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Show Notes

Episode 747

There's 400 Lucille's, the most expensive guitars, The State Fair of Louisiana, there's a thumbo in my gumbo, USA Today Snapshots, fudging a couple of KORGs, Ask Jonathan, preparing for Real IDs, Seth the Jet flies high, indoor asphalt volleyball, The Hollywood of the North, Braveheart 2, smiling to improve your mood, easing into micro-doses, wearing sunglasses at night, finding beachfront street performers, sonic parasite shields, Americans love garbage, diabolical macro-dosing, producing a #1 Reggae album, and The Kirtan of Podcasts.

Episode 746

Jonathan's terrible week, backing into stationary objects, trapped in retrograde, fighting over the phone, screaming in your sleep, telephone polls for record clerks, video killed the radio star uggo, finding a new lead singer for Max Impact, Arby's buys Jimmy Johns, taking down The Sonic Guys, pizza bribes, MoFo Nation: Let's Ride Bitch, perps in heaven, The Cyber Security Conference, Seth's power outage, Lawnmower Parents, My First Body Cam, and The Period of Madness of October.

Episode 745

Easing into Live PD, The BARmuda Triangle, Land of the Free / Home of the Guns, A Concert For One, the critics and bots agree, going against protocol, Rambo Swag, Happy Birthday Seth, covered in Impossible juice, Incogmeato, USA Today Snapshots, living gender creative, toning it down for Disneyland's Gay Days, the brothels of Deadwood, sleep meditation, a portal to ascension, the secret death of Cynthia Crawford, The Council of Five, Jonathan's gun school, and defending your Starseed.

Episode 744

America's original comedy podcast, the over/under on Halloween Jokers, Adam Sandler puts on pants, breaking scientific news, Master Actor Chris Game, USA Today Snapshots, The KKK Kookout, Exploding Head Syndrome, how to remember The Great Lakes, a plastic planet, all the great podcasters are left handed, throwing right/batting left, Starbucks Reserve, 62 pumps, The OA Hunger Strike, bee's seminal fluid,  The Pyrotechnics Guild, The UYD Telethon, and fine tuning your internal clock.

Episode 743

America's first comedy podcast, bacteria killing police bots, mobile homeless showers, the new Playboy Advisor, ruining NFL's 100 greatest plays, Jerry O'Connell roots for both sides, Seth digital ticket, Jonathan goes to gun school, Hollywood Game Night, Drew Brees is 40, making tomorrow today, the most expensive cities to live in, bisexuals in the closet, once is curious: twice is queer, the season finale of The Hills, falling behind on Ken Burns, USA Today Snapshots, Sean Pillow, and Seth pimping UYD on the streets of Hollywood.

Episode 741

Yet again we are America's Podcast, impersonating someone on LIVE PD, what's driving women to drink?, The Working-Class Therapist, preparing for the world's longest flight, Jonathan's travel show, Mr. Mom the TV show, out-of-state driver suspensions, supporting global warming, relaunching the XFL, yoga bans in Alabama, striving for the highest consciousness, sending your name to Mars, a growth in osteopathy, DriverFocus, and Kirk Douglas could become the world's oldest man.

Episode 740

Holding onto summer vibes, celebrating Seth's birthday via Rambo and LIVE PD, The Tennessee State Fair, Seth and The Stones, the effects of microplastics, the integrity of ghost hunting, Friends in 4K, UYD Live in Texas, Kentucky Fried Miracles, eating tacos with Trejo, the wickedness of coffee, The Woodstock Medical Log, Learning Man, the inside of Seth's ears, USA Today Snapshots, positive vibrations for Marcia, Seth's VR massage, and vaping grass.
UYD:  "Lach" not "Lay".

Episode 739

Listening to UYD 20 years in the future, The LA Reggae Vegan Fest, USA Today Snapshots, everything is safe until it isn't, playing podcasts through Google, stimulated and controlled, the stats of getting an athletic scholarship, preparing for Seth's 50th, The Country Music and Bourbon Festival, Seth and The Rolling Stones, the first aroma of marijuana, the greatest real danger to astronauts, using cellphones on airplanes, shopping on Sundays in North Dakota, custom horse saddles and Dunder Mifflin shirts.

Episode 738

Mizu is resting off frame, poor man's copyrights for #SpongeInTheWindowsill, the favorites of The Little League World Series, a rise in cyber-bullying for girls, Jonathan the bully, selling raspberry-type drinks, TruNarc, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's buddhist child, would you rather be hip or cool?, the DNA of the guacamole, the sweet aromas of Hobart, and Seth's trip to Ohio.

Episode 737

We make weird, the novelty of novelties, getting opioids for routine dental work, updating the tech on Ghosthunters, pronouncing Schuyler, the toxicity of yoga mats, Seth's mind's eye, a study on cheaters and misconduct in the workplace, the woes of parking at Whole Foods, Internet Gaming Disorder, watching Fortnite videos in Starbucks, Seth's book recommendations, and playing Ken Burn's birthday party.

Episode 736

Jollibee bought Coffee Bean, Ninja leaves Twitch, dumping sewage into The Puget Sound, The Baskin Robbins logo, The Meat Wars, hot weather = higher female test scores, save The OA, following your Dallas Cowboy's dream, preparing for Seth's trip to Cleveland, seeing Jerry's guitar, Seth kicks for The Cowboys, Jonathan's regains a year, the advantages of being over confident, it ain't the car... it's the driver, the damages of grey divorce, and keep your dreams your dreams.

Episode 734

Ask Jonathan Vol. 3, nude family portraits, spending time with your boyfriend's parents, having a pajama party in the diner, snooping on your husband's social media, going out for drinks after work, and living in the shadow of your husband's ex-wife.

