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Show Notes

Episode 824

Hotter than in the desert, dipping into 2019, 7Pac, droppin' donuts, AT&T's stolen valor, men are easily fooled, UYD in New Orleans, The Talcum Angel Babies, comments for Papa Larroquette, hacker font vampires, Seth now loves everything, believing in millions, melodramatic fishing dramas, beef 2 live, saying goodbye to Esqapes, Woodstock injuries, The Moose Knuckle Posse, committing crimes by moonlight, college athletics stats, Dayton is rude, the notes of Seinfeld, comedy duos / black sketch are fine, and Christmas with John Legend is my favorite time of year.

Episode 823

The leg show, the 2020 ballot, revisiting 2018, voice to skull, 21 collections, minimal gains, Lean Little Hercules, the wise words of Ray Lewis, Jonathan's bucket list, The Doobie Cousins, Roseanne O.D.'s, 100 uncontacted tribes, a lot of unlived Playboy dreams, bringing the pod to Thanksgiving, getting your news via Instagram only, preparing for the D'Amelio singularity, putting your heart into your anal stuff, The Holy Smokes Church, the truth is in the pudding, overly-complicated scratchers, voting for La Riva. and the world's biggest Thanksgiving orgy.

Episode 822

Each episode is it's own journey, jumping back to 2018, kids be watching, Newman's sniffing, next level tics and tells, Dr. Phil cannot help you, suing David Copperfield, potent Luciferians, baby chiropractors, birthday spankings, keeping an eye on vegans, why DID Seth go to LA?, doing a TV show and making a movie with Leo, the world's biggest orgy, A-positive neanderthal genes, Killer Carnies, you cannot commit a crime anymore, the oldest living American, bacon and Jesus, Francis and The Godfather, and we'll see you at the crossroads. 

Episode 821

4 Beauty Boys, the 2nd half of 2017, Keyarra Romatelli, Seth gets signed, concentrated life bars, the measurable power of blue language, Vin Diesel's Euro-banger, 50 great opening lines, Seth throws out some negs, deep Weberian waters, Uber's flying taxis, original meal soundtracks, watching Crossroads while Orthodox, The Sexy Hollywood Freak Show, the Hollywood tumbleweed, how often do you drive by your old apartments?, and OnlyFans for cats.

Episode 820

#Humble, #MonumentalAchievement, looking back to 2017, autumnal leaves, interviewing DJ Khaled, putting the Lord on the line, not scratching scratchers, terrorist computer screens, the fight to Halloween, digital candy, Jillian Gates, structurally deficient bridges, RIPs Pax-man, shrinking testosterone, My Grandpapi's Force Factor Weekend, Elon Musk's cranial computers, riding for Fire and Iron, Seth prepares for the PS5, Reese's remixed, no love for Pringles, SCTV stands for Second City Television, and there's never been a good sketch comedy troupe.

Episode 819

Revisiting 2016, visiting Kurt Cobain's apartment, Seth's Poetry Corner, Seth visits The Wizarding World, Seth visits The Museum of Broken Relationships, Celebrity Name Game, the unreliability of referee's eyes, fierce poise, a billion dollars of unused Starbucks gift cards, earthquakes are ready to roll, getting grifted by celebrity tours, The Helter Skelter Tour, the wild flexes of Miss America contestants, listening to Bikram, and The 10 Cavemanments.

Episode 818

Experiencing Maskne, Cali-Cheerwine, looking back to 2016 to look ahead, Cuba Gooding Jr.'s conflicting opinions, Flynt vs Hefner, Raised By Wolves, The Godfather Epic, cancelling Halloween, The Walgreens' Witch Hanging, The NBA Talent Challenge, female eBay sellers, Taryn Quantino, Déjà Dude, talk of the 'rona in 2016, The Broken Wand Ceremony, Porcelain Daddy's and death masks, ordering burnt toast, tiny little pies, postponing the Corvette contest, and acid is groovy / kill the pigs.

Episode 817

The summer of 2015, Celebrity Name Games, Seth's stolen valor, NPR / PBS / UYD, Hobart's prophecy, search terms by state, serving the people, convicted deviants, Corona Duty, fall foliage thieves, the controlled caffeine release, What Would John Quinones Do?, Thick Skin Bias, major facts to know about the antichrist, EDWIN saves you money, the cost of the coronavirus, The Year 2038 Problem, and The 12 Days of Cranston.

Episode 816

Prepared for laughter, rebending time to 2015, the true corn moon, my gay husband is not gay, the darkside of marijuana, misinterpreting friendly women, interviewing Jason Mraz, addicted to tanning, red light pollutants, Sci-Ti ads, Seth spots Beyonce, the wisdom of Brec Bassinger, living with ghosts, recapping The Fast Saga, giant aliens, more ants than elephants, Charli Bezos, LA's water sommelier, fuck off racists, and Black Lives Matter.

Episode 815

The summer of 2014, still no raspberry-lemonade grapes, the nerve of Zach Braff, phasing out live greyhound racing, I am The Maze Runner, Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan, the life changing 2Pac hologram, Kowski-palooza, Utopia changed nothing, Celebrity Name Games, Nick Jonas knows nothing, UYD goes to Texas, preparing for Jesus's return, Scientology cures alcoholism, billion year old water, comfort food is a myth, please Roma don't hurt him, shitting yourself for Avatar, Jay Leno jokes about COVID, and all eyez on autumn. 

Episode 814

Off the chain with Big Dog and His Handler, preparing for the corn moon, the fight for autumn, talking you through the pimple pop, bone-in wings at McDonalds, vegan hate crimes, Jay Leno sets up Larry the Cable Guy, the empathy of regular cocaine users, Unmanned Vehicle University, Porky's 2.0, cereal mascots looking you in the eye, yelling at science, reverse engineering Popeyes, players gonna play, Transformers 4D, The Choking Game, Breath Bros for life, dating site usernames, Zap Bros, movies people have watched over 100 times, and J-Dawg Sr's cinema corner.

