan's Poetry, USA Today Snapshots, swole ass calves, and Seth's biggest button.

Episode 943

Working with the felt tip, celebrating your birthday with Ken Burns, demented television watching, the cruel mistess, listening to The Rings of Power, high frame rate hobbit feet, the dentist office crossword, BB King vs Elvis, the terrible parents of Generation Gap, the unusual sentiments of Cards Wishes, the richest billionaires by state, waiting in line for Chick-fil-A, JAH-nathan's Poetry, high and tight, USA Today Snapshots, shadowboxing Yu-Gi-Oh!, and the 48 hour A SHOC workweek.

UYD: I and you keep killing it.

Episode 942

It's Virgo Season, OnlyCats, midwestern vagabonds, Birthday Bros, downward dog impulses, JAH-nathan's Poetry, Scorsesian grapplings, tortilla socks, 4th wave perineum tanners, cyber-flashing, physical naked comedy, countrying on, dwindling jobs in the Metaverse, bonding in VR, Kiddie Kai, doing doughnuts for Dominic Toretto, The Tucker Torpedo, the poor choices of Olivia Wilde, and the ever-working Shia.

Episode 941

Old school Friday shows, spanking in schools, LA's water narc's, Ask Marilyn, comparing a match to the sun, Nevada's casino winnings, gas station gambling, JAH-nathan's Poetry, fruit bowls and big dicks, the hustler money blog, dumb kids with arrogant mullets, what is Aquaman's real name?, don't let your babies grow up to be busters, insta-bowls, The Fluff Festival, back to school safety tips, no tricks just treats, and Seth watches The Princess Bride.

Episode 940

The Dallas Cowboy's preseason, 45 is built different, keeping your lotto winnings a secret, Samantha and Seth's Law, sending slander through the mail, extraterrestrial cement, Seth's TV Picks, Ask Marilyn, maggot filled food, SAG member perks, naming the six Subaru's, bone crushing dogs, The Plant Based World Expo, The Plant Based Kevin Hart, pardon our technical difficulties, Mega Droughts vs Mega Floods, JAH-nathan's Poetry, Return of the Dream Canteen, question your shamans, inventing podcasting and Rock and Roll, and great art vs art that you love.  

Episode 939

The taste of Dreamworld, finding love through astrology, The Cuck King, Jonathan's phone number, Army bras, The History of Bozo, 25 things you don't know about Lauren Conrad, drunk Americans, the world's oldest Jaden, bio-hacked chihuahuas, revisiting JAH-nathan's Poetry, LA to NYC in under 3, the city registry, the honor in being caught, The Los Angeles Death Book, and pleading Dasani.

Episode 937

It's BAU, saying "Good-Day" to Days of Our Lives, watching HBO on Discovery, heavy plant warnings, Snickers Skirt Steak, accidental access to The Cracker Barrel, go woke - go broke, congestion pricing, the return of The Little League World Series, The 2022 Burning Man Theme, more elderly abuse on Generation Gap, pausing legalized sports betting, Aaron Rodgers on ayahuasca, Pumpkin Season is upon us, and Coca-Cola Dream Drink.

Episode 936

Happy Birthday Jerry, installing AC in The Tenement Museum, biting on foil, damaged brains and loving Jesus, flustered bubbas, a notice of filming, 13 seasons of NCIS, LL adjacent, The $7 Billion Spectrum Murder, a doubling of debt, the automotive money pit, driving for harvest, putting your mayoral foot down, no one wanted the McPlant, psychodelic peer suport, freebasing with your phrogger, calling Jonathan, The Final Zuck-Report, from inmate to roommate, and living in Leo season.

Episode 935

It's Jonathan's season, face-blasted snakes, dingo eaten babies, what to do with Nevada's billions, preparing for the 2028 Olympics, visiting The Cowboys training camp, hot dog flavored candy corn, crypto for psychos, more elderly abuse on Generation Gap, drone delivery is finally here, Peter Frampton is in you, signs of phrogging, and The Omnivore Trails.

Episode 934

The Golden Throated Podcaster, getting Taft-Hartley'ed, X.X.L., beating the Boston Police Commissioner, death by rocket parts, being mastorbated on a plane, Happy Birthday Vegenaise, voicemails for Element Electronics, the ballooning gender gap, insider movie trading, the study of human relationships, The American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Seth's AFTRA breach, dabbling in the crystal arts, resisting your desires, and starting an OnlyFans.

