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Show Notes

Episode 881

Snaps vs Claps, The Untitled Bosch Spin-off, Jazz Dick Recon, the most offensive mascots, the acoustic display of rattlesnakes, a storage empire, cultural treasures from bro to bro, sin taxes, shady smokers, OnlyFans alternatives, robotic fast casuals, The Spyce Gloryhole, The Great Unconformity, The Last Great Photograph, the most fast food chains in the world, the dangers of poppers, and finding the right Halloween costume for 2021.

Episode 880

The greats come in hungry, motorcycles want fresh skin, Twix Shakers, Gaylord's Spice, just straight Dash, trick it into a dust, rocks from Mars, 6 foot vs 100 foot waves, naturally occurring broken backs, cat fights, dipping into Roadhouse, this ain't your mama's Gatorade, drink the pink, Sheeran and the NFL, change forecasters and genuninfluencers, dipping into The Real Housewives, Karate Kid: The Musical, The Netflix Karate Family, the whole world is a demo tape, Illinois sport-fish, the return of Gay Days at Disneyland, and Neighborhood Wars.

Episode 879

Saving lives with UYD, cigar aficionados, sell your home to be with your family, AI Computer Handwriting, USA Today Snapshots, UFO cash grabs, there's no balance to nonsense, Cherry Blade Lemonade, Hallmark's Fall Harvest, The Birthing Season, forgetting is more dangerous, Thanksgiving romance, what is a "roadhouse"?, the great state of Doctor, The Mormon Openhouse, Notorious GZI, The Quintessential County Fair, The Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off, the dangers of falls and head trauma, and the luxury of looking back.

Episode 878

A palindrome episode, there's a lot of Little League teams, casual late night Nashville N-bombs, can baseball movies be good?, the truth about ad-blockers, Seth on the bone, Ask Maryland, cuck-out or alpha driving?, telepathic masters, still no sign of Maitreya, USA Today Snapshots, The American Speed Festival, no homework / no broccoli, and flashing the leather.
Uhh Yeah Dude: No Teens Allowed.

Episode 877

Live from The Lodge Room in Los Angeles CA, 44 never looked so good, OG Diet Coke is disgusting, off of the dome - into your home, 4's are bad but 8's are good, Podcast and the City, 25 things you don't know about Margaret Cho, discovering new viruses, extra smoke, crypto conferences, a rise in .99 cent stores, award winning actress Mila Kunis, Barack Obama vs Mickey Rouke, face shapes and casual sex, The Oscar's Experience, geneticaly altered daddy long legs, Dry-Eye / Fortune 500 / Electronic Music Artist, Levi's and The Grateful Dead, take your brass home with you, NBA vs The Harlem Globetrotters, USA Today Snapshots, JAWS: The Musical, The Country's Best Yogurt, the problematic film career of Elvis, too hot for spot and tot, Seth on a donkey, Ask Jonathan, voicemails from Element Television, The 'wise in real-life, and forever special thanks.

Episode 876

Live from The Lodge Room in Los Angeles CA, Happy Birthday Jonathan, the return of The Colt 45, OJ in LA, 25 things you don't know about Tyler Cameron, reducing cockroach sex, ysterday is history, The Sturgeon Moon, The Pumpkin Creep, the new mayor of New York, changing your personality during the pandemic, The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the governor of West Virginia, Hardee's Gals, tasting the galaxy, Ask Jonathan, it's not you - it's your walk, USA Today Snapshots, when gifts become burdens, Pruno sniffing dogs, how to huff, the new richest person in the world, Nobody Cares About Raymond, This Day In UYD History, no ketchup at Thrasher's, teen farmers, and consistent chicken.

Episode 875

Inside The Green Monster, VR Van Gogh, Seth's Hollywood Tours, Milwaukee's first Cheba Hut, my own personal Woodstock, a psychic bond at Lollapalooza, The Age Clock, TC in the 90's, God has call-waiting, Ask The Captain, Big Lotion, The Ernest Hemingway Look-Alike Contest, WiFi appliances, moody meat-bodies, and pissing all over today.

Episode 874

A double dip for back relief, an explosive day of healing, Jerry O'Connell News, Deep State Syndicated Conspiracy, 17,000,000 gallons of raw sewage, cussing and falling, J. Franco vs J. Leto vs J. Leno, The Office of Nightlife, The Brutal Red Light District, missing the Zero burn, Fasten Your Seatbelt, Pandora's Tube, the history of cannabis, Seth visits The Cowboys, The Caesar's Superdome, Gibson and Trump, Milwaukee on the mind, John Cena looks stupid, cue the zoo mutants, and jamming levels with Paul McCartney.

Episode 873

Podcasting in your 20s 30s and 40s, the return of Matt and Ben, duels and tights, No Sudden Move wasn't enough, emboldened fish, Wynonna C.H.U.D., White Nose Syndrome, bringing back the firing squad, all roads lead back to Manson, The World Doctor's Alliance, timber thieves, a double dose of Ask Jonathan, decriminalizing psychedelics, Tom Brady is not coming back, Wisconsin has no official state cheese, and The Colby Colab.

Episode 872

UYD: The Best Product, Happy Birthday Lisa, Hobbs & Shaw vs Barb & Star, Miss California 2021, Big Pistachio, the american kill culture, vaccine boob pain, God is love, returning to Love Island, XXX Reality Shows, if you can't pronounce it it's beautiful, release the beefcakes, door-to-door NOS shamans, and gardens and guns.

Episode 871

Pronouncing "gyro", brutal Netflix cancelations, still Bumper after all these years, ranking The Fast & The Furious movies, air turbulence for birds, studying PNAS, Swedish tree consumption, Hawaiian Caravans, boycotting Amazon in 2007, electromagnetic railguns, Hobart's Danny Aiello, oppressive language for 2021, time to start using "y'all", perishing desert plants, one nation under trees, Starbucks Stadium, and a visit from Seth's Mom.

Episode 870

It's about time, Happy Birthday to Amir, Training Camp with The Dallas Cowboys, 16 seasons of UYD and Making The Team, time is a delusion, Dragon Man, Dragging The Classics, Cops and Slobbers, The American Made Car Index, Sinkhole Vettes, frog hunting and the Olympics, tropical house music, The Full Buck Moon, wort sacks, The Gem and Jewelry Show, i deserve a gold rope chain, Ur the FO, and cash for gold.