Episode 813

Hunks holding guitars, Amir's basketball skills, the history of Jonathan's gold tooth, The Extinction Creep, Kidz Bop for parents, paying respects to Lady, cheerleaders love Chipotle, no new grapes, tampon flasks, forever 2nd, bait deer, bait dogs, Plinko is people, Seth hit at The Grove, The Avatar Dupe, The Movies of 2020, Highlights for adults, Americans without high speed internet, and the number of times you touch your phone each day.

Episode 812

812 on 8-12, Jonathan's lunar birthday, all dogs can achieve greatness, The Girl Scout Scam, drunk driving to your AA meeting, why do they call it 20/20?, The Euthanasia Vaccine, Miss USA barks like a dog, future predictions for iPhone apps, never being killed in an earthquake, Jesus protects you from home invasion, Adam Levine and K-Mart, smell like Jagger, What Would Depp Do?, labial impressions, hugging strangers, betting on your baby, watching movies 100 times, the movie sequels of 2013, and searching for Alex Winter.

Episode 811

Call before you dig, stopping production of Canadian pennies, countdown to the end of 2012, Seth in New Mexico, Hawaiian diapers, USA Today Snapshots, adult recreations, fillet of alligator, dropping the fig, youthful Newts, switching from Facebook to Insta, the beverage habits of Coca-Cola executives, dying on your birthday, treating yourself with Polyamory, UYD Live in Boston, The Diceman Tweets, moving like Jagger, saying goodbye to Newsweek, America's Podcast, rocking out with Simon Helberg, having doubts before marriage, kids with scratch-off tickets, loving a lipstick stained shot glass, 48 frames of Hobbit, Stoned Ape 2.0, and UYD Live in 2021.

Episode 810

An incredible achievement, Jonathan's birthday week, interacting with females in the wild, the rise of the Miami amateurs, Work It!, Oprah's next chapter, The Snake Man of Appalachia, sexy yoga grandma's, Ellen: OUT, Drew: IN, Taco Bell slogans, So-bros, Johnny Depp: Fashion Icon, the first Behind The Music, Pitbull's loyalty, masturbating to dead people, Anal Awakenings, algorithm porn titles, Madonna's looking for Molly, holding guns while looking at guns, misinterpreting the end of the world, dabbing on Hitler, 25,000 shitting pigeons, depressed dads, Fallujahian style driving, Seth's TV Picks, and The Greatest Showman x 100.

Episode 809

Continuing the journey through 2011, catching up with The Gigolos, stock brokers turned bike messengers, living the show at The Saddle Ranch, playing Mexican music on Cinco de Mayo, still waiting for the rapture, Scientology stories are flying off the newsstands, free frequent flyer miles for life, using your parents as your sexual role models, football players born in the 90's, Playmates born in the 2000's, exotic birds and my erection, The Tetris Effect, professional paintballers, sex laws in 1891, resureccting the Playboy Club, stolen USPS bins, cheerleaders and political parties, podfading with Oprah, postcards from Korea, Seth's automotive history, bouncing a $10 check, and celebrating 25 years in Los Angeles.

Episode 808

Buckle up and relax, body drafting at Sturgis, Seth's TV Picks, Jonathan's Netflix Picks, the people choose Adam Sandler, the best mobster names, when tv is your boss, a warning of raves, Marion Moon's son, the safest age, the best song of the decade, come find me Watson, Justin Bieber's hanky code, saying goodbye to The Silver Spoon, changes to the Boy Scout's Handbook, the history of Buscemi, sitting too sexy, James Ellroy's Christmas gift, NAACP's best actors, watching Up In Smoke, are you a starseed?, and being too old for indigo.

Episode 807

Deep into 2010, the tweets of Yoko Ono, waiting to get a response from Parade Magazine, God's Pussy, Disney beards, the first Megaplex theaters, Titanic hand jobs, jean diapers, See You Next Today Show, The Double Dutch Direct Eye Contact, identifying Ronald Regan, banning the Hare Krishna, the rise of Seth The Jet, fetishes open doors for demons, eating eagles, John Schneider's thoughts on 9/11, opening the door for The Milk Inspector, consensual big smiles, stag smokers, and the butterfly element.

Episode 806

The truth hurts with QYD, revisiting 2010, Kanye returns to Wakanda, the gates of Heaven make them wavy, Tiger Twinkies, Bobby Brown Foods, Larry King's mind was never right, Charles Manson vs Master P, diving deep into The Avatar Forums, postponing Seth's moonwalk, The All-American Basketball Alliance, thirsty volunteers, wartime masturbation sleeves, Hubble 3D, the over-hyped internet, sleeping in the closet, the speed of ejaculate, Boob Bombers, which one was Rupert, Osama Modine, the 100 most influential people of 2010, what happens if you get two texts at the same time?, Cook To Bang, the 3rd founder of Apple, and shoulder to shoulder in the human stew.

Episode 805

The 2nd half of 2009, just Bing it, pirate television, Bill and Ted Excellent Arclight Adventure, Drew Berrymore is The Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Cartel campers, The Multiverse Burn, we weren't prepared for Hoarders, we weren't prepared for Avatar, Dane Cook's best tweets from 2009, sober and depressed, 10 mg = 1 keybump, the handicaps of Lou Ferrigno, astronaut shit clouds, a Rambro birthday, The King of Pop passes, Dick Gozinya, are Cheech and Chong funny?, Canadians getting angry about Tom Cochrane, Taco Bell cupcakes, Tiger Woods is bigger than 9/11, OJ Simpson: The Terminator, 2,000,000 apps, Toby Keith's Nobel Peace Prize, and living in a different eon.  

Episode 804

The patron saints of podcasting, heading back to 2009, The Pasta Dude, partying at the Hard Rock, don't hang up on Bart Simpson, same old Ye, preparing for The Cybergeddon, The Crash Defense, saying goodbye to New Coke, cancelling Michael Phelps, TK Steelman, even more from Ye, the heyday of MySpace, did Criss Angel die?, the last gasp of Bros, The Devil's Southpaw, The Rescue Shelter Boys, the rise of Facebook, Kanye West's "book", the top podcasts of 2009, and misdialing UYD.

