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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 831

2020 your days are numbered, Ask Captain Cox, TWA Bang Bros, edible cow DNA, Yoga-urt, predictions from the past, going back to silent films, cookies find a way, Seth's neanderthal DNA, doing cocaine in memoriam, the factor of plastics, The Thanksgiving Space Parade, The Hip Hop / Country Song of the Week, saying goodbye to The Hard Rock, Seth's Docs, Ask Jonathan, death by bulls, and Hallmark's Holiday Hellscape.  

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Episode 830

The honor of comedy podcasting, no more communal troughs for Thanksgiving, holiday movies 24/7, the final movie on VHS, Seth watches all The Karate Kids, keeping up with Lohanthony, Trump supporters and their love of COVID, 2 Fannings / 3 Dakotas, outdoor malls, Tommy Bahama Restaurants, Surfin' Turf, tropical touchdowns, the countdown to D'Amelio, mail's been wacky, the minimum wage in 2020, Ask Jonathan, the dawn of the podcast / dvd, and disrespecting bonsai trees.

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Episode 829

Flying blind, anything goes in the desert, new dew, cinnamon milk, It's A Wonderful Lifetime, The Seagull Flu, aluminium vs tin foil, Kiara vs Keyarra, microplastics for your baby, adult slumber parties, hydrocephalic beanies, from Boston to Hawaii, Full Beaver Moons, Karate Kid 2 is better than Karate Kid 1, The Golden Book Pathway, 23 and Meezu, Fatty's teeth, the return of Cheaters, and Steely Dan go uptown baby.

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Episode 828

The comedy begins, LEGO for adults, Coors Seltzer, surviving survivor camp, racist golf courses, dressing like Bill Murray, seasonal COVID depression, 10,000 hours to master / 2 weeks torget, Ask Jonathan, preparing for Judy's justice, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders in quarantine, waiting until midnight for Netflix, The Murder on Middle Beach, drugs vs streaming services, trolling Esqapes, Robert Kardashian in hologram form, the return of Vegas, and how to invent comedy podcasting.

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Episode 827

8:51 PM mail delivery, Corona meets Christmas, Karen culture on Nextdoor, astrology vs astronomy, The Elf In The Turkey, Fun With The Son, Ask The Captain, the return of Animal Kingdom, Seth's Pixar reviews, PEN-heads and Mando-boys, Verde Valley needs you, Ask Jonathan, the burn is how you learn, addicted to what the dick did, moving the National Rodeo, real estate drones, dramatic phone call television, P S I Luv U, the pollution of the 1%, Lil Picasso's, and shedding your cobra skin.

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Episode 826

An Esquapes update, GoFuckMe, fighting to Halloween, UK Celebrity News, slutty Potters, kicking off the quarentine with Tiger King, so you wanna be a Kai-Head?, explaining LA County Measure J, The Full Hunter's Moon, "Last Sips" with Queen Jessica and Cis-Lord Misserable, party in my plants, late night mail delivery, voice-to-skull is alive and well, the most horrific cult leaders, remembering The Dance, Seth and Jonathan's gay erotic fiction, a couple of Benz Bros, Jonathan wins a motorcycle, no medical facilities at LAX, shaving cream bans, Jesus The Barber, and hunting prairie dogs.  

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Episode 825

A lookback at 2020, what happens when nuns stop praying?, living in peak unhappiness, skidding into bliss, does Zach Braff need to start a podcast?, The Dupe of One Corey, Seth's mailbox money, The Romatelli Section of The Britney Spears Zone, toppling shampoo bottles, transcribed voicemails, Lego reefs, the many theories of Elon Musk, living in ignorance with A SHOC, becoming British, Youngstown street-rats, Thanksgiving hard-bodies, Ram Dassin' It, men sleeping less than women, masks are for wives, anything is possible in 2020, and being screamed at in Vatican City.