Episode 869

Not quite 7-11, 25 things you didn't know about James Brolin, The West Virginia Dupe, riding horses with Seth, the deadliest national parks, the best Hollywood son, The Tumble Dungeon, radiated mouse sperm from space, deep state vanilla, restaurant pun names, The Slop Goblin, falling under Jon Bernthal's spell, the dopest depot, you can't shoot solo, caterpillar lung, gaining your essence, celebrity V-Cards, catching up with Girls Trip, 10,000,000 dimes, and life is an Uhh Yeah Dude discord.

Episode 868

Brought to you by Mad Gains and Get Yok'd, Judge D. Fields, extinct in Colorado, cancelling American Airlines, Protein Power, cancerous cosmetics, forever chemicals, podcasting in advertising, American Pharmaceutical Entertainment, starting sports at 19, crawfish on antidepressants, the return of Pictionary, Smiles and Prizes: The Wink Martindale Story, loyal bad boy projections, chasing The Goonies dragon, Hellmann's vs Best Foods, tall trucks for killing, safety torque, and shirtless moral codes.

Episode 867

A perpetual treat, flipping Seth's whip, The Emerson Comedic Elites, Cold War leftovers, always bring it back to The Kai, bad boys who dip, the long-cut that you love, peaceful talkative dinosaurs, preparing for a visit from Seth's mom, the biggest Go-Daddy of them all, Salvation-Coin, the return of The Kentucky State Fair, The Lil' Looker Boy Competition, Olympia Weekend, Ask Jonathan, when cancel culture comes for the bible, Dan Aykroyd: Master of Comedy, I'll die without DEVS, and no more wigs in 4K.

Episode 866

Don't look at the camera, your daily dram, Rock and Roll Whiskeys, General Hospital IRL, leaving West Virginia, RIPs Mrs. Peel, evacuating from the big island, the heart and soul of Station 19, COVID and CO2, comfort-heart viewing, The Soap-star beatings of '89, contaminated tap water, kitty-microbes, and fake vets and fake pets.

Episode 865

Recreated humans, Pacinian Bosch, TC's flight suit, Luke Skywalker's fish mask, The Horror Tattoo Expo, the oldest player in the NFL, Egyptian donuts, there's no McDonald's in Iceland, Jimmy Dean rolls over in his grave, emergency supplies for you and your band, birthday greetings for your father, porn in the palm of your hand, 3 droid states, the return of Hollywood Comedy, when men interview women, and demons I could never conjure.  

Episode 864

Rewash the Bosch, mug party, virtual contact, Psy-Op Drops, make your own knowledge, I-Told-You-So Fingers for all, getting back to the cinema, Local's Only Zoro, Seth's IT, movers and shakers on the boulevard, the genetic road to ruin, Lil Kenny Rogers, The Reeses Podcast, confectionary unholy unions, this is not "white boy summer", Hallmark 2.0 Extreme, the season for SCAN-IT, Danny Masterson's Uber driver, essential pool safety tips, 4 Soaps: 4 Nominees, binging Santa Barbara, augmented windshields, xanny inhalants, and April Fears bring June Terrors.  

Episode 863

Uhh Yeah Dude is my favorite thing, being featured in gay-erotic fiction, pre-Y2K whips, time has run out for coral reefs, Brett Favre: Thief, potential hunters, Texas BBQ around the globe, Good Morning Tokyo, American jaguars, MJ on Broadway, Kevin James is Sean Payton, keep an eye on Mr. Pierogi, pushing Mötley Crüe, Major League Rugby, dressing up as John Popper, and the Rock & Roll / Science Fiction Museum.   

Episode 862

UYD did not win an Ambie, the 7 funniest podcasts in the world, The God Chicken, feasting meat cells, vegan strong-men, T-5 Brain to Text, the unknown Culkin, tween speed, the fastest amateur typer on Twitch, eating cicadas, UFO to UAP, living for the reveal, people replaced by robots by 2030, the return of The Hills - Dave - Bosch, The Toggle Heads, breaking the 4th wall with Mayim Bialik, Seth's TV Picks, what's playing in theaters?, and seeing Blues Traveler every 4th of July. 

Episode 861

Still icy after all these years, staying abreast of fast casuals, opting out, smuggling Farrah Fawcett into the joint, Ask The Captain, The Below Sea Level Club, more classes from LACC, The Wickian Dog Dupe, staying abreast of Welven Da Great, Tony's Tenders and Fauci's Fingers, clear face masks, subconscious monkey brains, The Tiki Theater is open for business, 30 years of masturbating Pee Wee, Seth visits The Combat Zone, rewiring your brain, and high quality 90's pornography.  

Episode 860

The Pepper people can reach out, concierge doctor house calls, underground freezers and fillers, Diane Keaton at the movies, new classes at LACC, I would love to but..., hit me on the Lindsay Lohan, room temperature diamonds, Uhh Yum Dude, the biggest accounts on Instagram minus Rob, Matt Damon is an American, let Iowa's lakes and rivers surprise you, The Meth Queenpin, the states with the most whites, sprinkled meats, beef passports, the 2nd super moon, Seth's TV Picks, I'll see you in Atlantis, gaging the vibe from the copter, and The Summer of Sam and Vaginal Lubrication.

Episode 859

You never looked better, Ask Jonathan, The Darkside of Oz, The Bosch Spinoff, bacteria in your sink, pimple-pop landfill, glamped outhouses, stars in the ceiling, LA's Rude Rapture, DDT dump sites, faultline nursing homes and grade schools, texting and driving, Q Dakota, they're comin' for Hannah, is an airplane a vehicle?, The World's Busiest Airport, The World's Best PF Changs, The West Virginia Vacation Guide, books never stop, UYD LIVE Tour 2021, and Seth's dad on Facebook.

Episode 858

The unmasked podcast, The Star Wars Sand-blaster, hybrid-casting, pay-to-dogma, Psycho's extra shot, mad indecent proposal, in theater anime, boba and chlorine shortages, The Glacier Boyz, $61 Billion of Netflix, Neutered Carbon, a Tiger King joint, the world's biggest art heist, a home is a hazard, pupcorn and trumbones, 40% of all murders, The Tripsitter Clinic, Cali-Sober, no calendars allowed, Don't Fry-Day, pool party in the desert, the return of the Indy 500, Episode 223, Bieber is deadly-Jah-serious, 6 letters or less, genetically modified mosquitos, Bigfoot killed the marijuana farmers, and The Best Friends Oscar.

Episode 857

April 20 2002, WrestleMania 2023, Mötley Crüe breaks their promise, The A-Shoc Pit, life lessons from Mario Kart, Rappin' Rex and Talkin' T, getting into the voice over game, talking Jesus posters, ashamed to be an American, Michael Jackson's COVID Concert, sports in the afterlife, 1 billion smokers, heat not burn, bad boys smoking bad boys, Seth's vaccinations, objectifying AI, documentary head's up, beef with Dinklage, overcoming The Satanic Panic, building up a tar-wall, and being underwhelmed by David Beckham.  

