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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 873

Podcasting in your 20s 30s and 40s, the return of Matt and Ben, duels and tights, No Sudden Move wasn't enough, emboldened fish, Wynonna C.H.U.D., White Nose Syndrome, bringing back the firing squad, all roads lead back to Manson, The World Doctor's Alliance, timber thieves, a double dose of Ask Jonathan, decriminalizing psychedelics, Tom Brady is not coming back, Wisconsin has no official state cheese, and The Colby Colab.

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Episode 872

UYD: The Best Product, Happy Birthday Lisa, Hobbs & Shaw vs Barb & Star, Miss California 2021, Big Pistachio, the american kill culture, vaccine boob pain, God is love, returning to Love Island, XXX Reality Shows, if you can't pronounce it it's beautiful, release the beefcakes, door-to-door NOS shamans, and gardens and guns.

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Episode 871

Pronouncing "gyro", brutal Netflix cancelations, still Bumper after all these years, ranking The Fast & The Furious movies, air turbulence for birds, studying PNAS, Swedish tree consumption, Hawaiian Caravans, boycotting Amazon in 2007, electromagnetic railguns, Hobart's Danny Aiello, oppressive language for 2021, time to start using "y'all", perishing desert plants, one nation under trees, Starbucks Stadium, and a visit from Seth's Mom.

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Episode 870

It's about time, Happy Birthday to Amir, Training Camp with The Dallas Cowboys, 16 seasons of UYD and Making The Team, time is a delusion, Dragon Man, Dragging The Classics, Cops and Slobbers, The American Made Car Index, Sinkhole Vettes, frog hunting and the Olympics, tropical house music, The Full Buck Moon, wort sacks, The Gem and Jewelry Show, i deserve a gold rope chain, Ur the FO, and cash for gold.

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Episode 869

Not quite 7-11, 25 things you didn't know about James Brolin, The West Virginia Dupe, riding horses with Seth, the deadliest national parks, the best Hollywood son, The Tumble Dungeon, radiated mouse sperm from space, deep state vanilla, restaurant pun names, The Slop Goblin, falling under Jon Bernthal's spell, the dopest depot, you can't shoot solo, caterpillar lung, gaining your essence, celebrity V-Cards, catching up with Girls Trip, 10,000,000 dimes, and life is an Uhh Yeah Dude discord.

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Episode 868

Brought to you by Mad Gains and Get Yok'd, Judge D. Fields, extinct in Colorado, cancelling American Airlines, Protein Power, cancerous cosmetics, forever chemicals, podcasting in advertising, American Pharmaceutical Entertainment, starting sports at 19, crawfish on antidepressants, the return of Pictionary, Smiles and Prizes: The Wink Martindale Story, loyal bad boy projections, chasing The Goonies dragon, Hellmann's vs Best Foods, tall trucks for killing, safety torque, and shirtless moral codes.

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Episode 867

A perpetual treat, flipping Seth's whip, The Emerson Comedic Elites, Cold War leftovers, always bring it back to The Kai, bad boys who dip, the long-cut that you love, peaceful talkative dinosaurs, preparing for a visit from Seth's mom, the biggest Go-Daddy of them all, Salvation-Coin, the return of The Kentucky State Fair, The Lil' Looker Boy Competition, Olympia Weekend, Ask Jonathan, when cancel culture comes for the bible, Dan Aykroyd: Master of Comedy, I'll die without DEVS, and no more wigs in 4K.

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Episode 866

Don't look at the camera, your daily dram, Rock and Roll Whiskeys, General Hospital IRL, leaving West Virginia, RIPs Mrs. Peel, evacuating from the big island, the heart and soul of Station 19, COVID and CO2, comfort-heart viewing, The Soap-star beatings of '89, contaminated tap water, kitty-microbes, and fake vets and fake pets.

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Episode 865

Recreated humans, Pacinian Bosch, TC's flight suit, Luke Skywalker's fish mask, The Horror Tattoo Expo, the oldest player in the NFL, Egyptian donuts, there's no McDonald's in Iceland, Jimmy Dean rolls over in his grave, emergency supplies for you and your band, birthday greetings for your father, porn in the palm of your hand, 3 droid states, the return of Hollywood Comedy, when men interview women, and demons I could never conjure.  

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Episode 864

Rewash the Bosch, mug party, virtual contact, Psy-Op Drops, make your own knowledge, I-Told-You-So Fingers for all, getting back to the cinema, Local's Only Zoro, Seth's IT, movers and shakers on the boulevard, the genetic road to ruin, Lil Kenny Rogers, The Reeses Podcast, confectionary unholy unions, this is not "white boy summer", Hallmark 2.0 Extreme, the season for SCAN-IT, Danny Masterson's Uber driver, essential pool safety tips, 4 Soaps: 4 Nominees, binging Santa Barbara, augmented windshields, xanny inhalants, and April Fears bring June Terrors.  

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Episode 863

Uhh Yeah Dude is my favorite thing, being featured in gay-erotic fiction, pre-Y2K whips, time has run out for coral reefs, Brett Favre: Thief, potential hunters, Texas BBQ around the globe, Good Morning Tokyo, American jaguars, MJ on Broadway, Kevin James is Sean Payton, keep an eye on Mr. Pierogi, pushing Mötley Crüe, Major League Rugby, dressing up as John Popper, and the Rock & Roll / Science Fiction Museum.   

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Episode 862

UYD did not win an Ambie, the 7 funniest podcasts in the world, The God Chicken, feasting meat cells, vegan strong-men, T-5 Brain to Text, the unknown Culkin, tween speed, the fastest amateur typer on Twitch, eating cicadas, UFO to UAP, living for the reveal, people replaced by robots by 2030, the return of The Hills - Dave - Bosch, The Toggle Heads, breaking the 4th wall with Mayim Bialik, Seth's TV Picks, what's playing in theaters?, and seeing Blues Traveler every 4th of July. 

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Episode 861

Still icy after all these years, staying abreast of fast casuals, opting out, smuggling Farrah Fawcett into the joint, Ask The Captain, The Below Sea Level Club, more classes from LACC, The Wickian Dog Dupe, staying abreast of Welven Da Great, Tony's Tenders and Fauci's Fingers, clear face masks, subconscious monkey brains, The Tiki Theater is open for business, 30 years of masturbating Pee Wee, Seth visits The Combat Zone, rewiring your brain, and high quality 90's pornography.  

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Episode 860

The Pepper people can reach out, concierge doctor house calls, underground freezers and fillers, Diane Keaton at the movies, new classes at LACC, I would love to but..., hit me on the Lindsay Lohan, room temperature diamonds, Uhh Yum Dude, the biggest accounts on Instagram minus Rob, Matt Damon is an American, let Iowa's lakes and rivers surprise you, The Meth Queenpin, the states with the most whites, sprinkled meats, beef passports, the 2nd super moon, Seth's TV Picks, I'll see you in Atlantis, gaging the vibe from the copter, and The Summer of Sam and Vaginal Lubrication.

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Episode 859

You never looked better, Ask Jonathan, The Darkside of Oz, The Bosch Spinoff, bacteria in your sink, pimple-pop landfill, glamped outhouses, stars in the ceiling, LA's Rude Rapture, DDT dump sites, faultline nursing homes and grade schools, texting and driving, Q Dakota, they're comin' for Hannah, is an airplane a vehicle?, The World's Busiest Airport, The World's Best PF Changs, The West Virginia Vacation Guide, books never stop, UYD LIVE Tour 2021, and Seth's dad on Facebook.

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