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Episode 824

Hotter than in the desert, dipping into 2019, 7Pac, droppin' donuts, AT&T's stolen valor, men are easily fooled, UYD in New Orleans, The Talcum Angel Babies, comments for Papa Larroquette, hacker font vampires, Seth now loves everything, believing in millions, melodramatic fishing dramas, beef 2 live, saying goodbye to Esqapes, Woodstock injuries, The Moose Knuckle Posse, committing crimes by moonlight, college athletics stats, Dayton is rude, the notes of Seinfeld, comedy duos / black sketch are fine, and Christmas with John Legend is my favorite time of year.

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Episode 823

The leg show, the 2020 ballot, revisiting 2018, voice to skull, 21 collections, minimal gains, Lean Little Hercules, the wise words of Ray Lewis, Jonathan's bucket list, The Doobie Cousins, Roseanne O.D.'s, 100 uncontacted tribes, a lot of unlived Playboy dreams, bringing the pod to Thanksgiving, getting your news via Instagram only, preparing for the D'Amelio singularity, putting your heart into your anal stuff, The Holy Smokes Church, the truth is in the pudding, overly-complicated scratchers, voting for La Riva. and the world's biggest Thanksgiving orgy.

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Episode 822

Each episode is it's own journey, jumping back to 2018, kids be watching, Newman's sniffing, next level tics and tells, Dr. Phil cannot help you, suing David Copperfield, potent Luciferians, baby chiropractors, birthday spankings, keeping an eye on vegans, why DID Seth go to LA?, doing a TV show and making a movie with Leo, the world's biggest orgy, A-positive neanderthal genes, Killer Carnies, you cannot commit a crime anymore, the oldest living American, bacon and Jesus, Francis and The Godfather, and we'll see you at the crossroads. 

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Episode 821

4 Beauty Boys, the 2nd half of 2017, Keyarra Romatelli, Seth gets signed, concentrated life bars, the measurable power of blue language, Vin Diesel's Euro-banger, 50 great opening lines, Seth throws out some negs, deep Weberian waters, Uber's flying taxis, original meal soundtracks, watching Crossroads while Orthodox, The Sexy Hollywood Freak Show, the Hollywood tumbleweed, how often do you drive by your old apartments?, and OnlyFans for cats.

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Episode 820

#Humble, #MonumentalAchievement, looking back to 2017, autumnal leaves, interviewing DJ Khaled, putting the Lord on the line, not scratching scratchers, terrorist computer screens, the fight to Halloween, digital candy, Jillian Gates, structurally deficient bridges, RIPs Pax-man, shrinking testosterone, My Grandpapi's Force Factor Weekend, Elon Musk's cranial computers, riding for Fire and Iron, Seth prepares for the PS5, Reese's remixed, no love for Pringles, SCTV stands for Second City Television, and there's never been a good sketch comedy troupe.

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Episode 819

Revisiting 2016, visiting Kurt Cobain's apartment, Seth's Poetry Corner, Seth visits The Wizarding World, Seth visits The Museum of Broken Relationships, Celebrity Name Game, the unreliability of referee's eyes, fierce poise, a billion dollars of unused Starbucks gift cards, earthquakes are ready to roll, getting grifted by celebrity tours, The Helter Skelter Tour, the wild flexes of Miss America contestants, listening to Bikram, and The 10 Cavemanments.

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Episode 818

Experiencing Maskne, Cali-Cheerwine, looking back to 2016 to look ahead, Cuba Gooding Jr.'s conflicting opinions, Flynt vs Hefner, Raised By Wolves, The Godfather Epic, cancelling Halloween, The Walgreens' Witch Hanging, The NBA Talent Challenge, female eBay sellers, Taryn Quantino, Déjà Dude, talk of the 'rona in 2016, The Broken Wand Ceremony, Porcelain Daddy's and death masks, ordering burnt toast, tiny little pies, postponing the Corvette contest, and acid is groovy / kill the pigs.

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Episode 817

The summer of 2015, Celebrity Name Games, Seth's stolen valor, NPR / PBS / UYD, Hobart's prophecy, search terms by state, serving the people, convicted deviants, Corona Duty, fall foliage thieves, the controlled caffeine release, What Would John Quinones Do?, Thick Skin Bias, major facts to know about the antichrist, EDWIN saves you money, the cost of the coronavirus, The Year 2038 Problem, and The 12 Days of Cranston.

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