Episode 803

The 2nd half of 2008, getting gouged at the pump, permanent staycation, Cindy Crawford's math skills, behind the scenes of The Invention of Lying, friend of the seniors, a shortage of wheatgrass, charging for bags on airlines, other words for podcasting, Bill O'Reilly is delirious, crack blunts, Seth's ailments, Tyson Homosexual, God owns your business, The Mark of the Driving Beast, alter boy no-nos, giggles for Jesus, the firing of Kurt Wild, Munchausen at work sydrom, The Frisky Cock Challenge of  September '08, Kevin Pollak's Halloween costume, Bro-cabulary, saying goodbye to Playgirl Magazine, she was Sasha Fierce, and preparing for 2009.

UYD: Worse than ever.

Episode 802

Revisting 2008, Heaveno, renaming Area 51, call me when you're on my block, Prof. Magnetik, hasta la vista boredom, PSYOPs on Hobart, The Greatest World's Greatest Dad Mug, Jesus's angel lust, Parking Wars, the beginning of the exploitation, everyone dies on Surreal Life, Bill Clinton had a dream, delete your MySpace, Oaksterdam University, Jonathan's mini heart attack, Nike's made of trash, Missed Connections, black people in Mormonism, Dr. Dick Frankenstien, Gayelles or Lesbiamus, the dialog of Valley Girl, Batman v TitanMen, waiting for the next Big One, a suicidal heart, rocking the cradle, Eddie Money: The Singer, and Letters to Mt. Wilson.  

Episode 801

Life is a highway, 07-07-07, what is the first day of the week?, Michael Vick's pet set, Matt Damon comes home, A Tale of Two Coreys, getting beat up by Zen Feldman, Osama comes for Bobby Brown, blow this man or die, Mystery was a burner, learning from YouTube, A Tale of Two Pivens, Nike's for Native Americans, Bill O'Reilly dines in Harlem, pay what you want for Radiohead, pounding Lynchburg Lemonades, Inked Energy, porographic monoply, still a stills man, the global warming scam, the rants of Andy Rooney, replacing CHiPs, Dane Cook: Movie Star, the modeling shows of 2007, the frat shows of 1979, John Larroquette in John Wick 4, and you can't not hug.

Episode 800

Happy anniversary, where are the flying sex robots?, taking it back to 2007, Apple reinvents the phone, dead soldiers return to duty, in astroidal news, do Spykes keep?, Hooters Energy, backside Ollie, Hallmark Journeys, Generation Me, the birth of Diet Pepsi Max, 6 years of stadium waste, vaginal bagels, Girls Gone Wild The Resturant, the last sitcom of the 90s, The Hard Rock Themepark, Georgia's intergrated prom, the naked boy and the fireants, never trust a big butt and a smile, twin daddies, the last cock fight in Lousiana, forever dreaming of Handy Many, the best quotes of Sunset Tan, cancelling Lindsay Lohan's birthday party, dying in theaters, popcorn lung, it's tough to be Gary Milby. and still waiting for the hard reset.

Episode 799

Looking back to look ahead, the world wasn't ready for Popozao, how to make New Orlean's chocolate, iPod jeans, just watch the angel, 3 days older than Zillow, The Jimmy Fallon make up studio, the skits of Larry The Cable Guy, climbing the podcast charts, the seeds of our future, Sheen Kidz deadstock, Inside Tim Allen, saying hello to MRSA, titties and money symbols, 3 decade podcasters, illegally enjoyed, the rants of Mel Gibson, straight to Oceans 12, the talented Antin family, Green Bay's first black police officer, and wearing $400 shirts with $3 pants.
UYD: Dumber than now.

Episode 798

Is Seth short for something?, positive energy for Marcia, Rite Aid readers, USA Today Snapshots, bringing back marbles, the TikTok greats, I'm here for The Rock, the most used corporate jargon, billionaire's pandemic profits, urban outdoorsman, The Future Almanac, another 7 minutes of Sterling, saying goodbye to The Stud, less poppers/more cocaine, and sex ratio imbalances.
UYD:  Scotch Free.

Episode 797

The biggest podcasts of 2006, the history of Pepsi Jazz, Seth watches John Wick, a fine line between Bridge and Tunnel, revisiting M4M, hotshots giving it a shot, living the Jonah Hill life, The Fine Guy List, The Strawberry Moon, 70 Trillion photos per second, fresh from the factory Hershey's, Seth's TV Picks, everyone is being lied to, USA Today Snapshots, Spaceship Earth/Bio-Dome, 7 minutes of Sterling, and the best gay erotica magazines in Los Angeles.

Episode 796

Through the wire, dipping into the UYD archives, the origins of S.C.A.N.I.T., the return of Kenny Chesney and football, Hollywood Game Night at home, USA Today Snapshots, old cigarette smell, MTV's deep cuts, sweet corn Pringles, addicted to Oreos, Dave Thomas's last words, Seth's TV Picks, JAHnathan's Poetry, and quarantine soap operas.

Episode 794

Multilingual and multicultural, cancelling The Lincoln Lawyer, The Truest of Detectives, Vince Neil's cameos, crushing on The Punisher, skin-walkers, intravenous protocol, USA Today Snapshots, an AC-less future, the largest gift given to Verde Valley, grilling related mistakes, sharing atoms, parting with The Dance, Paul at BevMo, the secret sauce of supercentenarians, permanent cupcakes, Cowboys face masks, and Baby Bernthals.

Episode 793

A pleasure and an honor, 4 beauty boys in 1 apartment, Seth's TV picks, blaming sports, Oklahoma's new state tag line, more from Val Kilmer's autobiography, the Sadhguru's wife, Post Malone reaches Nirvana, quotes from a murderer, Cameo's power rankings, can you handle Saget raw?, dead end street stats, Caramel Ding Dongs, keeping improv alive, The Rise of the Poor Clares, more letters to Mount Wilson, and Jonathan's OnlyFans.