Episode 733

Grounded in old scientific studies, barefoot on Sunset, eating the same breakfast every day, gay celebrity imposters, honesty is the best policy, the sex life of mother/son apes, self fulfilling police racism, trying to find a lucky slot machine is impossible, and the future is female bonobos.

Episode 732

Ride that lightning, baby food done grown up, USA Today Snapshots, stumbling into song writing, no more newspapers in Starbucks, the most dangerous place to walk, The Arizona Quad-Walkers, The Gilroy Garlic Festival, 14 years of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team, old man Jonathan, 100 seasons of the NFL, 02-02-2020, saying goodbye to Dress Barn, interactive Amazon personal shoppers, license plate trackers at McDonalds, what do Privacy Advocates actually do?, a relapse of Intervention, Psychic Kids, citizen-arresting a police officer, returning to the Tenement Museum, and let's kill this mockingbird.

Episode 731

Back in the apartment, 25 years of The Vans Warped Tour, mostly below the ankle, the world's biggest sugar daddy city, booze-less bars, Paul McCartney's bluesy newsies, nostalgia is toxic, Winona Ryder will always be a roxy thief bitch, getting denied a viewing of The Manson Murder House, Basic Bitch Eye, getting into comedy because of Conan O'Brien, the actors in Avengers look stupid, USA Today Snapshots, there's no UFOs in the south, storming Area 51, and riding the new Jurassic World ride from your kitchen.

Episode 730

Live from One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans, Happy Birthday Amir and America, seeing both Iman's, Bobby Brown flying in coach, the French Quarter begins in the lobby, comments for Dan Fielding, increased prices for Mormons, 55 hours of improv, there's now more weed stores than McDonalds, The Rougarou hates juicy g, South Korean postcards, men asking more questions, breakdancing at the olympics, Seth misses the LA earthquakes, flight attendant slang, USA Today Snapshots, Uhh Yeah Moms, Seth's time traveling shower, keeping drugs out of Burning Man, the underwhelming sales of the TSA precheck, The History of Marijuana, The Big Bang Tour, the genital maiming of hot air balloons, the most American made vehicles, catching viruses before Mardi Gras, big nosed selfies, Ask Jonathan, The Closest Encounter, and saying goodbye to Gene's Po-Boys.

Episode 729

Live from The Magic Bag in Ferndale MI, the curse of The Castle, bulletproof fast-food, vegan fat strands, Dax spins the wheel, junkies on the road, the juiciest playground G, real life heroes, meals made by Monks, The Budtender Awards, Michigan's favorite ice cream, doctors not knowing their patients sexual orientation, swallowing micro-particles, The Mass Meditation Initiative, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, unnecessary edits, Lice Life, keyless car deaths, gasoline thieves, DNA farming from a single hair, braving the chocolate tube, cuck outlets, improperly installed headlights, cock fighting and sword play, tobacco bans, Jonathan Popper, and unusable street sweepers.

Episode 726

Do you love America?, Beef 2 Live, a gathering of Hell's Angels, USA Today Snapshots, a prediction for GN'R and PMc, the short courtships of the 40's, the devil's walking stick, counting creeps at Neil Diamond concerts vs. Grateful Dead concerts, The Stump Dump Massacre, Jonathan gets pulled over, The Diff'rent Strokes Mandela Effect, studying 111 football players brains, riding your bike across Iowa, this vagina don't do Keokuk, the horrors of dating a police officer, and attempting OBE's.

Episode 725

725 at 7:25, the end of iTunes, preparing for Papa's Day, UYD's Live Summer Tour, Jonathan's Hawaiian virginity, the return of Hollywood Game Night, Marilyn Manson's ribs, junkies love baseball, nothing will happen to Nik Wallenda, USA Today Snapshots, adding Beyond Taco Meat to everything, Seth's TV Picks, Touch-Heads, the country music of Kiefer Sutherland, and how strong is a 10 year old?

Episode 724

America's Podcast, the rise of Jimmy Dean, the truth is in the teeth, dropping birthrates, The Global Stationery Products Market Trade Show, Make Music Day, you can't smile and play harmonica at the same time, Jonathan's guitar returns home, Rock The South, a study of violent crime, a passion for hunting swans, USA Today Snapshots, removing MJ's artwork, preparing for The John Wickend, UYD Live, and let the dream have you.

Episode 723

The 2019 AVN Awards, The Possession of Mrs. Hyde, visiting a vintage porn estate sale, the most expensive cities to buy a home, USA Today Snapshots, The Rolling Stone brought to you by The Alliance For Lifetime Income, the postponing of Ozzy Osbourne, UYD LIVE, the worst state in the US, Black Mirror vs The Twilight Zone, the continued debate of "Jewelry or Tool", prior to Pump, outlawed facial recognition technology, gait mimicking, remembering Kevin Peter Hall, the selfies of scientists, Bill Nye isn't cool, and falling off of Creek Mountain.

Episode 722

Augmented shoe tech, USA Today Snapshots, the proper way to open a can, Major League Eating Events, a global helium shortage, learning from Diff'rent Strokes, Sweet Lightning, toilet training professionals, The World of Fruit, butts and bright colors, plant based nuggets, get your Del Taco to go only, you don't need Brain Games to know that Dax Shepard is dumb, legislative flex, Ask Jonathan, The Kerrville Folk Festival, UYD LIVE Shows, and we see you and appreciate you.