Episode 856

A special day for stoners, 19 years of Stone Cold, talkin' crypto, Setherium Romatelli, stabilizing biodiversity, we need a half earth, get in the pod grandpa, the oldest living american, landline to landline, Saint La La Land, identifying The Joker, Kiedisian Scat, don't fear the Greaper, preparing to meet Titus, shooting LA for Seattle, Sunset Seth Green, an ever-changing LA, 1 Trillion in tax evasion, moving to Bearth, an unborn baby, goodbye mask - hello hugs, Zoom Zombies, COVID-90, cave-matrix meetups, and the death of Walter Mondale.

Episode 855

Talkin' Bosch, double knife loss, the best made sharpening stones, cutting - carving - camera ready, Phish Jazz, school shooters at home, Seth the substitute, documenting American Gladiators, Lace and Ice, Malibu M and Malibu F, Prick Schroder, ineffective online classes, tactical tie-dye, the new rules of fame for Sharon Stone, learning to punch with Al Franken, Ask the Captain, Seth's TV Picks, pushing the Superbowl, too many docs, USA Today Snapshots, locks on / pants off, and eyes on a grand.  

Episode 854

A safe-space to unwind, saying goodbye to The Arclight, the day the movies died, just a couple of Bosch-heads, Seth's TV Picks, Sicko Scissor Sisters, Farmhouse Fixer in Haverhill, Fuck - Marry - Sell?, The Stain Whisperer, pupcorn penis, USA Today Snapshots, it's the fuckin' dishes, 23andMe and cancer research, $5 Billion for Ancestory, 8th cousins, misled by Amir, searching for Sheela, the same chair for everything, The Full Pink Moon, no murders in Norway, R2: The Little Silent Killer, flying with the angels, and come back to the house.  

Episode 853

Classic podcasting, 5 Barbra Streisands, Healer / Veterinarian / Comedian / Life-Caster, The Silent Pandemic, getting grifted at the tire store, self-cleaning door handles, USA Today Snapshots, from Dickies to Dolphins, seeing Seth's knees, Self Storage Magazine, evangelical penis pumps, being hypnotized over the phone, a grift cards breach, Kevin James Gibson from Queens, a bird with no song, mail in the afterlife, Jesus's beach-bod, and it's hip to be scared.  

Episode 852

Dr. Zero Space, plumper mouth-feels, half-vaxxers, Dr. Domatelli, UYD's Net Worth, unsafe in Berkeley, The 2021 Dirty Dozen, The Clean Fifteen, penetrating a cantaloupe, why Crossroads isn't a bad movie, the cast of Speed 2, Meatout vs Hearty Meat Day, proof of meat, petty meth theft, USA Today Snapshots, Bosch on X-Files, Bosch on 90210, I'm the Hoff-brah The Affleckian Spirit, pregnant bodies full of mystery chemicals, the history of Pop-Tarts, Cocktail Astronauts, and Hostess Zest Doggies.

UYD: Free again.

Episode 851

When did Bob Barker die?, tactile hosting techniques, 70's marriages don't count, top-heavy blondes, ads for cocaine, snow blowin' in the theater, an age of innocence and innuendos, rewatching commercials from when you were 8, the Ashton Kutcher model of climate change, Ask The Captain, Juicy Marbles, visiting the slaughter house, the smartest animals on earth, being mislead by science, 100 years of Larchmont Villiage, huffin' buffa-ranch, the saddest city in America, Ask Jonathan, and are you afraid of content?

Episode 850

In the blink of an eye we got to 850, America's longest running friendship, questions about demon possession, a 5 horn house, the full worm moon, The SweetGreen Regular is attacked, the Lasik street edge, breakfast salads 4 life, 129 billion facemasks, the return of America's Most Wanted, a decade of unstoppable driving, no more sharing Netflix passwords, 50 years of Starbucks, and Ask Jonathan.

UYD: Crewcuts and Lasik

Episode 849

They dance til they die, Ask Jonathan, getting pouty in the mirror, Paper-less Boy, The 2021 Shoe Awards, who's the better Prefontaine?, knowing when to end a conversation, the last Las Vegas buffet, get back to grandpappy's loads, Ricket Romatelli, Grindr TV, eating fake Ruebens, the new god of sexual anarchy, Roger Staubach's Dr. Pepper, holograms are everywhere, simultaneous saving and loving, and is 850 a thing?

Episode 848

Getting your FUPA in frame, the start of Corona-News, Mainstream Media Setups, the Judge Judy / Bosch crossover, Kevin Connolly's little legs, it's your time to shine with daylight's savings, first sips of the rare Major Melon, Las Vegas pools are back, winning big but losing bigger, rage against the road trip, waiting your fucking turn, Maple Month, staying within your "dance zone", .01 cent royalties, A Night At Heckerling's, giving gorillas COVID, you can't take a dude out in the wild, more lethal lollipops, still waiting for Seth's Corvette, the hypnotic spells of Soleil Moon Frye, more spit on the curve balls of life, and we're all Ringo.

Episode 847

All eyez on me, 847 episodes of friendship and joy, being attracted to smarts, performing surgery on your birthday, Uhh Yeah Governor, upping your coaster game, when Spain ruled Texas, LifeMDB, Kemosabe Smut Brothers, talking like Obama, PornHub searches by state,  the origins of swag, more senators for more cattle, Ask The Captain, the dark rage of the Uber driver, Uhh Yeah Body Butter, majoring in self defense, the biggest horticulture event in the universe, the world of concrete, Ask Jonathan, McBeefy, and the longest running podcast in history.

Episode 846

Preparing for the sweetest of 16's, gunning for the number one blood giver, you can't chase a dead man's record, house Max's, having more employees than an entire state, free Tesla's for all celebrities, just ask Burt Reynolds, sharing a birthday with UYD, making a doc about MoviePass, Riff Raff vs Woody Allen vs Tekashi 6ix9ine, it's over when you say it's over, Tijuana's waste water, never seeing Point Break, Edgar Ramirez-heads, Ask Jonathan, saving every issue of Playboy for your future gay son, 8 limbed ocean bullies, and will the super computers figure everything out by Labor Day?