Episode 792

Reinventing NKOTB, Coronavirus Scam Alert, swapping masks, make America flat again, the unseen anime, pandemic drill sergeants, TFW No GF, preparing for the 2020 Oscars, the best new NFL player names, new Krispy Kreme flavors, the return of Jason Leno, letters written to scientists, ice free oceans, and you've got the proper things.
UYD: Words about things.

Episode 791

We all have our favorites, The Alaskan King, translating Korean postcards, Bobby Berk's diary, UYD's exoplanetary news, testing for Radon, Talkin' Court, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, don't fuck with Bosch, Seth's TV Picks, sour Chips Ahoy, corn and pancakes, The Mother's Moon, the unsustainable Irish diet, and Shamanic energy certification.

Episode 790

The sweet short road to 790, masks on, preparing for presbyopia, grow a beard and get Lasik, South Korean postcards, do you have what it takes to join the Sea Org, USA Today Snapshots, sedation elation, The All In Challenges, saying goodbye to the Land O Lakes girl, 3 copies of Midwest Living, Jonathan's green ghost, Paranormal Liars, who named Earth?, Chicken and Waffles Pringles, The Circus and Allies Arts Collection, RIP Big Doinks, and Seth's collection of autographs.

Episode 789

Do you see what I see?, face masks with goggles, Seth's upstairs poetry, comments for sleep music, Val Kilmer's autobiography, don't forget about Mother's Day, Mentos/Coke fun facts, calculating your Korean age, Father of the Year Awards, maskne, 24/7 COPS, Platoon and Cocoon, injecting tarantula venom, the best selling american cars, we're mask people now, all women valets, Klondike Donuts, ultra premium hotels, and Rodeo shall rise above.

Episode 788

Executive ordered masks, Seth's doc picks, changing the voicemail, how to make a junkie dragon, condolences to Mr. Dorff, Quibi is trash, hard reset across the board, Seth's quarantine hash, guitars on Zoom, listen to your heart, Seth's Michael Jordan memorabilia, LeBron's TikToks, Burning Man VR, The Dads of Tatooine, Patrick Patterson's favorite movies, The Whiskey Wars, endangered US rivers, 5 is G, Yin is Yang, Budweisers and Oreos, and stop making noise.

Episode 787

An American podcast for the world, keeping up with UK Celebs, rowing to England, new Pop Tarts, Ask Jonathan, vaginal compliments, to brace or not to brace, 12 social interactions, the only working men in America, Seth's Quarantine TV Picks, does the body suck or not?, Pringles Bosch, The Leaky STEM Pipeline, relatable heroes, Seth's Rapture Hash, neanderbrah's, whistling with Billie and Finneas, moving forward with The Cheerwine Festival, The COVID Zombies, The Fanelli Boys, Seth's VHS Tapes, and Selma Zappa.

Episode 786

Cancelling April Fool's Day, opting out of the mail, plant based butter, Target mayo, aggressive comedy, the hard reset, SunSetter Awnings, Hostess Lattes, the greatest docs of all time, saying goodbye to Modern Family, large conservative families, switch discipline, face gyms, Bosnian lentils, Starbucks hut, The Unabomber's Cabin, and stop finding positives.

Episode 785

A couple of Benz Bros, palm tree research, NGC 6822, illegal insanity, National Singing Day, scat angels, 1300 years of LEGO, postponing Cedar Point, sight specific monsters, a study of soulmates, late night window weed deals, the evolution of squatting, microdosing the olds, USA Today Snapshots, Happy Birthday KitKat, Happy Birthday Benjamin, the diet of SoCal's coyotes, and The Isolation Blues.

Episode 784

Thank you A Shoc, celebs in quarantine, the first review of LIVE PD, snacking on Sticks, self pampering with Trollhunters, bong hits and The Hunt, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's smile, pointless Pornhub insights, Honeyracha, business first... fun later, Seth's whips, betting in stadiums, merging genomes, Chateau Chilaquiles, 5G exposed, competition mutations, rear thumbs, and being too old for House Party.

Episode 783

Ready for the yesternow, grenades in museums, rogue Rambo related, Mistress T, Earth Hour and Earth Day, The Full Pink Moon, no soda in 2020, USA Today Snapshots, post workout whip-its, protecting West Virginia's minerals, cosmetic surgery for men, rebranding AA, dates that don't change, E.A.R.T.H. Force, extracting the ugliness of monsters, the horrors of wearing clothes, RuPaul's fracking empire, and "The Wire" of Podcasts.

Episode 782

Learning about the birds and the bees at Red Robin, doubling your social distance, Pepsi Rockstar, the power of A Shoc, The Cotton Punch, hard coffee, Four Loko and cocaine, the end of Playboy, The Dance needs a recharge, MC Life, gay erotica read by two erotic men, Christian / Country Song of the Week, an early equinox, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, and Seatbots.

Episode 781

175 new TV shows to watch, an exercise in letting go, the future of The Dance, The Platform Wars, French Vanilla vs Hazelnoose, metropolitan hitchhiking, Harrison Ford and Kanye West playing baseball, questions about Growth Ed, what is butt hair?, the fastest growing jobs of the new decade, the enlightened death of Paramahansa Yogananda, toothpaste bits, criminal health attendants, everyone is stealing, Seth Yogatelli, children supporting their parents, and a rise in scratcher videos.

Episode 780

Hate that chicken from Pioneer, the dupe of 1 Corey, cream of Dr. Pepper, sober and singing jingles, fully sleeved state troopers, the accents of Spenser Confidential, USA Today Snapshots, quotable quotes, yoga bans, The Dynamite Crew,  The Dance is safe, The Lucidity Festival, roving characters, Sloppy Flow, Jon So Wrong, the mature songs of swamp sparrows, and the vortex nectar of comedy.