Episode 721

Ohh Yeah Dude, the first EDC, the history of the Las Vegas sign, S.C.A.N.I.T., Stevie Uber is poor, 219 x's dirtier than a toilet, the results of "Jewelry or Tool?", USA Today Snapshots, preparing for Jonathan's birthday and the return of 90210, The Prodigal Son, Fantasy Pilot Season, publicness heuristic, Contact In The Desert, The Alien Hunter, upcoming UYD LIVE shows, and the juiciest lunchtime G.

Episode 720

Dedicated to The Hawk, ripping the curl, spotting Kelly Slater in the wild, Ask Jonathan, there's something wrong with Amy, USA Today Snapshots, The Filthiest Cities In America, The Hard Times Cafe, exploiting the passionate, sober music festivals, oxygen deprivation therapy, free molecular biology lessons, fruit fly ejaculate, the reasonable expectation of privacy, respecting COPS, zapping elderly brains, preparing to replace Alex Trebek, UYD's Live Summer Tour, and Vanna gets the shaft.

Episode 719

The Daytime Emmy's, UYD's Daytime Stories, earnestly going camp, the history of Boston Legal, kids and caffeine, NOS babies, bull semen straws, USA Today Snapshots, revisiting Indecent Proposal, a decade of Avatars and Star Wars, 1,000,000 upcoming extinctions, Eternity Island, becoming connected to your future self, a touch of The Button, UYD's LIVE Summer Tour, Detroit Vineyards, Kid Rock owns The Dems, Whooping Crane Bait Eggs, and being flagged by Sam Smith.

Episode 718

May flowers, saving on Samsonite, digital license plates, drug disposal near me, real time ads in grocery stores, Instagram is always listening, Lecoste done still in the game, spitting on Pilgrim Rock, USA Today Snapshots, the origins of hoarding, Czech guns and Silencer Saturdays, jonesing for a P-10, the dangers of backseat seatbelts, the nation's smoggiest cities, states with lotteries, USA Today in Hawaii, are watches jewelry?, crying for dead robots, and cosmic fudge factors.

Episode 717

Funny AF, pairing down the cams, A Star Is Born reunion, heads up for Mother's Day, knowing Bane, Ninth Responders, new whips, how to treat gangrene, hands off of my digital heritage, the Zuckerberg heirs, how much money American's spend on their pets, Fatty gets into a fight, the return of Jason Leno, selling the Hells Angels Clubhouse, chill Jeff, can all millennials be millionaires?, backflips and hot bodies, EID:LA, Jesus take the shaft, and UYD: The most trusted name in podcasting.

Episode 714

Mizu pulled from Pet Semetery, The Search for America's Next Great Podcast, the visual history of hip-hop, when cops become robbers, maximum 60 mph speed limits, "This van follows the rules", male spinsters, The Barbed Wire Festival, male birth control pills, bad news first always, 66 tons of frozen feces, mountain cryming, the states that watch the most tv, "I'm a Gronk citizen!". Ask Jonathan, healing Seth's neck, and drunk driving police officers.

Episode 713

Seth's neck injury, RIPs to Ronald K. Siegel, a natural need for drugs, the tour of a totally not creepy priest heart, Rob Lowe's gotta have his Avo's, $20 for child support and Christmas trees in April, UYD's LIVE Summer Tour, The Blessing of the Animals, the origins of T-Ball, apologizing for the nation's deadliest lynching, Vendetta cannot be a good movie, more condiment collabs, double blind pleasure studies, jurassic erotica, and Ask Jonathan.

Episode 712

Mentions of weed in The Bible, UYD's Live Summer Tour, Seth's 8th grade predictions, a study of public restrooms, old timey remedies, USA Today Snapshots, going back on your meds, Dr. Duhamel, setting thermostats to African temperatures, rivers catching fire, the driving age in South Dakota, getting high in Hawaii, the burritos of San Diego, Jonathan's throwback look, and the power of big gods.

Episode 711

Just shy of 7:11, the history of The Sev, UYD Summer Tour, saying goodbye to Paru's Indian Restaurant, one on one with Amir, the cities with the most aggressive drivers, Beyond Del Taco, Beyond Red Robin, Beyond Questlove, the dope safe houses, NARCAN Ninjas, the powerful rhythmic strokes of sperm, The 2019 Kid's Choice Awards, USA Today Snapshots, the cause of death of the oldest man in America, The Dirt was garbage, and Uhh Yeah Scoville Units.

Episode 709

Obese cats and dogs, dog appropriate pizza, chilling new information about Charles Manson, a fear of self driving cars, malfunctioning scooters, Seth Lenotelli, the return of Bosch, congratulating James Remar, banning cellphones on rollercoasters, watching TV with Seth, accidentally deleting all songs from MySpace, Dane Cook is back and on tour, getting pumped for Downton Abbey, this ain't your daddy's Chinese Starbucks, designated "Jerk Parks", and comedians don't get paid until we tell you you get paid.

Episode 708

UYD LIVE shows are quickly approaching, discovering your Caticorn name, discontinued cheese balls, Hitachi's and Takis, Meatless Monday's at school cafeterias, researching whilst eating, smelling texture, sneaking into CBS All Access, over capacity morgues, kissing the deceased, eyeball tattoos, The Arkansas Toothpick, Jonathan's favorite knife, places where marijuana is still illegal, The State-By-State Galaxy Guide, USA Today Snapshots, and eating solely at The Texas Roadhouse.

Episode 707

UYD in The Big Easy, The Essence Festival, J-Dawg Sr. on Broadway, USA Today Snapshots, Happy Birthday Internet, Orange Vanilla Coke and Meez whiskers, The Twilight Zone and The Grateful Dead, Jonathan's KKK jacket, should your kids pump iron?, Seth's Child Talent Agency, female PornHub viewers, I'd like to know more about the hand jobs, how to identify a gambling disorder, one cigarette a day/bet on the Super Bowl/cocaine on your birthday, and so much to do/so much to see.

