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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 973

This week: Ginseng is Made In America. Whatever is gonna kill us is already in the water. Conscripted Korean boyfriends. No bank robbers in Denmark. Parkour debt runs. Moviefone is BACK. Locals-only super cruises. Jonathan is quirky like Zooey Deschanel. Sea World's poacher coaster. And more.

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Episode 968

Dual 3-decade podcasters, Seth's trip to Hawaii, powerful Maui winds, happy that Owen Wilson is still alive, opening day Sonic, Crypto: OUT, Artificial Intelligence: IN, Uhh Yeah AI, Coke Move, upcoming asteroids, Grandma Space, getting snowed in with your Step-Grandma, Umbrella Weekend, digital nomads, living with no power in LA, nobody knows Pete Holmes, dumb money for podcasting, white men can jump, and surviving the podcasting long-game.

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Episode 967

Reflecting on the history of UYD, checking in with Voyager 1, music from space, 25 things you don't know about Holly Madison, counterfeit Mexican meds, anxiety and your brain, opening the demonic gene-pool flood gates, Car Clits, The History of Truck Nuts, The Safest Countries In The World, ruining July 29th forever, more billions for Nevada, picking up strays, learning to suffer less, and inventing the 5th element.

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Episode 966

In the midst of celebration, AI poetry, The Bob Marley One Love Experience, everything's a dupe, paying for premium movie seats, Wild At Heart at 13, Frosted Lemon Cheerios, Jonathan's upcoming Japanese trip, the grip strength of sloths, you can never root for the hunter, the nightmare sound of 100,000 hens, The Best Smoking States, AI Music, cancelling Valentine's Day, and I just want more Reggaeton bangerz.

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Episode 964

New improved Pepsi Max, raw dogging panax, Starry is for Gen Z, synthetic pig erections, celebrity bow hunters, Amazon is everywhere, Seth visits Ben & Jerry's, younger people have zero phone etiquette, 26 things you don't know about Harry Hamlin, bear resistant products, marshmallows and fishhooks, and what if Jennifer Aniston and Kelly Slater had a child?

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Episode 963

Cottage cheese is the moment, the power of the pipeline, plant based Korean meats, chest bumping with the bros, vaccines for bees, the oldest living American, stolen age valor, sober gossips, messages for your 100th birthday, attacks on power substations, full tactical Billy Bob's, The Parent Test, Dr. Penis Penis, visiting the Mercedes dealership, The Iowaska Church of Healing, enormous and oiled, and there's no such thing as a bad trip/bad lift.

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Episode 961

Who wants the Jordan poster?, the fur of undomesticated animals, allergic to sesame, returning items to Nordstroms, lighting the Hollywood sign at night, things found in human rectums, legal Vermont marijuana, a man with no state, Newsweek from 2003, another billion dollars for Nevada, Tom Brady and his son, The GOAT Kisser, a plastic covered ocean floor, GetHuman is a powderkeg, and gotta get the coin points.

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Episode 960

Shoutout to south of the border UYD fans, the end of JAH-nathan's Poetry, Dan Fielding rides again, the first dentist in South Cheyenne Wyoming, revisiting 2013, the collective clitoral awareness, unmarking the beast, synthetic cocaine, Newjack laboratories, getting duped in video chat, like clits in the night, sexually harassing your boss, race realists, The Last Penis Related Study of 2022, Mother Clit, NFL's Covid Refund, Jonathan heading to Japan, and preserving Hobart.

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