Episode 845

Studying Neanderthal brains, respect to the OG pioneers, we're always talking sovereign citizens, it's always tax season for Wesley Snipes, changing your language before a break up, everyone takes a swing at The Joker, getting a degree in body butter, The Snow Moon, is Mando in the bible?, when none of your predictions ever come true, old wive's tales, senility-based podcasting, angered over readers, the moon is our puppet master, upcoming jury duty, Ask Jonathan, and preparing for UYD's sweet 16.

Episode 844

Happy UYDversary, the numbers get crazy, will you be podcasting in 2036?, astrologer's predictions for 2020, only for Bezos, pent up for cruise travel, shoutout to Fiverr, Keanu is Sandra's son, forgetting how to fly, the catholic cash grab, weed before algebra, the best cigars of 2020, Trojan condom's masters, Ask Jonathan, how do you get in the book?, Chuck and OJ are both vaccinated, and recording until after hours.

Episode 843

Bringing Hollywood into your home, CBS becomes Paramount+, when Q and sovereign citizens meet, heaterz seized at the airport, the disappointment of Discovery+, Television+, Alaskan aliens, stargazing Seth, House Hunters in reverse, 90-day Corona spray, cannibalistic female mantises, keeping up with the fast casuals, don't sweat the goo stuff, 2 car seats vs 3 children, Ask Jonathan, The Great Living Brandon, and USA Today Snapshots.

Episode 842

Thank you Sit 'n Sleep, new horizons for Esqapes, the world's 2 richest men on Fight Island, space is the 6th G, the motifs of Seth's new office, losers running with the torch, Corona anal swabs, always go fecal, not having to pay to see Little Things in theaters, Jared Leto free solos, 71% not watchable, Priyanka Chopra Jonas gets to know her husband, 50 years of deputy gangs, you can't cancel Bill Maher's truth, USA Today Snapshots, massaging your mailman, and smuggling the dankest nip.

Episode 841

Maybe this is 341?, pardon our technical difficulties, 2 handed dunks, $5 goes a long way in Macedonia, a doctor of color, new contracts for nude scenes, mimicking liars, Fib U, fuel your stoke, Mtn Dew's new Baja tribe, The Insect of the Year, The California Super Bowl, Deep DEF Country, Big Trucks / Big Loads, banning copper brake pads, Ask Jonathan, and the wisdom of The Fonz.

UYD:  Fuck, lay eggs, croak.

Episode 840

It's 0s and 1s, a comedy podcast of errors, testing positive for Hobart, UYDreams, the biggest lottery winnings of all times, living the Marlboro lifestyle, Ask The Captain, what's going on with Arby's on Sunset?, horse shampoo for humans, The Drake Equation, Ask Jonathan, missing Jeff's laugh, remember the gray, testing for Alheimer's and sun sneezing, Staples vs Office Depot, and Jim Morrison's snake.

Episode 839

The precipice of a new beginning, karate by whites, The McCartney Trilogy, salads on Boxing Day, new year new moon, USA Today Snapshots, green bananas only, Hobart is a state of mind, accepting 3D posters from a stranger, DMTween, Bleed Air, by boat or by bus, looking at lips, the drunkest vehicle, LA county is wild right now, cat interruptions, positive but not positive, Twitching with Jonathan, and 2021 is all about desktops.

Episode 838

Holler at your boys in the new year, Seth's new office, The Whiskey of the Year, USA Today Snapshots, returning to schools in 2021, Lil Dicky Ramirez, The Clown and The Candyman, The California Travel Advisory, essential outlaws, cheating on your military exam, Girl Scouts vs Boy Scouts, eye level pin walls, sports during lockdown, the past 25 years of The Dallas Cowboys, how does the internet work?, how does the air work?, The New North Division, Canadian basketball, getting used to the new recording space, a new era in laughter, and dying for Wonder Woman.

Episode 837

Comedy Casino, marijuana is still illegal, NARC Dad, neanderthal pain, The Seth Material, Spaceship Ranch, looking up to look in, Ask The Captain, Nick Filet, average temps in Philly, Mt. Everest is getting taller, Ask Jonathan, immortal invertebrates, saying good bye to Hobart, twitching with Jonathan, CSI: CPSC PA, and it might be time to mix it up.

Episode 836

Closing up 2020, it's a Cornerstone, new shows set in the timeline of the Mandalorian, preparing for Cobra KaIII, television that needs explanation, The 2020 Hollywood Black List, Hamilton's Pharmacopeia, getting burned by A Teacher, how to open a restaurant during COVID-19, bad stealers, The Chicken Kingdom, The Cold Moon, earth's biomass, The Pineapple-Orange-Guava Federation, The Concert Confessional, TransAm Thank You Ma'am, new American Spirits, Reebok Pumps, and Hobby Lobby's sick Christmas wish.

Episode 835

Wrapping up Hobart, sexy at every age, gorgeous men or garbage men, a December to remember, only 2 hours of screen time, Beauty Boy masks, George Lopez's kidneys, eating pythons, the best entertainment is faith-based entertainment, GMT vs UTC, Bosch Wars, Seth tries to buy shoes, the time to unwind, keeping up with the billionaires, hallucinogenic rock art, Robbie Willams made a song to enrage, hero-dose artists, family-based podcasts The Eastside Rat, moving to SoHo(llywood), preparing the Uhh Yeah Quinceañera, and blinding reaching for the mandoline. 

Episode 834

Saying goodbye to Hobart, hero-casting, The Witch and The Priest, the first wave of vaccines, offensive license plates, doc recaps, returning to the Museum of Death, an overabundance of holiday gift guides, heavy spoilers on Wikipedia, a rise in home theaters, The 2020 AVN Awards, the wizardly return of Jeff Dunham, Ben & Jerry's colabs, Level 4 Travel Notices, and Beouf-boy loses a baby.

Episode 833

The 2020 Doc Episode.

Episode 832

This is my favorite podcast, I think you're gonna like it, catching up with Mystery, the origins of mistletoe, naughty step-directors, Bosch on The Mandalorian, updating American Gigolo, preparing for Seth's doc review, saying goodbye to these restaurants, saying goodbye to The Boy Scouts, questions for Growth Ed, Pepsi Apple Pie, Amazon on Greenwich mean Time, preparing for The Super Bowl 2021, The Fall of D'Amelio, listening to UYD via compact disc, and the quality of monster podcasts.

Episode 831

2020 your days are numbered, Ask Captain Cox, TWA Bang Bros, edible cow DNA, Yoga-urt, predictions from the past, going back to silent films, cookies find a way, Seth's neanderthal DNA, doing cocaine in memoriam, the factor of plastics, The Thanksgiving Space Parade, The Hip Hop / Country Song of the Week, saying goodbye to The Hard Rock, Seth's Docs, Ask Jonathan, death by bulls, and Hallmark's Holiday Hellscape.  