UYD: Haters, bullies and trolls.

Episode 706

Will Smith will not return in Suicide Squad 2, it's hard to find a good movie, off the grid living, new rules for Mormon missionaries, closing the curtain on Samuel French, shutting it down for Earth Hour, stepping inside the mind of an Instagram model, the peach is pain, Mayochup and Mayomust, overprescribing Fentanyl, your Smart TV is watching you, a rise in pedestrian deaths, and tickets on sale for UYD LIVE.

Episode 705

Upping our audio game, LA thunderstorms, watching Bohemian Rhapsody 24 times, shamrock shades, Spring Break '19, birthday movies, off the meds, John Mayer is copying Jonathan, saying goodbye to Walmart greeters, the return of Hoarders, we are RoundUp, upcoming Netflix releases, the Dorff Doctor is ready to work, movies make you feel bad but tv makes you feel good, beer battered sea creatures, filet of Big Mac, double dipping on intro/outros, smoking crack with Peter Greene, don't drive intexticated, added shows for UYD LIVE, and emailing Jonathan for a new kidney.

Episode 704

Tolkien University, the dangers of diet soda, Happy Birthday Smokey Bear, you only get one chance with Will Sasso, universal morals that guide us all, mankind's greatest friend, augmented supermarkets, peanut boners, visiting The Tucson Gem Show, the career of Curtis Armstrong, the rising depression of olds, Ask Jonathan, and celebrating 17 years of sobriety,

Episode 703

The Conscious Life Expo, bending space and time with Anunnaki, Coming To America 2, Australian Mötley Crüe, the careers of The Farrelly Brothers, new scam alert, the return of Hoarders, The Toe Bro, motorcycle patches, Cavemen is the Friends of Iceland, Grand Theft Snowmobile, unlocking 5D, post indigo babies, alien cuck masters, the internet is the trashiest place, Cant Understand Normal Tacos, and beyond burritos.

Episode 701

The Blues Brothers of Podcasting, podcast pubes, UYD's 420 Bat Mitzvah, USA Today Snapshots, the most googled relationship questions, Russel Stouffers, men's vs women's brains, this is the last year on earth, sleep ice cream, peanut butter butter, AI spice chefs, The Mac & Cheese Festival, composting human remains, Bait Deer, Starbucks Gold Members, going vegan and primitive trapper, why is Hillary still on your website?, and decriminalized mushrooms.

Episode 700

Celebrating 700 episodes, UYD LIVE on 420, crossed phone lines, piercing parties, conches and labrets, chairlift speed dating, Jonathan the matchmaker, USA Today Snapshots, the return of Country/Hip Hop, believing a child's pain, the death dust of bug bombs, late night gun safety videos, taking a CPR refresher course, multiple collision airbags, speculating the roadworthiness of The Dance, and crossing over into 14 years.

Episode 699

New year - new chair, going full lotus, predictions from 1994, new prison uniforms, Seth: The Mailman, stamp price increases, USA Today Snapshots, Super Bowl commercials preparing us for AI, Futuristic Knights, the history of The Hard Rock Cafe, Under Armour space suits, Lance Bass still hasn't gone to space, laying the groundwork for Belinda Carlisle, harvesting prisoner's DNA, gifts you can't take with you, cash free sports venues, Ken Burns' Country Music, and will Michael Jackson make it to Broadway?

Episode 697

Slide right in, Happy Birthday Jonathan's Mom!, Christmas decorations still up in January, Mrs. Claus and The Rein-girls, big ups to Guayaki, #GunLife, #VanLife, a gun for every room of the house, The Mash Pit, a rise in food recalls, beyond Carl's Jr., The Vegan Massacre, countdown to Valentine's Day, USA Today Snapshots, Podcast Pandemonium, the trouble with Apple products, the crispy classic Gap, the fastest growing state in the country, and there's something wrong with British men's faces.


Episode 695

Quantum 6G internet and empathic knowledge crystals, The Cracker Barrel giftshop, fishing in the LA River, being mistaken for a Navy SEAL, children injured in the workplace, game changing veggie burgers, the last days of the 'dance, the oldest man in LA, pinpointing the first time Seth and Jonathan met, sweet potatoes and God, hereditary diseases, The Cat Bowl, 'tiqueing on a Sunday, the history of Seth's license plates, the most played jukebox songs of 2018, olds sharing fake news, Jonathan's jaw woes, John Mayer said some crazy things, chimps and treats, eternal translucent tombstones, UYD on Venmo, The USPS Instagram, and Podcast Island.

Episode 694

The cost of living in Florida, visiting the chiropractor just once, Mizu lost his leaps, Jonathan's jaw gets injected, the least healthiest states, GPS Mtn Dew ads, a bombardment of Destroyer ads, Jonathan's long lost guitar, the best jobs for 2019, Forget-about-it Gravy Boys, adult Rice Krispie Treats, custom inhalers, Jonathan's patented ketchup flange, drug use in the workforce, Preston's Soda Co., lowering your sexy voice, Metacritic vs Rotten Tomatoes, and movies can't be good if they are rated PG-13.

Episode 693

Welcome to 201-9, New Year / New Me / New You-YD, Seth in the playoffs, Cowboy sweaters, thick Playboys and thin LA Weekly's, The Impossible Burger 2.0, Marlboro buys Juul, Progressive Cattleman, new music from Pearl Jam, preparing for the upcoming convention season, 8K TV's, the top cosmetic surgeries of 2018, 40 and over skate clubs, new healing energies, USA Today Snapshots, Hoarders vs. Marie Kondo, folding televisions and traveling crystals, pet custody during divorce, Seth's Cowboy's Collection. and preparing for our funniest year.