Episode 779

Take it ease, The Hollywood Comedy..., extracting lobster blood, Michael Shannon's shoes, visionary cobblers, Volcano Live!, an uptick in free climbing, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get permission, lengthy 911 response times, Gorilla Lamborghini, knocking over empty bottles, USA Today Snapshots, The Oprah Podcast, looking at Tom Brady, running diagnostics on Seth's vehicles, The Dance and Me, the physics of fried rice, UYD LIVE across the country, and forced to go axe throwing.

Episode 778

Ohh Yeah Dude, big boy hydro flasks, the music of Skip Marley, extra pair paternity, it takes a Himba village, Spring Break 2020, the death of The Dance, the best or nothing, Eckersley and Boggs, baseball year, Fenway nights, erotic podcasting, USA Today Snapshots, The Truth of 2 Corey's, the downsides of online dating, Just Jamba, and vehicular keepsakes.

Episode 777

Nothing macabre going on here, heroic doses for Whitey Bulger, the length of black sermons, collecting the body of Christ, Seth watches Corky Romano, trying to light the most sparklers, most consecutive chop-ups, Woke Bars, extending The Corvette Raffle, how often do you go to the library?, The Oakland Athletics, no more baseball on the radio, testing fingerprints for cocaine, and Ask Jonathan.

Episode 776

Being disappointed by Plymouth Rock, The Zach Braff Podcast, Volcano Live, a rise in global extinction, the future will fix the spider bites, the first black hockey player, smart QR cups, associating with criminals, Dear Abby, low cost airlines, wine stats, The Madsen Siblings, podcasting as a hobby, tourist burglars, and the straight up Chilean swap.

Episode 775

Calculating your SAG-AFTRA earnings, movies are made to be watched in 9 minute segments, the confines of a cruise, full worm moon, getting your naked feet in the earth, The Bible Bill of Bean Station Tennessee, USA Today Snapshots, smoking at 14, EMF Rocks, 5G walks amongst us, male vs female self evaluation, stretching your ship, monster galaxies, unexplainable universes, high school students feeling like garbage, teaching podcasting, and the hometown of Rob Zombie. 

Episode 774

Happy Anniversary UYD, kicking off the 15th year, be my hero eyes, the malleable human memory, Hasidic boog on the Mercedes, Jonathan pledges loyalty to The Queen, The Britney Spears Experience, Lime Crime, 100% fail rates for parallel parking, Jonathan invents Bumble, a life filled with vision, Super Bowl porn searches, rockin' Jordan 1's, and time comes for Aaron Rodgers.

Episode 773

Late night style for 2020, the proper way to open the door for someone, the first cookie made in space, burial preferences, exploding beers, feeding people to animals, Rod Carew's batting stance, American Family Field, dogs are more human than gorillas, interspecial impregnation, Seth's sports recreations, stressed middle school teachers, USA Today Snapshots, out of touch with my memes, Ask Jonathan, Hungry-Man Hank, and DMT: "That's exactly what it's like".

Episode 772

Two thousand twenty, time-traveling cyborgs on Dr. Phil, Siamese incest twins, surgical masks for the summer, 36 years of spilling gas, USA Today Snapshots, the graveyard orbit, passive aggressive calculators, serial tampering, Jelly Belly water, oral rewards, The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, prayer tasers, The Farm-to-table Cunt Ranch, and what's the most you've ever won in The Lottery?

Episode 770

Happy Birthday to Jonathan's Mom, quoting UYD, Seth's first earthquake, revisiting the great docs of yesteryear, getting Sticks off the streets, Cousin Groot, Cool American Doritos, The Hottest Jobs for 2020, USA Today Snapshots, Be My Eyes, The Conscious Life Expo, The Interstellar Trade Route, the world's fastest camera, furniture rentals, 90 minutes too late, beanbag soft worlds, and The UYD Blood Drive.

Episode 769

Seth's lock screen, Dak's Sleep Number, peak unhappiness, youthless and useless, coming of age during a recession, a doubling of scripted comedies, finger banging on The Paramount Network, the poorman's copyright, Seth on life support, buying a $1 house, covered in Hydrox and corn chips, terrible football bets, preparing for The Kitten Bowl, Impossible Pork, it's either Snoop or Shaq, The General's Donk, The Habit Burger Grill joins Yum, Unidank Industries, $2500 movie tickets, the filthy seats of The ArcLight, VR Mountain Hiking, and never getting concessions at the movie theater.

Episode 768

Is 20/20 still on?, the return of Y2K, predictions for the new decade, mortal meat bodies, the Dyson car, USA Today Snapshots, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Hawaii's first Olive Garden, spotting Rob Zombie in the wild, peaches on display, The Atmos Air Filter, passing out your bug-out-bag items, Seth's TV Picks, sorry/not sorry, the return of pleurisy, the slow growth of LDS members, Donny Osmond vs Michael Pena, sorry/unsorry, please/thank you, and check out the video versions of UYDtv.

Episode 767

Seth's French class, revisiting JAHnathan's song lyrics, Peter Max's Corvettes, USA Today Snapshots, a sleepy Saturday night with The Dead, picking up hitchhikers on Christmas, For The Love of the Glove, Smart Toilets, a lack of street knowledge, the last podcast of the decade, 2020 meat-body vessels, and spotting Maui Fever in the wild.

Episode 766

Coke Zero in a Bosch mug, keeping you posted on Celebrity Brain Games, Jon Hamm on UYD, this ain't your grandma's Miss America, all holes at all times, USA Today Snapshots, one-handed Spyderco, the podcasts that defined the decade, the world's only 3 decade podcaster, eliminating disposable cups,  the first mistress of Gower Gulch, The Thorn-In-My-Side Award, The Global Gender Pay Gap, The American Omega Movement, visiting every church in New Orleans, and preparing for another decade of podcasting.  

UYD: Anything good, it kills.

Episode 765

Not talking about comedy, Home Depot blames junkies, The Screw King, making a TV show solely for Seth, fact checking your own biases, All Fizzed Up, the sober struggles of going to the bar, The 2020 AVN Award Nominees, making porn from Mad Libs, USA Today Snapshots, Seth goes camping, hitchhiking to Reggae Fest Vermont, the cost of drinking losses, cancelling alligator skins, riding the highway to the danger zone, bless up T-Squared, Venice Board Walk (Go Flea), and the chilliest lyrics of 2020.