Episode 830

The honor of comedy podcasting, no more communal troughs for Thanksgiving, holiday movies 24/7, the final movie on VHS, Seth watches all The Karate Kids, keeping up with Lohanthony, Trump supporters and their love of COVID, 2 Fannings / 3 Dakotas, outdoor malls, Tommy Bahama Restaurants, Surfin' Turf, tropical touchdowns, the countdown to D'Amelio, mail's been wacky, the minimum wage in 2020, Ask Jonathan, the dawn of the podcast / dvd, and disrespecting bonsai trees.

Episode 829

Flying blind, anything goes in the desert, new dew, cinnamon milk, It's A Wonderful Lifetime, The Seagull Flu, aluminium vs tin foil, Kiara vs Keyarra, microplastics for your baby, adult slumber parties, hydrocephalic beanies, from Boston to Hawaii, Full Beaver Moons, Karate Kid 2 is better than Karate Kid 1, The Golden Book Pathway, 23 and Meezu, Fatty's teeth, the return of Cheaters, and Steely Dan go uptown baby.

Episode 828

The comedy begins, LEGO for adults, Coors Seltzer, surviving survivor camp, racist golf courses, dressing like Bill Murray, seasonal COVID depression, 10,000 hours to master / 2 weeks torget, Ask Jonathan, preparing for Judy's justice, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders in quarantine, waiting until midnight for Netflix, The Murder on Middle Beach, drugs vs streaming services, trolling Esqapes, Robert Kardashian in hologram form, the return of Vegas, and how to invent comedy podcasting.

Episode 827

8:51 PM mail delivery, Corona meets Christmas, Karen culture on Nextdoor, astrology vs astronomy, The Elf In The Turkey, Fun With The Son, Ask The Captain, the return of Animal Kingdom, Seth's Pixar reviews, PEN-heads and Mando-boys, Verde Valley needs you, Ask Jonathan, the burn is how you learn, addicted to what the dick did, moving the National Rodeo, real estate drones, dramatic phone call television, P S I Luv U, the pollution of the 1%, Lil Picasso's, and shedding your cobra skin.

Episode 826

An Esquapes update, GoFuckMe, fighting to Halloween, UK Celebrity News, slutty Potters, kicking off the quarentine with Tiger King, so you wanna be a Kai-Head?, explaining LA County Measure J, The Full Hunter's Moon, "Last Sips" with Queen Jessica and Cis-Lord Misserable, party in my plants, late night mail delivery, voice-to-skull is alive and well, the most horrific cult leaders, remembering The Dance, Seth and Jonathan's gay erotic fiction, a couple of Benz Bros, Jonathan wins a motorcycle, no medical facilities at LAX, shaving cream bans, Jesus The Barber, and hunting prairie dogs.  

Episode 825

A lookback at 2020, what happens when nuns stop praying?, living in peak unhappiness, skidding into bliss, does Zach Braff need to start a podcast?, The Dupe of One Corey, Seth's mailbox money, The Romatelli Section of The Britney Spears Zone, toppling shampoo bottles, transcribed voicemails, Lego reefs, the many theories of Elon Musk, living in ignorance with A SHOC, becoming British, Youngstown street-rats, Thanksgiving hard-bodies, Ram Dassin' It, men sleeping less than women, masks are for wives, anything is possible in 2020, and being screamed at in Vatican City.

Episode 824

Hotter than in the desert, dipping into 2019, 7Pac, droppin' donuts, AT&T's stolen valor, men are easily fooled, UYD in New Orleans, The Talcum Angel Babies, comments for Papa Larroquette, hacker font vampires, Seth now loves everything, believing in millions, melodramatic fishing dramas, beef 2 live, saying goodbye to Esqapes, Woodstock injuries, The Moose Knuckle Posse, committing crimes by moonlight, college athletics stats, Dayton is rude, the notes of Seinfeld, comedy duos / black sketch are fine, and Christmas with John Legend is my favorite time of year.

Episode 823

The leg show, the 2020 ballot, revisiting 2018, voice to skull, 21 collections, minimal gains, Lean Little Hercules, the wise words of Ray Lewis, Jonathan's bucket list, The Doobie Cousins, Roseanne O.D.'s, 100 uncontacted tribes, a lot of unlived Playboy dreams, bringing the pod to Thanksgiving, getting your news via Instagram only, preparing for the D'Amelio singularity, putting your heart into your anal stuff, The Holy Smokes Church, the truth is in the pudding, overly-complicated scratchers, voting for La Riva. and the world's biggest Thanksgiving orgy.

Episode 822

Each episode is it's own journey, jumping back to 2018, kids be watching, Newman's sniffing, next level tics and tells, Dr. Phil cannot help you, suing David Copperfield, potent Luciferians, baby chiropractors, birthday spankings, keeping an eye on vegans, why DID Seth go to LA?, doing a TV show and making a movie with Leo, the world's biggest orgy, A-positive neanderthal genes, Killer Carnies, you cannot commit a crime anymore, the oldest living American, bacon and Jesus, Francis and The Godfather, and we'll see you at the crossroads. 

Episode 821

4 Beauty Boys, the 2nd half of 2017, Keyarra Romatelli, Seth gets signed, concentrated life bars, the measurable power of blue language, Vin Diesel's Euro-banger, 50 great opening lines, Seth throws out some negs, deep Weberian waters, Uber's flying taxis, original meal soundtracks, watching Crossroads while Orthodox, The Sexy Hollywood Freak Show, the Hollywood tumbleweed, how often do you drive by your old apartments?, and OnlyFans for cats.

Episode 820

#Humble, #MonumentalAchievement, looking back to 2017, autumnal leaves, interviewing DJ Khaled, putting the Lord on the line, not scratching scratchers, terrorist computer screens, the fight to Halloween, digital candy, Jillian Gates, structurally deficient bridges, RIPs Pax-man, shrinking testosterone, My Grandpapi's Force Factor Weekend, Elon Musk's cranial computers, riding for Fire and Iron, Seth prepares for the PS5, Reese's remixed, no love for Pringles, SCTV stands for Second City Television, and there's never been a good sketch comedy troupe.

Episode 819

Revisiting 2016, visiting Kurt Cobain's apartment, Seth's Poetry Corner, Seth visits The Wizarding World, Seth visits The Museum of Broken Relationships, Celebrity Name Game, the unreliability of referee's eyes, fierce poise, a billion dollars of unused Starbucks gift cards, earthquakes are ready to roll, getting grifted by celebrity tours, The Helter Skelter Tour, the wild flexes of Miss America contestants, listening to Bikram, and The 10 Cavemanments.