Episode 692

Famished from shopping, preparing for Jennifer Aniston's birthday, indulging in new soaps, Jonathan's Hairemony, a shortage of shrimp, in the front row for Rob Lowe, how many seats in the Criss Angel Theater?, USA Today Snapshots, uncovering the comedy, The Holy Smokes Church, alpha male romance novels, preparing for the battle of the mega-cities, Srgt. Ninja, teaching teachers how to teach yoga, the return of Million Dollar Listing, the construction crane capital of the country, we're long overdue for the big one, moving out of the 600's, and cats on CamSoda.

Episode 691

Happy Honda Days, a December to remember, hot new scents, hands-free huffing, USA Today Snapshots, The Screenplay Blacklist, The Top Porn Searches of 2018, The Hollywood Christmas Parade, not receiving Presidential and Silver Alerts, Bird Box bites A Quite Place, Seth's baseball musical, 500 scripted television shows, Talkin' Barb, the horrors of eating stadium food, Jeffrey Lurie's corn hole, you can't avoid football, a jump in North Dakota meth use, and the woes of digital hoarding.

Episode 690

Farm fashions, milk with no balls, beaver blankets, Brand Ambassador Larroquette, hunting tips for the perfect kill, hotels on wheels, Caite Upton is all of us, restaurant pollution, the scents of SC Johnson, recruiting Kansas teachers, the best way to store harvested organs, USA Today Snapshots, DirtyJerkBoyz, gait recognition software, Distroller World, and to finish or not to finish.

Episode 689

Returning to the mainland, it's too cold in LA, the sovereign citizens of Live PD, therapy alligators, Louie Armstrong or Louis Armstrong?, reminiscing to Reminisce Magazine, Seth and Jonathan's anniversary, Kirk Douglas keeps going, The Verde Valley School Mud Pit, new Dews, global cloud based solutions. Fortnite scholarships, USA Today Snapshots, The Drip Daddy, Snoop Doggy Soccer Mom, The Color Of The Year, sun tan bans, Phish for kids, and updating The Bare Naked Ladies lyrics.

Episode 688

Quiet on the set, staying off the soda, the aroma of cocaine, Justin Timberlake is still in the woods, appendi-sodomy, the healing hands of Mrs. Biel, Floridian Sci-Ti's, unlocking your last 75 trillion years, USA Today Snapshots, The International Yoga Festival, preparing for Twelfth Night, Jonathan's funeral dares, The Worst Holiday Toys of 2018, The Island of Misfit Meme's, Ask Jonathan, removing the "new car smell", easy living for The Sober Bros, and Yippy Yo Sgreat.

Episode 687

Neighborhood scammers, Nevada's black book, Christopher Reeve's audiobooks, structurally deficient bridges, returning to Malibu, learning lessons from motorcycle crashes, a study on slutty mothers, red hot white dove releases, the casino scent, USA Today Snapshots, there's no purpose to life, The 2019 AVN Awards, Massachusetts loves weed, and moving Thanksgiving to June.

Episode 686

The double entendre episode, a 2nd dose of Alert Drops, preparing for The White Party, The Playboy Advisor, Dos Lovers, Seth's squeaks, the death of the camera, soiled bottom discipline, the Oculus blueprints of Walmart, hyper-market superstores, vegans love bulk, USA Today Snapshots, America's Best Restroom, life in the tenement, The Slogan Days, injector pills, Coconut Oil > DEET, sexually cut scrubs, hover-police, UYD's audiobook reviews, and Seth paints an office.

Episode 685

Blessings on blessings, kids with Hollywood vibes, UYD's cover kid, The Podcasting Hall of Fame, Holiday purge parties, #VanLife, staying alert with Potsie Heimlich, an exhibit about exhibits, Shreddy Krueger, brick and mortar showrooms, The Playboy Advisor, SpaceLife Origins: Life Beyond Earth, The Cosmic Doula and Beyond Indigo, 3 days to quit, Chuck Lorre's vanity, mobile pizza factories, what's the first movie to have a pizza delivery?, USA Today Snapshots, and The Hobart Homies.

Episode 684

Over 1,000,000 podcasters to choose from, USA Today Snapshots, Scientology in '83, choice overload, #VanLife, The Hangover Experience, Knowledge 101, Jonathan gets prechecked, addicted bumblebees, Kale Rat, James Van Der Beek on Criminal Minds, creamy Snickers, The Best Burrito in Athens, The Nacho-Off, Sly straight flexin', Tom and Drew's wedding, chase the Linalool dragon, and Ask Jonathan.

Episode 683

Quiet on the set, autumnal comedy, earth's 60th birthday, reviews of Moon, twisted light, "Is this Once Upon?", USA Today Snapshots, the concept of shaving, The BK Dupe, Personalization Universe, under reporting your wife's earnings, flying from Boston to Hawaii, the world's fastest camera, old timey coffee shop, leaving prison at night time, Ask Jonathan, Sgt. Commando Psychonaut, and spiritual skydiving.

Episode 682

Wellness for the rich, breaking up with a Brad and marrying a Brad, Pornhub insights, Roma and Jonathan at the box office, The Blood Donor Recognition Event, what that face do?, Roseanne OD's, Sheldon's an Ice dealer, M.D. Live, searching for Christmas decorations on LIVE PD, major victories for Satan, strong words from the Pope, pour until four, the most stolen car in the US, USA Today Snapshots, Snapcrap, present day Medieval deaths, when people don't match their cars, Operation Open House, and squeezing in commercials during The World Series.