Episode 764

The comedy begins immediately, The 2019 Blacklist, firing Ryan Reynolds, the appeal of True Crime, USA Today Snapshots, The Hollywood Christmas Parade, shiver me timbers, two fruited American sours, no one cares about Richard Jewell, Yo Sperm, The Pornhub Year in Review, Daddy's tiniest porn viewer, "Camp Buddies", flesh for fantasy, and fighting over Seth's Sexy Sativa.

Episode 763

Feet firmly planted for the dub dub, UYD's holiday gift guide, The Duplo Dungeon, building a She-Shed out of Legos, a study about Jimmy Hats, like monkey like man, The Now Do App, chilis in space, King of the Park: America's Greatest Skatepark Skater, UYD's dual grave plot, the shake rattling and rolling of eyes, fingering your memories, telling HR about the thrusting, USA Today Snapshots, piggybanks for adults, sugar added to cigarettes, if you see something narc something, and the meaning of Meez.   

Episode 762

Greetings and blessings, sharing Coke Zeros amongst friends, googling Dak Prescott, bumping Brain Games, googling Hummus & Pita, cellphone related injuries, legalizing cocaine, a shortage of beat cops in Portland, visiting the vegan strip club, Pantone's Color of the Year, preparing for Keanu Weekend, USA Today Snapshots, making 4 lbs of trash per day, Plaque Psoriasis Medication / Resolution Festival Band Name / Mind's Eye, fucking Madeon, investing in Dinwiddie, and UYD: The original Bitcoin.

Episode 761

The wig work in Rocketman, which film should Shia be nominated for?, double Oscar nominations, the social norms of male breadwinning, just quotin' Pac, Dos Hombres, a boom of Boomers, life helmets and life belts, the 5th fundamental forces of John Mayer, This Old Thang, synthetic frog cadavers, USA Today Snapshots, interrupted by a hairball, using your fucks sparingly, man-made noise pollution, getting a pinecone under your boot, high school athletes without athletic trainers, taking things to new levels of broken, tracking your cat's bile, no one cares about Frankie Muniz, and the gift of lying.  

Episode 760

Popping up on 10 Top 10 lists of the past 10 years, a comedy volcano, is "igloo" a derogatory term?, plus one for Snoop and Warren G, car-free apartments, Sean Romatelli, saying farewell again to Mötley Crüe, the new oldest living American, USA Today Snapshots, the simulation within the simulation, eating squid 8 to 12 times per month, paving the Indian Ocean, planetary toilets, The BolaWrap 100, a rush of gun sales, Jonathan still hasn't purchased a firearm, Ask Jonathan, and a decade of podcasting dominance.

Episode 759

Looking back on the decade, the more grow the less you know, The Discount BitCoin Bandits, the power of poorly wrapped gifts, Wrap Battle, making a Kickstarter for your Super Bowl commercials, gonzo journalism on celebrity drinking, celebrating in the exact spot that you're born, why animals engage in same-sex behavior, Bella and the Bulldogs: An Erotic Adult Experience, the amount American's spent on bottled water, the public dick-water spout, cities with the longest commutes, seedless lemons, coked-up construction workers, putting your batteries in the freezer, getting off refined sugars, The Pitt Stop still likes to hit the smokes, save-the-date for Emerson College's alumni weekend, and the weight of all this comedy.

Episode 758

Getting the band back together, saying goodbye to The Playboy Club, The Live Nation Kitchen Nook, the 2010 shanty series of rock songs, 21 Dragons, drug resistant super bugs, the history of House, The Game of the Year, your shadow dies twice, USA Today Snapshots, basic bitch geotracking, multi generational brand ambassadors, The Nightmare Machine, Honey Boy or Honey Dad?, everyone loves Adam Driver, journalist privileges, falling asleep at The Irishman, a December to remember, hydrofoiling in a Skylark, and new available now.

UYD: Always on.

Episode 757

Saluting the holidays, The "The" Theatre, hanging with Ma Perry, Friendsgiving, The Oldest American Hero, weeping for Jesus Christ Superstar, saying goodbye to The Peach Drop, USA Today Snapshots, The Biggest Little Farm, a rise in short sleep, The White-Male-Genius Stereotype, theme park crime sprees, Busch Gardens: The Dark Continent, the lunar effect, and the great sincerity of UYD.

Episode 756

Trying to lose the accent, The Dance Line, The Cha Cha Cha Condos, USA Today Snapshots, it's baby shower/prom season, diaper games, do oysters have mothers?, the tech of veggie riblets, the state of marijuana, Mizu goes to the vet, green tongues, the funniest comedy of the year, Dr. Phil's double skin, maybe 'lorian never Mando, the effects of indoor plants, wearing shoes until bed, sobering centers, Transformers A-Team, Hogan On The Run, mention UYD to your loved ones, and are you hydrated for 2020?

Episode 755

Tis the season for New England fall foliage, good news from Marcia, getting your caps blown back for Thanksgiving, states that only have one area code, the kibble silencer, dreaming of 808, texting all your old numbers, The Gem Dog Zillionaires, USA Today Snapshots, varmint vs vermin, Seth's TV Picks, put the kids to bed for PD Cam, Ask An Agent, scheming to sue Hobart, preparing for 12:12 on 12-12, Ask Jonathan, upcoming giga coasters, love is a free fall, Seth and Jonathan at the movies, unraveling the mysteries of a spider's genitalia, keeping up the positive vibrations, and there will never be a second moon.

Episode 754

Welcome to November, working The Rosti, Happy Birthday French Montana, USA Today Snapshots, running into windows at Radio Shack, Dr. Oz investigates, the dangers of youth sports specialization, move it old man, first hand accounts from The Grateful Dead Symposium, free ass-kickings, safe for bullying, Ask Jonathan, the perceptions of inequality, keeping a deck of cards on hand, and rewarding mediocrity.