Episode 818

Experiencing Maskne, Cali-Cheerwine, looking back to 2016 to look ahead, Cuba Gooding Jr.'s conflicting opinions, Flynt vs Hefner, Raised By Wolves, The Godfather Epic, cancelling Halloween, The Walgreens' Witch Hanging, The NBA Talent Challenge, female eBay sellers, Taryn Quantino, Déjà Dude, talk of the 'rona in 2016, The Broken Wand Ceremony, Porcelain Daddy's and death masks, ordering burnt toast, tiny little pies, postponing the Corvette contest, and acid is groovy / kill the pigs.

Episode 817

The summer of 2015, Celebrity Name Games, Seth's stolen valor, NPR / PBS / UYD, Hobart's prophecy, search terms by state, serving the people, convicted deviants, Corona Duty, fall foliage thieves, the controlled caffeine release, What Would John Quinones Do?, Thick Skin Bias, major facts to know about the antichrist, EDWIN saves you money, the cost of the coronavirus, The Year 2038 Problem, and The 12 Days of Cranston.

Episode 816

Prepared for laughter, rebending time to 2015, the true corn moon, my gay husband is not gay, the darkside of marijuana, misinterpreting friendly women, interviewing Jason Mraz, addicted to tanning, red light pollutants, Sci-Ti ads, Seth spots Beyonce, the wisdom of Brec Bassinger, living with ghosts, recapping The Fast Saga, giant aliens, more ants than elephants, Charli Bezos, LA's water sommelier, fuck off racists, and Black Lives Matter.

Episode 815

The summer of 2014, still no raspberry-lemonade grapes, the nerve of Zach Braff, phasing out live greyhound racing, I am The Maze Runner, Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan, the life changing 2Pac hologram, Kowski-palooza, Utopia changed nothing, Celebrity Name Games, Nick Jonas knows nothing, UYD goes to Texas, preparing for Jesus's return, Scientology cures alcoholism, billion year old water, comfort food is a myth, please Roma don't hurt him, shitting yourself for Avatar, Jay Leno jokes about COVID, and all eyez on autumn. 

Episode 814

Off the chain with Big Dog and His Handler, preparing for the corn moon, the fight for autumn, talking you through the pimple pop, bone-in wings at McDonalds, vegan hate crimes, Jay Leno sets up Larry the Cable Guy, the empathy of regular cocaine users, Unmanned Vehicle University, Porky's 2.0, cereal mascots looking you in the eye, yelling at science, reverse engineering Popeyes, players gonna play, Transformers 4D, The Choking Game, Breath Bros for life, dating site usernames, Zap Bros, movies people have watched over 100 times, and J-Dawg Sr's cinema corner.

Episode 813

Hunks holding guitars, Amir's basketball skills, the history of Jonathan's gold tooth, The Extinction Creep, Kidz Bop for parents, paying respects to Lady, cheerleaders love Chipotle, no new grapes, tampon flasks, forever 2nd, bait deer, bait dogs, Plinko is people, Seth hit at The Grove, The Avatar Dupe, The Movies of 2020, Highlights for adults, Americans without high speed internet, and the number of times you touch your phone each day.

Episode 812

812 on 8-12, Jonathan's lunar birthday, all dogs can achieve greatness, The Girl Scout Scam, drunk driving to your AA meeting, why do they call it 20/20?, The Euthanasia Vaccine, Miss USA barks like a dog, future predictions for iPhone apps, never being killed in an earthquake, Jesus protects you from home invasion, Adam Levine and K-Mart, smell like Jagger, What Would Depp Do?, labial impressions, hugging strangers, betting on your baby, watching movies 100 times, the movie sequels of 2013, and searching for Alex Winter.

Episode 811

Call before you dig, stopping production of Canadian pennies, countdown to the end of 2012, Seth in New Mexico, Hawaiian diapers, USA Today Snapshots, adult recreations, fillet of alligator, dropping the fig, youthful Newts, switching from Facebook to Insta, the beverage habits of Coca-Cola executives, dying on your birthday, treating yourself with Polyamory, UYD Live in Boston, The Diceman Tweets, moving like Jagger, saying goodbye to Newsweek, America's Podcast, rocking out with Simon Helberg, having doubts before marriage, kids with scratch-off tickets, loving a lipstick stained shot glass, 48 frames of Hobbit, Stoned Ape 2.0, and UYD Live in 2021.

Episode 810

An incredible achievement, Jonathan's birthday week, interacting with females in the wild, the rise of the Miami amateurs, Work It!, Oprah's next chapter, The Snake Man of Appalachia, sexy yoga grandma's, Ellen: OUT, Drew: IN, Taco Bell slogans, So-bros, Johnny Depp: Fashion Icon, the first Behind The Music, Pitbull's loyalty, masturbating to dead people, Anal Awakenings, algorithm porn titles, Madonna's looking for Molly, holding guns while looking at guns, misinterpreting the end of the world, dabbing on Hitler, 25,000 shitting pigeons, depressed dads, Fallujahian style driving, Seth's TV Picks, and The Greatest Showman x 100.

Episode 809

Continuing the journey through 2011, catching up with The Gigolos, stock brokers turned bike messengers, living the show at The Saddle Ranch, playing Mexican music on Cinco de Mayo, still waiting for the rapture, Scientology stories are flying off the newsstands, free frequent flyer miles for life, using your parents as your sexual role models, football players born in the 90's, Playmates born in the 2000's, exotic birds and my erection, The Tetris Effect, professional paintballers, sex laws in 1891, resureccting the Playboy Club, stolen USPS bins, cheerleaders and political parties, podfading with Oprah, postcards from Korea, Seth's automotive history, bouncing a $10 check, and celebrating 25 years in Los Angeles.

Episode 808

Buckle up and relax, body drafting at Sturgis, Seth's TV Picks, Jonathan's Netflix Picks, the people choose Adam Sandler, the best mobster names, when tv is your boss, a warning of raves, Marion Moon's son, the safest age, the best song of the decade, come find me Watson, Justin Bieber's hanky code, saying goodbye to The Silver Spoon, changes to the Boy Scout's Handbook, the history of Buscemi, sitting too sexy, James Ellroy's Christmas gift, NAACP's best actors, watching Up In Smoke, are you a starseed?, and being too old for indigo.