Episode 681

Seth returns to the mainland, Hawaiian Christian Side Hugs, crying for "A Snore Is Born", The First Annual Podcast Awards, The Brooklyn Boys talk about Brooklyn things, loving the Baja Blast, animals in space, the best rap names of 2018, T-Rex Bananas, where the cameras are rolling in Los Angeles, not in the loop with #MeToo, all about that van life, a disturbing rise in scam phone calls, replacing sand with asphalt, USA Today Snapshots, Ono Grinds, 666 episodes of The Simpsons, secret kangaroo meat, visiting the Zucker-nerd compound, and Bone Thugs-N-Hawaii.

Episode 680

Shaka Seth, living on Island Time, visiting Zuckernerd's plantation, Westway's restaurant discounts, Martian chron, the feature film "Moon", Sam Rockwell's hands, the actor/chefs of Somni, USA Today Snapshots, The FBI's Most Wanted List, 3 new M&M's, Facebook's content moderator, West Hollywood psychic readings, Life Counselor Larroquette, Ask Jonathan, Seth's therapist, social exclusion, and preparing for The Women's Wave.

Episode 679

Surfer's ear, Lil Bosch's Road and Track Magazine, it's okay with ArKay, expanding your garage door, The Field & Stream Purge, Bait Deer, no new COPS until 2019, LA-AX, USA Today Snapshots, the hazards of using public baby changing tables, Jonathan N's Town Hall Meeting, Seth's updated ancestral DNA, "The Neanderthal From Norway", and Burger King's Agency of Robots.

UYD: Eat the math.

Episode 678

UYD's Halloween costumes, Sannyasins of Silverlake, no teens on scooters, Seth's seat police, beyond Del Taco, #VanLife , LIVE PD continues, COPS on hold, watching news via satellite, USA Today Snapshots, fully making out at work, buddhists getting rowdy, The Newport Beach Police Department Podcast, don't sleep on American Vandal, Seth's week in paradise, no mustaches in Magnum P.I., The Plumeria Hanky Code, sleep storming, Seth's night terrors, the fabrications of Cornell food studies, the closest thing to feeling like a ghost, tracking your phone usage, and The 5 Day Cooler Ice Challenge.

Episode 677

Happy Birthday Seth, The Cowboys and Juicy G, hot UK gossip, US prison stats, yoga extraction, positive dupes, tripping in down-dog, surfers covered in germs, Ask Jonathan, what would Jacie Scott do?, deciding what type of music to wake up to, not using an alarm clock, USA Today Snapshots, paralyzed by darkness, sleeping in the suicide house, Christmas trees from Amazon, Ask The Captain, kid's only airlines, and spotting Dickey Barrett in the wild.

Episode 676

Breaking the 4th wall, the mouth feel of your podcast, live ghost hunting, #FistBumpToTheBigMan , America's Next Yodel Bitch Boy, felony ham theft, paying to play football, Arrogant Rodgers, USA Today Snapshots, The Ig Nobel Prize, virtual voodoo dolls, how couples meet, wanting to date a football fan, quarterly Playboys, poor people buying lottery tickets, Ask Jonathan, and should Jonathan get a van or have a kid?

Episode 675

Chosen blood teams, Seth's solo mission, new inventions for olds, Ask Jonathan, the true value of the Tesla logo, Elon pretends to smoke weed, Tessa Porter is back on the streets, negative customer service and odd interactions, beauty versus force, thetanly speaking, puking for a billion years, dupes on multiple levels, spiritual secrets, USA Today Snapshots, stay out of Oregon, Seth's weekend parenting course, cover your kid in malware, the mating habits of the brown widow spider, and cracking Woody Allen's streak.

UYD: The Old's Uber.

Episode 674

The official start of UYD TV (available only on Patreon), Saks Broadway, face gym, McDonald's global menu, USA Today Snapshots, preparing for middle age, preparing for fatherhood, the oldest living person in America, the traits of the snake, concert ticket bots, what if Kurt Cobain was still alive?, Miss America 2019, autumn is upon us, coming alive in layers, Bait Tent, do you play fantasy?, #NotMyMissAmerica , remembering 9/11, and the world's only 4 decade podcaster.

Episode 673

Cameras in the studio, Grateful Dead collabs, quitting NASA, kidnapping J-Dawg Sr, blame it on the Rougarou, The Waikiki Gun Club, watching TV where nothing happens, floating Cowboy's footballs, USA Today Snapshots, LA's public bike program, liquid freedom, Metallica bathed whiskey, Great NFL Names, The Homeschooling Almanac, Ask Jonathan, dethroning the Red Delicious, and the 90's were stupid too.

Episode 672

#Joyful, shirts off at the dog park, football is here, Redox and run, Guardians of the 49th, scamming sex offenders, USA Today Snapshots, The PBR World Finals, a world filled with Cody's, saying nope to dope in Oklahoma, the first Hindu Temple of the Dakotas, turning Wyoming into a university, speeding spectators, heckling Usain Bolt, Gucci Mane University, the most is more, boycotting Sprouts, browbeating your friends into listening, and the DNA effects of noise pollution.

Episode 671

Hot new mics, podcasting lung, still getting Netflix through the mail, Jonathan's desired destinations, San Francisco royalty, labial calcification, getting goosebumps on command, ASMR is ahead of science, the hot tubs of '83, if this plumbing had eyes, reinventing raisins, Paul McCartney is still going, Seth's Guac Show, delaying fresh Groot, beach volleyball bird deaths, painting at Drew's house, fixing up the Cassavetes estate, coffee drones, Seth's 65" TV, 3D Double Vision, the regulations of CBD, more will be revealed, and why is he called "Deadpool"?