UYD: That's where The Dick's is.

Episode 753

Preparing for The Frost Moon, Turtleneck Seth, a new breed of apples, USA Today Snapshots, The UYD Habitat Bridge, Burning Man Forever, spooky action at a distance, an omniverse of Jokers, macrodosing osteocalcin, nose to toes, antique firearms, Jonathan's marlin fishing in Puerto Vallarta, remembering One Special Victory, "J. Preston", Montezuma's ultimate revenge, C-suite aqua execs, and keep us going until Black Rock.

Episode 752

Comedy after dark, the countdown to christmas, A Teen Whore Christmas, Candy Cane CEO's, USA Today Snapshots, Reign colabs, the polls are open for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Doobie Dan, Mama Benatar, don't hesitate to share your Disney+ logins, the best and worst airports, being criticized by a female boss, meatless pizzas, Baby Bitch Beyond Brat Boy, The Sasquatch Museum and The Masters of Holiday Horror.

UYD: Doubly less interested.

Episode 751

The Uhh Yeah Cruise, the comfort of COPS, the tears of lying scientists, suicidal veterinarians, The 7 Types of Sugars, treating your voice assisted AI with respect, The Equine Affaire, USA Today Snapshots, botanically speaking, being outsmarted by a monkey, Seth bashes his door, and death is the ultimate L.

Episode 750

Congrats on 750, Ask Jonathan, the oldest players in The NFL, The Gypsy Kicker, no laughs in The Joker, new multi-state lotteries, double 27's, Mtn Dew Maui Burst, Uncle Sam for Scientology, Key In / On Source / Dream Ball, The World's Heaviest Avocado, The 2nd Annual PornHub Awards, 1,000,0000,000 views isn't impressive, pornographic comedy shows, USA Today Snapshots, laugh like the whole world is crying, Seth's Internet Advice, The Really Big One, and not having a Bug-Out Bag at the ready.

Episode 749

Mixing coconut and unknown berries, another decade is gone, The Full Beaver Moon, Cigar Aficionado's Big Smoke Festival, The LA Coffee Festival, USA Today Snapshots, the garbage delivery man, freshly bleached hands, the percentages of female police officers, East Virginia is wild, watching videos with apes, solo nude binging, The OA Finale, Ask Jonathan, vegetable condoms, and unleashing the power of Peanut Rage.

Episode 748

The Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show, Stevie B CD's are the G, Space Needle Protege, losing 3 billion backyard birds, Chewels for cats, streaming Malaysian football comments, Aaron Rodgers' family hates him, long living dog owners, bodies moving after death, if only I had a back-arm, missing bull genitals, The Elysian Park Cult, Ask Jonathan, A Long Strange Trip, The World's Fastest Painter, USA Today Snapshots, cats stealing your life force, and all cults love canned peaches.

Episode 747

There's 400 Lucille's, the most expensive guitars, The State Fair of Louisiana, there's a thumbo in my gumbo, USA Today Snapshots, fudging a couple of KORGs, Ask Jonathan, preparing for Real IDs, Seth the Jet flies high, indoor asphalt volleyball, The Hollywood of the North, Braveheart 2, smiling to improve your mood, easing into micro-doses, wearing sunglasses at night, finding beachfront street performers, sonic parasite shields, Americans love garbage, diabolical macro-dosing, producing a #1 Reggae album, and The Kirtan of Podcasts.

Episode 746

Jonathan's terrible week, backing into stationary objects, trapped in retrograde, fighting over the phone, screaming in your sleep, telephone polls for record clerks, video killed the radio star uggo, finding a new lead singer for Max Impact, Arby's buys Jimmy Johns, taking down The Sonic Guys, pizza bribes, MoFo Nation: Let's Ride Bitch, perps in heaven, The Cyber Security Conference, Seth's power outage, Lawnmower Parents, My First Body Cam, and The Period of Madness of October.

Episode 745

Easing into Live PD, The BARmuda Triangle, Land of the Free / Home of the Guns, A Concert For One, the critics and bots agree, going against protocol, Rambo Swag, Happy Birthday Seth, covered in Impossible juice, Incogmeato, USA Today Snapshots, living gender creative, toning it down for Disneyland's Gay Days, the brothels of Deadwood, sleep meditation, a portal to ascension, the secret death of Cynthia Crawford, The Council of Five, Jonathan's gun school, and defending your Starseed.

Episode 744

America's original comedy podcast, the over/under on Halloween Jokers, Adam Sandler puts on pants, breaking scientific news, Master Actor Chris Game, USA Today Snapshots, The KKK Kookout, Exploding Head Syndrome, how to remember The Great Lakes, a plastic planet, all the great podcasters are left handed, throwing right/batting left, Starbucks Reserve, 62 pumps, The OA Hunger Strike, bee's seminal fluid,  The Pyrotechnics Guild, The UYD Telethon, and fine tuning your internal clock.

Episode 743

America's first comedy podcast, bacteria killing police bots, mobile homeless showers, the new Playboy Advisor, ruining NFL's 100 greatest plays, Jerry O'Connell roots for both sides, Seth digital ticket, Jonathan goes to gun school, Hollywood Game Night, Drew Brees is 40, making tomorrow today, the most expensive cities to live in, bisexuals in the closet, once is curious: twice is queer, the season finale of The Hills, falling behind on Ken Burns, USA Today Snapshots, Sean Pillow, and Seth pimping UYD on the streets of Hollywood.

Episode 741

Yet again we are America's Podcast, impersonating someone on LIVE PD, what's driving women to drink?, The Working-Class Therapist, preparing for the world's longest flight, Jonathan's travel show, Mr. Mom the TV show, out-of-state driver suspensions, supporting global warming, relaunching the XFL, yoga bans in Alabama, striving for the highest consciousness, sending your name to Mars, a growth in osteopathy, DriverFocus, and Kirk Douglas could become the world's oldest man.