Episode 807

Deep into 2010, the tweets of Yoko Ono, waiting to get a response from Parade Magazine, God's Pussy, Disney beards, the first Megaplex theaters, Titanic hand jobs, jean diapers, See You Next Today Show, The Double Dutch Direct Eye Contact, identifying Ronald Regan, banning the Hare Krishna, the rise of Seth The Jet, fetishes open doors for demons, eating eagles, John Schneider's thoughts on 9/11, opening the door for The Milk Inspector, consensual big smiles, stag smokers, and the butterfly element.

Episode 806

The truth hurts with QYD, revisiting 2010, Kanye returns to Wakanda, the gates of Heaven make them wavy, Tiger Twinkies, Bobby Brown Foods, Larry King's mind was never right, Charles Manson vs Master P, diving deep into The Avatar Forums, postponing Seth's moonwalk, The All-American Basketball Alliance, thirsty volunteers, wartime masturbation sleeves, Hubble 3D, the over-hyped internet, sleeping in the closet, the speed of ejaculate, Boob Bombers, which one was Rupert, Osama Modine, the 100 most influential people of 2010, what happens if you get two texts at the same time?, Cook To Bang, the 3rd founder of Apple, and shoulder to shoulder in the human stew.

Episode 805

The 2nd half of 2009, just Bing it, pirate television, Bill and Ted Excellent Arclight Adventure, Drew Berrymore is The Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Cartel campers, The Multiverse Burn, we weren't prepared for Hoarders, we weren't prepared for Avatar, Dane Cook's best tweets from 2009, sober and depressed, 10 mg = 1 keybump, the handicaps of Lou Ferrigno, astronaut shit clouds, a Rambro birthday, The King of Pop passes, Dick Gozinya, are Cheech and Chong funny?, Canadians getting angry about Tom Cochrane, Taco Bell cupcakes, Tiger Woods is bigger than 9/11, OJ Simpson: The Terminator, 2,000,000 apps, Toby Keith's Nobel Peace Prize, and living in a different eon.  

Episode 804

The patron saints of podcasting, heading back to 2009, The Pasta Dude, partying at the Hard Rock, don't hang up on Bart Simpson, same old Ye, preparing for The Cybergeddon, The Crash Defense, saying goodbye to New Coke, cancelling Michael Phelps, TK Steelman, even more from Ye, the heyday of MySpace, did Criss Angel die?, the last gasp of Bros, The Devil's Southpaw, The Rescue Shelter Boys, the rise of Facebook, Kanye West's "book", the top podcasts of 2009, and misdialing UYD.

Episode 803

The 2nd half of 2008, getting gouged at the pump, permanent staycation, Cindy Crawford's math skills, behind the scenes of The Invention of Lying, friend of the seniors, a shortage of wheatgrass, charging for bags on airlines, other words for podcasting, Bill O'Reilly is delirious, crack blunts, Seth's ailments, Tyson Homosexual, God owns your business, The Mark of the Driving Beast, alter boy no-nos, giggles for Jesus, the firing of Kurt Wild, Munchausen at work sydrom, The Frisky Cock Challenge of  September '08, Kevin Pollak's Halloween costume, Bro-cabulary, saying goodbye to Playgirl Magazine, she was Sasha Fierce, and preparing for 2009.

UYD: Worse than ever.

Episode 802

Revisting 2008, Heaveno, renaming Area 51, call me when you're on my block, Prof. Magnetik, hasta la vista boredom, PSYOPs on Hobart, The Greatest World's Greatest Dad Mug, Jesus's angel lust, Parking Wars, the beginning of the exploitation, everyone dies on Surreal Life, Bill Clinton had a dream, delete your MySpace, Oaksterdam University, Jonathan's mini heart attack, Nike's made of trash, Missed Connections, black people in Mormonism, Dr. Dick Frankenstien, Gayelles or Lesbiamus, the dialog of Valley Girl, Batman v TitanMen, waiting for the next Big One, a suicidal heart, rocking the cradle, Eddie Money: The Singer, and Letters to Mt. Wilson.  

Episode 801

Life is a highway, 07-07-07, what is the first day of the week?, Michael Vick's pet set, Matt Damon comes home, A Tale of Two Coreys, getting beat up by Zen Feldman, Osama comes for Bobby Brown, blow this man or die, Mystery was a burner, learning from YouTube, A Tale of Two Pivens, Nike's for Native Americans, Bill O'Reilly dines in Harlem, pay what you want for Radiohead, pounding Lynchburg Lemonades, Inked Energy, porographic monoply, still a stills man, the global warming scam, the rants of Andy Rooney, replacing CHiPs, Dane Cook: Movie Star, the modeling shows of 2007, the frat shows of 1979, John Larroquette in John Wick 4, and you can't not hug.

Episode 800

Happy anniversary, where are the flying sex robots?, taking it back to 2007, Apple reinvents the phone, dead soldiers return to duty, in astroidal news, do Spykes keep?, Hooters Energy, backside Ollie, Hallmark Journeys, Generation Me, the birth of Diet Pepsi Max, 6 years of stadium waste, vaginal bagels, Girls Gone Wild The Resturant, the last sitcom of the 90s, The Hard Rock Themepark, Georgia's intergrated prom, the naked boy and the fireants, never trust a big butt and a smile, twin daddies, the last cock fight in Lousiana, forever dreaming of Handy Many, the best quotes of Sunset Tan, cancelling Lindsay Lohan's birthday party, dying in theaters, popcorn lung, it's tough to be Gary Milby. and still waiting for the hard reset.

Episode 799

Looking back to look ahead, the world wasn't ready for Popozao, how to make New Orlean's chocolate, iPod jeans, just watch the angel, 3 days older than Zillow, The Jimmy Fallon make up studio, the skits of Larry The Cable Guy, climbing the podcast charts, the seeds of our future, Sheen Kidz deadstock, Inside Tim Allen, saying hello to MRSA, titties and money symbols, 3 decade podcasters, illegally enjoyed, the rants of Mel Gibson, straight to Oceans 12, the talented Antin family, Green Bay's first black police officer, and wearing $400 shirts with $3 pants.
UYD: Dumber than now.

Episode 798

Is Seth short for something?, positive energy for Marcia, Rite Aid readers, USA Today Snapshots, bringing back marbles, the TikTok greats, I'm here for The Rock, the most used corporate jargon, billionaire's pandemic profits, urban outdoorsman, The Future Almanac, another 7 minutes of Sterling, saying goodbye to The Stud, less poppers/more cocaine, and sex ratio imbalances.
UYD:  Scotch Free.