Episode 670

By men for men, owning a mountain, USA Today Snapshots, The Face Whisperer, The Countdown To Christmas, no name changes for college grads, Milo's not Mel, warm weather suicides, landfills full of contacts, so many Subways, mung bean eggs, DJ Khaled's Power Potion, have a lot of pillows, how rich are Jeff Bezos's parents?, GenoPalate, birds on Prozac, and casually talking about Blue Apron.

Episode 669

Aloha, local haoles, boots in the sand, Milwaukee: UYD's sister city, Derek Slenderman, robot bartenders, Jonathan's new New Era hat, the numerology of Ray Lewis, a family friendly New Orleans, lose your mortgage at Buffalo Wild Wings, peaking at 50, The Wet Republic Ultra Pool, The Coast Guard Cocktail, puking on Catalina, The Martial Arts History Museum, USA Today Snapshots, experiencing "fun" on the internet, and Camp Camboy.

Episode 668

Live from The Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee WI, cross-country California Rolls, smirking at your Auntie's bra, The Fiserv Forum, LA's Food Museums, we dream in cheese, ghosting your job interview, Bachelorette Weekend, Dr. Pimple Popper, South Korean Postcards, silent Starbucks, Jonathan goes to Comic-Con, metal detectors in schools, the lead pipes of Milwaukee, nuclear fallout wine, tanning yourself to death, USA Today Snapshots, rolling octopuses, the best large cities to live in, shitty corn from Kansas, endless apps, ghosting Starbucks, Ask Jonathan, electric roller skates, tribal law, college hotels, Lay's Taste of America, do you have any fresh pineapple?, and Smart Jail Mail.

Episode 667

Threatening the National Lottery Commission, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's Buddhist son, facial recognition camp, thought police and mob mentality, human pheromones, Spanish Fly and Hai Karate, high pitched baby voices, smaller airplane bathrooms, Rambo V, The Pancake and Christmas House, Moneybag Soda, and we only do things that we are addicted to.

Episode 666

The number of the beast, the last Blockbuster, do your drinking and drugs in silence, the shelf life of a cheerleader, retrying Soylent, never heard of MoviePass, we got Kunis, the summer of living dangerously, MC Brainy Macklemore, USA Today Snapshots, porno'clock, a rise in pedestrian fatalities, this finger means "fuck you", the best states to retire in, combine the Dakotas, shaming shoplifters, overdosing at the coffeeshop, UYD LIVE, getting devil out of our freeways, and making your pastor question his religion.

Episode 664

Fully functional microphones, 1 Million Jogger Views, Jonathan and The Dead, alternative milks, UYD LIVE in the midwest, ghost guns, the most American vehicles, open the blood gates, smartphone doctors, the era of the very old worker, there's no doctors in Nevada, Pimple Popper MD, Psycho AI, and the tough economic times of 2008.

Episode 661

Preparing for 666, 12 wing destinations, the world record in eating hot dogs and wings, the new disposition of choice, mom shirts, USA Today Snapshots, dendritic spines and axons, Sebastian Romatelli, The Temple Riders, revamping Guitar Center, The Senior Olympics, Chinese pretzels, Lululemon is a racist company, animal night owls, The Barbershop Museum, having disgusting perfect attendance, angel hunting, the world's longest flight, live like you're dying, and Seth's couch stain.

Episode 660

6:60 PM, TCB at THB, saying goodbye to Jerry Springer, LIVE PD presents Women On Patrol, O for Pres, hunky plumbers, new voters for The Academy Awards, Sloppy Joe Pringles, USA Today Snapshots, bring back Danny Masterson, get Jogger to 1 Million, tis the season for Deep Woods OFF, tis the season to S.C.A.N., apps for podcasting, debating Seth's Summer Jam '18, the insanity of Nye County, driving without a license, being framed by 23andMe, new vegetable tech, the world's fastest computer, Instagram edits, and Fortnite on The Switch.

Episode 659

More AAA savings, Dames and Games, USA Today Snapshots, well dressed bicycle cops, wet Chipotle burritos, the end of the landline, uncontacted cannibal tribes, Seth's Summer Jam '18, voice to skull torture, Venomman20, Seth's Mailbox Money, VR Porsche's, Ask Jonathan, and UYD LIVE coming soon to Milwaukee.

Episode 658

Rock and Roll comedy, the official gum ball count, celebrity sightings with Seth's mom, UYD LIVE from the bottom up, Emmy voters / Arby's eaters, a real life Fantastic Voyage, the girl who has never eaten a donut, vegan cults, a million pounds of extra weed, a new level of Queer Eye tears, USA Today Snapshots, never missing a game of The World Cup, the life and times of Michael Jordan, the return of Leo DiCap, don't sleep on Father's Day, everything is covered in Triclosan, Ask Jonathan, visiting the Motown Museum, and female American soccer players are the best in the world.

Episode 657

Her name is Marcia and he is still Seth, Rosé all day, men hugging men, can Jesus be "Too Catholic"?, lab grown diamonds, the moose comes loose, placebo birth control, catalog T-Shirts, Quarter Pounders WITHOUT cheese, chocolate hummus and impossible burgers, camouflage mismatch for white weasels, George The Milkman, poor indoor air quality, organs getting better with age, Dear Marcia, USA Today Snapshots, new potato breeds, the worst traffic in the world, fire alarm wallpaper, and the best places to spot a celeb.