Episode 933

Celebrities that disregard the Los Angeles water budget, muleskinners and madams, the deadman's hand, Lester Nielsen vs Lester Nielson, pandemonium at the Seabrook Nuclear Power Station, talking shapes, elder abuse on primetime ABC, V for Valor, Gordon Ramsay eats a stunning vegan dish, human pig hearts, and trying to find a hit-man.

Episode 932

The southern most point in the US, new foods at The Texas State Fair, going vintage at Burning Man, setting records with Eric "Badlands" Booker, In A Dream, the many pools of California, The Good Food Institute, squatting and phrogging, buying a dinosaur, paying Spectrum for your murder, going psychoglycemic, Confederate holidays, cognitive pilot overload and a candy store of distraction, and Johnny Postmates always wins.

Episode 931

It feels like home, the generation gap, doing grandma dirty, Will Ferrell and the funniest movies of all time, Elf's dad is dead, K-FUCK, getting a masters in white-lung, Gin and Juice vs Jump Around, Tim McGraw vs Dylan Scott, Virginia's first casino, ex-coalminer massages, the polluted waters of Delaware, 100 years of The Hollywood Bowl, James Olson: The Spirit Actor Animal, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services, Dr. Truly, and Tim referencing Tim.

Episode 929

A journey into truth, receiving a call from UHH YEH DUDE, chatting with Alexa AI, kicking it with Rohit, The Worst Beach in LA, pepperoni seagulls, the study of crypto currency, walking the runway with JW Anderson, body odor shaping experiences, Occu-soaps, America's least favorite veggies, card carrying member Seth, preaching the gospel without compromise, The Malibu Medium, and the last surviving member of UYD.

UYD: Same-sex non-romantic click-friends.

Episode 928

The musical themes of John Tesh, a bevy of beverages, The Barq's Placenta, perfumed trash, self induced electric shocks, Phrogging, humans only have 100 years left, The Paper-Cut Challenge, The History of Water Torture, meat made from air, Beef-A-Roo, selling weed at the farmer's market, early morning mud and Mraz, digital driver's licenses, more shows for Judge Judy, did anyone rewatch Nip/Tuck?, USA Today Snapshots, and global fire fucking.

Episode 927

No mulligans, one last thing with MGK, Mama Natch said "No pod", the oldest cars on the road, The Hooter's Birthday Song, Democratic Vampires vs Republican Demons,  in-store ordering is now available at Veggie Grill, no bull-shit hamburgers, signs of being semi-ghosted, earning one billion dollars a month, responsible beverage training, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's TV Picks, delicious floor sealant for tiny tummies, and the time warp of Billy Reeds.  

Episode 926

Giving the best product possible, The Original Pod, The Murky Lines Family Workshop, speaking to animals, dogs and sarcasm, new courses at Emerson College, awarding the third stringers, no bees / no teachers / no lifeguards, a play about LeBron James, the only clean pool in Vegas, futile pet care, dripping off the bone, contaminated disposable gloves, peaches in name only, water infractions, and an abomination of protocol.

Episode 923

Keeping things tickety-boo, peeking behind the SAG curtain, the power of improv, the plural of Matrix, The Horrible Hundred, tan hot water with flea eggs, electric fire engines, taking down Elon, the con is always on, lifeguard shortages, not helping Jack Nicholson, moon dirt, no more videos on Yo! MTV Raps, piss drinking dolphins, dumping radioactive water, and the passion of podcasting.

Episode 922

Deeply cathartic, gambling's best month ever, allergic to Yaamava', The Rainbow Gathering, respecting the honeybee, film disclaimers, Encino Woman, Logan and The Dark Knight, listener supported / jungle thriving, Tudor's Biscuit World, Gino's vs Papa Gino's, valor theft, nyctophobia, mega-droughts, warbal gloming, banned furs, ocean memory, and Tropical Twinkies.

Episode 921

More than a friend, 96 in a Hagar, throwback American Girl Dolls, Crystal Starshooter, retiring the iPod, since 2006, exclusive and all inclusive, ancient viruses from the ocean, The Best Musical of the Year, dueling Michael Jackson's, poking Bubbles, The Summer of Plum, scouting locations for Bosch, we need a ghost or a UFO by Christmas, birthday cake sunscreen, Reef & Beef, and Curbstomp Saturdays.

Episode 920

Saying goodbye to TV schedules, comments left for Roku, covered in gravy, Columbo is the best, geofence warrants, Anderson Cooper investigates marijuana, US flag codes, siblings graduating 27 years apart, trying to censor the internet, in bed with Maya Angelou, committing crimes on the moon, USA Today Snapshots, The Pumpernickel Kid, a love of deli foods, and the custodian spanking room.

UYD: Artisanal Whites.

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