Episode 740

Holding onto summer vibes, celebrating Seth's birthday via Rambo and LIVE PD, The Tennessee State Fair, Seth and The Stones, the effects of microplastics, the integrity of ghost hunting, Friends in 4K, UYD Live in Texas, Kentucky Fried Miracles, eating tacos with Trejo, the wickedness of coffee, The Woodstock Medical Log, Learning Man, the inside of Seth's ears, USA Today Snapshots, positive vibrations for Marcia, Seth's VR massage, and vaping grass.
UYD:  "Lach" not "Lay".

Episode 739

Listening to UYD 20 years in the future, The LA Reggae Vegan Fest, USA Today Snapshots, everything is safe until it isn't, playing podcasts through Google, stimulated and controlled, the stats of getting an athletic scholarship, preparing for Seth's 50th, The Country Music and Bourbon Festival, Seth and The Rolling Stones, the first aroma of marijuana, the greatest real danger to astronauts, using cellphones on airplanes, shopping on Sundays in North Dakota, custom horse saddles and Dunder Mifflin shirts.

Episode 738

Mizu is resting off frame, poor man's copyrights for #SpongeInTheWindowsill, the favorites of The Little League World Series, a rise in cyber-bullying for girls, Jonathan the bully, selling raspberry-type drinks, TruNarc, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's buddhist child, would you rather be hip or cool?, the DNA of the guacamole, the sweet aromas of Hobart, and Seth's trip to Ohio.

Episode 737

We make weird, the novelty of novelties, getting opioids for routine dental work, updating the tech on Ghosthunters, pronouncing Schuyler, the toxicity of yoga mats, Seth's mind's eye, a study on cheaters and misconduct in the workplace, the woes of parking at Whole Foods, Internet Gaming Disorder, watching Fortnite videos in Starbucks, Seth's book recommendations, and playing Ken Burn's birthday party.

Episode 736

Jollibee bought Coffee Bean, Ninja leaves Twitch, dumping sewage into The Puget Sound, The Baskin Robbins logo, The Meat Wars, hot weather = higher female test scores, save The OA, following your Dallas Cowboy's dream, preparing for Seth's trip to Cleveland, seeing Jerry's guitar, Seth kicks for The Cowboys, Jonathan's regains a year, the advantages of being over confident, it ain't the car... it's the driver, the damages of grey divorce, and keep your dreams your dreams.

Episode 734

Ask Jonathan Vol. 3, nude family portraits, spending time with your boyfriend's parents, having a pajama party in the diner, snooping on your husband's social media, going out for drinks after work, and living in the shadow of your husband's ex-wife.

Episode 733

Grounded in old scientific studies, barefoot on Sunset, eating the same breakfast every day, gay celebrity imposters, honesty is the best policy, the sex life of mother/son apes, self fulfilling police racism, trying to find a lucky slot machine is impossible, and the future is female bonobos.

Episode 732

Ride that lightning, baby food done grown up, USA Today Snapshots, stumbling into song writing, no more newspapers in Starbucks, the most dangerous place to walk, The Arizona Quad-Walkers, The Gilroy Garlic Festival, 14 years of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team, old man Jonathan, 100 seasons of the NFL, 02-02-2020, saying goodbye to Dress Barn, interactive Amazon personal shoppers, license plate trackers at McDonalds, what do Privacy Advocates actually do?, a relapse of Intervention, Psychic Kids, citizen-arresting a police officer, returning to the Tenement Museum, and let's kill this mockingbird.

Episode 731

Back in the apartment, 25 years of The Vans Warped Tour, mostly below the ankle, the world's biggest sugar daddy city, booze-less bars, Paul McCartney's bluesy newsies, nostalgia is toxic, Winona Ryder will always be a roxy thief bitch, getting denied a viewing of The Manson Murder House, Basic Bitch Eye, getting into comedy because of Conan O'Brien, the actors in Avengers look stupid, USA Today Snapshots, there's no UFOs in the south, storming Area 51, and riding the new Jurassic World ride from your kitchen.

Episode 730

Live from One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans, Happy Birthday Amir and America, seeing both Iman's, Bobby Brown flying in coach, the French Quarter begins in the lobby, comments for Dan Fielding, increased prices for Mormons, 55 hours of improv, there's now more weed stores than McDonalds, The Rougarou hates juicy g, South Korean postcards, men asking more questions, breakdancing at the olympics, Seth misses the LA earthquakes, flight attendant slang, USA Today Snapshots, Uhh Yeah Moms, Seth's time traveling shower, keeping drugs out of Burning Man, the underwhelming sales of the TSA precheck, The History of Marijuana, The Big Bang Tour, the genital maiming of hot air balloons, the most American made vehicles, catching viruses before Mardi Gras, big nosed selfies, Ask Jonathan, The Closest Encounter, and saying goodbye to Gene's Po-Boys.

Episode 729

Live from The Magic Bag in Ferndale MI, the curse of The Castle, bulletproof fast-food, vegan fat strands, Dax spins the wheel, junkies on the road, the juiciest playground G, real life heroes, meals made by Monks, The Budtender Awards, Michigan's favorite ice cream, doctors not knowing their patients sexual orientation, swallowing micro-particles, The Mass Meditation Initiative, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, unnecessary edits, Lice Life, keyless car deaths, gasoline thieves, DNA farming from a single hair, braving the chocolate tube, cuck outlets, improperly installed headlights, cock fighting and sword play, tobacco bans, Jonathan Popper, and unusable street sweepers.

Episode 726

Do you love America?, Beef 2 Live, a gathering of Hell's Angels, USA Today Snapshots, a prediction for GN'R and PMc, the short courtships of the 40's, the devil's walking stick, counting creeps at Neil Diamond concerts vs. Grateful Dead concerts, The Stump Dump Massacre, Jonathan gets pulled over, The Diff'rent Strokes Mandela Effect, studying 111 football players brains, riding your bike across Iowa, this vagina don't do Keokuk, the horrors of dating a police officer, and attempting OBE's.

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