Episode 656

Live from The Magic Bag in Ferndale MI, a bear in every city, Seth's cab ride, Happy Birthday Canadian Mike, new diddling prospects, drop-crotch catholicism, Korean postcards, visiting The Motown Museum, 180,000 degree water, Ed Sheehan vs The Detroit Lions, the excitement is live for LIVE PD reruns, the median views for YouTube videos, The 2018 Miss USA Pageant, are you down with ODD?, twerp-ass kids, shady gynos, Elon predicts the future for the Model 3, driving with Californian plates in Portland, coming dangerously close to landfill capacity, Ask Jonathan, Seth's college years, preparing for the world's biggest orgy, The Freestyle 9100, Joe Jonas' K-Swiss, USA Today Snapshots, drinks you should never order at a bar, and The Burger Wars of 2018.

Episode 655

UYD's unheard studies roundup, the common cold and loneliness, behavioral genetics in criminal court, psychitzophrenics wearing red socks, the cognitive activity of friends in real time, HOMEase, the wisdom of crowds, guessing Seth's gumballs, the happiness of rich people, pre-catfish catfishing, and RIPs Craigslist.

Episode 654

It's always been G-Eazy to make money once you are making money, the most visited restaurants for business travelers, not being compelled to return to Chick-fil-A, Starbucks Reserve, USA Today Snapshots, you can't hack into a Jordan shoebox full of cash, Contact In The Desert, the world's busiest airport, hummus shakes, the price of avocados across the country, Dr. Jonathan Preston presents: Insexts, olds boning olds, an honorable withdrawal from SAG/AFTRA, and spotting TMZ in real life.

Episode 653

As ready as we'll ever be, Old New Amsterdam, watching the whole season of Cobra Kai, there's a lot going on in '84, drug use in the Navy, cops on TV vs cops in real life, putting your age on your resume, USA Today Snapshots, perps in Cowboys gear, Hans Olo, Antonio B. will go there, the largest global economies, birthday spankings, teachers wearing body cams, pod-moms, off the dome and to the cloud, and George Washington's shitty beer.

Episode 652

Getting joy from television cancelations, beans with attitude, not so local foods, what it takes to be a human brain, 25% off all Crocs, hospitals in airports, Las Vegas' longest running headliner, listing all the divas, the long road from fly semen to grandpa's brain, we're all web masters, 70 years of The Verde Valley School, bathing in fossil fuels, the cost of staying camera-ready at all times, USA Today Snapshots, being burned by Siri, and Jah-Jah Double Croc.

Episode 651

Happy May, an update from Mikah Meyer, USA Today Snapshots, McDonald's global menu, UYD Live and on stage, apologies to Madison WI, please help me Dr. Phil, The Pizza Hut Museum, don't sleep on Mother's Day, Snack News, Jonathan's djembe, The National Loneliness Score, learning through topless tutorials, and spying on potential home buyers.

Episode 650

Celebrating 650 with Beyonce, Bae Hunting, a bloodlust that a fish can't quench, the highest rate of divorce in the US, Milwaukee's first cat cafe, Happy Birthday Meezou, the legendary L-Rundowns, letter carrier Seth, the mortality rates of night owls, crying over Lost In Space, cake batter hummus, crying over vegan burgers, when dinosaurs drove cars, Tesla's Brand Ambassador, limiting the number of dogs and chickens, USA Today Snapshots, suing the world's most famous magician, and becoming a stepdad to Claudia Schiffer's children.

Episode 649

Slow deep breaths, the return of Weed / Horse / Mind's Eye, You've Got Juggalo, bacteria in bathrooms, paying with a hundo, going to Whole Foods on a Tuesday afternoon, The Shake Shack veggie burger, saying goodbye to The Museum of Broken Relationships, recycling the Tempur-Pedic Pillow, catching up with British "celebs" ,
The Saints vs The Cowboys, only meat eaters go to soccer games, new features for PornHub, remembering Sarah Marshall, USA Today Snapshots, the end of the "poker face", and forbidding Jonathan from watching Super Troopers 2.

Episode 648

Just talking about life, Aaron Rodgers and The Dalai Lama, opioid disposal options, BT at Red Rocks, talking about Six Flags again, what does H.O.R.D.E. stand for?, a BFA in Comedy Arts, eHarmony for pets, a shared fuck room, Shakti Fest and Mother's Day, USA Today Snapshots, skippin' school with cool uncle Seth, America's quietest routes, impossible White Castles, improving clothing for female firefighters, don't kiss at work, male OB/GYNs, make arrangements to join us at a UYD LIVE show, 2 new axe throwing emporiums, and a lifetime of Adam Sandler on Netflix.

Episode 647

A proper length for Andre The Giant, Seth's 60th pint of blood, getting mad at UYD's math skills, upcoming UYD LIVE Shows, banning marijuana's odor, 23andMe's micro-attribution, a coven not a sorority, pale woods / ergonomics / energy harnessing, freestyle bullfighting, out with the porn / in with the laughs, The All Time "Hit By Pitch" Record, elderly breaker boys, sootin' and sortin', eating plastic pieces, USA Today Snapshots, Toosh Lights, visiting the Mosquito Coast. and old films / fresh eyes.

Episode 646

Soylent Originals, how long it takes to make a friend, unveiling infinity, 4 hours of Garry Shandling, discovery and recovery, The Top 10 Jelly Belly Flavors, olfactory eavesdropping, The Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben, chess battles, silence in sports, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, how to get through Texas is less than 14 hours, Hollywood inspired theme parks, The House of Hobart, Seth's story of sobriety, and legendary vegan podcasting.

Episode 645

Keeping your 2016 calendar, my personal Rain Man, the NHL is gonna save the planet, Xbox at the helm, The Catsbury Park Cat Convention, Meezou: The Beauty Boy, Uhh Yeah Keynote, My Super Sweet Sober 16, new beverage alert, chugging summer, USA Today Snapshots, the first male cheerleaders in the NFL, the $100 coupon lottery, The Kundalini Yoga Festival, and a double dose of Spice.

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