Episode 797

The biggest podcasts of 2006, the history of Pepsi Jazz, Seth watches John Wick, a fine line between Bridge and Tunnel, revisiting M4M, hotshots giving it a shot, living the Jonah Hill life, The Fine Guy List, The Strawberry Moon, 70 Trillion photos per second, fresh from the factory Hershey's, Seth's TV Picks, everyone is being lied to, USA Today Snapshots, Spaceship Earth/Bio-Dome, 7 minutes of Sterling, and the best gay erotica magazines in Los Angeles.

Episode 796

Through the wire, dipping into the UYD archives, the origins of S.C.A.N.I.T., the return of Kenny Chesney and football, Hollywood Game Night at home, USA Today Snapshots, old cigarette smell, MTV's deep cuts, sweet corn Pringles, addicted to Oreos, Dave Thomas's last words, Seth's TV Picks, JAHnathan's Poetry, and quarantine soap operas.

Episode 794

Multilingual and multicultural, cancelling The Lincoln Lawyer, The Truest of Detectives, Vince Neil's cameos, crushing on The Punisher, skin-walkers, intravenous protocol, USA Today Snapshots, an AC-less future, the largest gift given to Verde Valley, grilling related mistakes, sharing atoms, parting with The Dance, Paul at BevMo, the secret sauce of supercentenarians, permanent cupcakes, Cowboys face masks, and Baby Bernthals.

Episode 793

A pleasure and an honor, 4 beauty boys in 1 apartment, Seth's TV picks, blaming sports, Oklahoma's new state tag line, more from Val Kilmer's autobiography, the Sadhguru's wife, Post Malone reaches Nirvana, quotes from a murderer, Cameo's power rankings, can you handle Saget raw?, dead end street stats, Caramel Ding Dongs, keeping improv alive, The Rise of the Poor Clares, more letters to Mount Wilson, and Jonathan's OnlyFans.

Episode 792

Reinventing NKOTB, Coronavirus Scam Alert, swapping masks, make America flat again, the unseen anime, pandemic drill sergeants, TFW No GF, preparing for the 2020 Oscars, the best new NFL player names, new Krispy Kreme flavors, the return of Jason Leno, letters written to scientists, ice free oceans, and you've got the proper things.
UYD: Words about things.

Episode 791

We all have our favorites, The Alaskan King, translating Korean postcards, Bobby Berk's diary, UYD's exoplanetary news, testing for Radon, Talkin' Court, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, don't fuck with Bosch, Seth's TV Picks, sour Chips Ahoy, corn and pancakes, The Mother's Moon, the unsustainable Irish diet, and Shamanic energy certification.

Episode 790

The sweet short road to 790, masks on, preparing for presbyopia, grow a beard and get Lasik, South Korean postcards, do you have what it takes to join the Sea Org, USA Today Snapshots, sedation elation, The All In Challenges, saying goodbye to the Land O Lakes girl, 3 copies of Midwest Living, Jonathan's green ghost, Paranormal Liars, who named Earth?, Chicken and Waffles Pringles, The Circus and Allies Arts Collection, RIP Big Doinks, and Seth's collection of autographs.

Episode 789

Do you see what I see?, face masks with goggles, Seth's upstairs poetry, comments for sleep music, Val Kilmer's autobiography, don't forget about Mother's Day, Mentos/Coke fun facts, calculating your Korean age, Father of the Year Awards, maskne, 24/7 COPS, Platoon and Cocoon, injecting tarantula venom, the best selling american cars, we're mask people now, all women valets, Klondike Donuts, ultra premium hotels, and Rodeo shall rise above.

Episode 788

Executive ordered masks, Seth's doc picks, changing the voicemail, how to make a junkie dragon, condolences to Mr. Dorff, Quibi is trash, hard reset across the board, Seth's quarantine hash, guitars on Zoom, listen to your heart, Seth's Michael Jordan memorabilia, LeBron's TikToks, Burning Man VR, The Dads of Tatooine, Patrick Patterson's favorite movies, The Whiskey Wars, endangered US rivers, 5 is G, Yin is Yang, Budweisers and Oreos, and stop making noise.

Episode 787

An American podcast for the world, keeping up with UK Celebs, rowing to England, new Pop Tarts, Ask Jonathan, vaginal compliments, to brace or not to brace, 12 social interactions, the only working men in America, Seth's Quarantine TV Picks, does the body suck or not?, Pringles Bosch, The Leaky STEM Pipeline, relatable heroes, Seth's Rapture Hash, neanderbrah's, whistling with Billie and Finneas, moving forward with The Cheerwine Festival, The COVID Zombies, The Fanelli Boys, Seth's VHS Tapes, and Selma Zappa.

Episode 786

Cancelling April Fool's Day, opting out of the mail, plant based butter, Target mayo, aggressive comedy, the hard reset, SunSetter Awnings, Hostess Lattes, the greatest docs of all time, saying goodbye to Modern Family, large conservative families, switch discipline, face gyms, Bosnian lentils, Starbucks hut, The Unabomber's Cabin, and stop finding positives.

Episode 785

A couple of Benz Bros, palm tree research, NGC 6822, illegal insanity, National Singing Day, scat angels, 1300 years of LEGO, postponing Cedar Point, sight specific monsters, a study of soulmates, late night window weed deals, the evolution of squatting, microdosing the olds, USA Today Snapshots, Happy Birthday KitKat, Happy Birthday Benjamin, the diet of SoCal's coyotes, and The Isolation Blues.

Episode 784

Thank you A Shoc, celebs in quarantine, the first review of LIVE PD, snacking on Sticks, self pampering with Trollhunters, bong hits and The Hunt, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's smile, pointless Pornhub insights, Honeyracha, business first... fun later, Seth's whips, betting in stadiums, merging genomes, Chateau Chilaquiles, 5G exposed, competition mutations, rear thumbs, and being too old for House Party.

Episode 783

Ready for the yesternow, grenades in museums, rogue Rambo related, Mistress T, Earth Hour and Earth Day, The Full Pink Moon, no soda in 2020, USA Today Snapshots, post workout whip-its, protecting West Virginia's minerals, cosmetic surgery for men, rebranding AA, dates that don't change, E.A.R.T.H. Force, extracting the ugliness of monsters, the horrors of wearing clothes, RuPaul's fracking empire, and "The Wire" of Podcasts.

Episode 782

Learning about the birds and the bees at Red Robin, doubling your social distance, Pepsi Rockstar, the power of A Shoc, The Cotton Punch, hard coffee, Four Loko and cocaine, the end of Playboy, The Dance needs a recharge, MC Life, gay erotica read by two erotic men, Christian / Country Song of the Week, an early equinox, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, and Seatbots.

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