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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 794

Multilingual and multicultural, cancelling The Lincoln Lawyer, The Truest of Detectives, Vince Neil's cameos, crushing on The Punisher, skin-walkers, intravenous protocol, USA Today Snapshots, an AC-less future, the largest gift given to Verde Valley, grilling related mistakes, sharing atoms, parting with The Dance, Paul at BevMo, the secret sauce of supercentenarians, permanent cupcakes, Cowboys face masks, and Baby Bernthals.

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Episode 793

A pleasure and an honor, 4 beauty boys in 1 apartment, Seth's TV picks, blaming sports, Oklahoma's new state tag line, more from Val Kilmer's autobiography, the Sadhguru's wife, Post Malone reaches Nirvana, quotes from a murderer, Cameo's power rankings, can you handle Saget raw?, dead end street stats, Caramel Ding Dongs, keeping improv alive, The Rise of the Poor Clares, more letters to Mount Wilson, and Jonathan's OnlyFans.

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Episode 792

Reinventing NKOTB, Coronavirus Scam Alert, swapping masks, make America flat again, the unseen anime, pandemic drill sergeants, TFW No GF, preparing for the 2020 Oscars, the best new NFL player names, new Krispy Kreme flavors, the return of Jason Leno, letters written to scientists, ice free oceans, and you've got the proper things.
UYD: Words about things.

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Episode 791

We all have our favorites, The Alaskan King, translating Korean postcards, Bobby Berk's diary, UYD's exoplanetary news, testing for Radon, Talkin' Court, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, don't fuck with Bosch, Seth's TV Picks, sour Chips Ahoy, corn and pancakes, The Mother's Moon, the unsustainable Irish diet, and Shamanic energy certification.

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Episode 790

The sweet short road to 790, masks on, preparing for presbyopia, grow a beard and get Lasik, South Korean postcards, do you have what it takes to join the Sea Org, USA Today Snapshots, sedation elation, The All In Challenges, saying goodbye to the Land O Lakes girl, 3 copies of Midwest Living, Jonathan's green ghost, Paranormal Liars, who named Earth?, Chicken and Waffles Pringles, The Circus and Allies Arts Collection, RIP Big Doinks, and Seth's collection of autographs.

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Episode 789

Do you see what I see?, face masks with goggles, Seth's upstairs poetry, comments for sleep music, Val Kilmer's autobiography, don't forget about Mother's Day, Mentos/Coke fun facts, calculating your Korean age, Father of the Year Awards, maskne, 24/7 COPS, Platoon and Cocoon, injecting tarantula venom, the best selling american cars, we're mask people now, all women valets, Klondike Donuts, ultra premium hotels, and Rodeo shall rise above.

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Episode 788

Executive ordered masks, Seth's doc picks, changing the voicemail, how to make a junkie dragon, condolences to Mr. Dorff, Quibi is trash, hard reset across the board, Seth's quarantine hash, guitars on Zoom, listen to your heart, Seth's Michael Jordan memorabilia, LeBron's TikToks, Burning Man VR, The Dads of Tatooine, Patrick Patterson's favorite movies, The Whiskey Wars, endangered US rivers, 5 is G, Yin is Yang, Budweisers and Oreos, and stop making noise.

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Episode 787

An American podcast for the world, keeping up with UK Celebs, rowing to England, new Pop Tarts, Ask Jonathan, vaginal compliments, to brace or not to brace, 12 social interactions, the only working men in America, Seth's Quarantine TV Picks, does the body suck or not?, Pringles Bosch, The Leaky STEM Pipeline, relatable heroes, Seth's Rapture Hash, neanderbrah's, whistling with Billie and Finneas, moving forward with The Cheerwine Festival, The COVID Zombies, The Fanelli Boys, Seth's VHS Tapes, and Selma Zappa.

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Episode 786

Cancelling April Fool's Day, opting out of the mail, plant based butter, Target mayo, aggressive comedy, the hard reset, SunSetter Awnings, Hostess Lattes, the greatest docs of all time, saying goodbye to Modern Family, large conservative families, switch discipline, face gyms, Bosnian lentils, Starbucks hut, The Unabomber's Cabin, and stop finding positives.

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Episode 785

A couple of Benz Bros, palm tree research, NGC 6822, illegal insanity, National Singing Day, scat angels, 1300 years of LEGO, postponing Cedar Point, sight specific monsters, a study of soulmates, late night window weed deals, the evolution of squatting, microdosing the olds, USA Today Snapshots, Happy Birthday KitKat, Happy Birthday Benjamin, the diet of SoCal's coyotes, and The Isolation Blues.

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Episode 784

Thank you A Shoc, celebs in quarantine, the first review of LIVE PD, snacking on Sticks, self pampering with Trollhunters, bong hits and The Hunt, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's smile, pointless Pornhub insights, Honeyracha, business first... fun later, Seth's whips, betting in stadiums, merging genomes, Chateau Chilaquiles, 5G exposed, competition mutations, rear thumbs, and being too old for House Party.

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Episode 783

Ready for the yesternow, grenades in museums, rogue Rambo related, Mistress T, Earth Hour and Earth Day, The Full Pink Moon, no soda in 2020, USA Today Snapshots, post workout whip-its, protecting West Virginia's minerals, cosmetic surgery for men, rebranding AA, dates that don't change, E.A.R.T.H. Force, extracting the ugliness of monsters, the horrors of wearing clothes, RuPaul's fracking empire, and "The Wire" of Podcasts.

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Episode 782

Learning about the birds and the bees at Red Robin, doubling your social distance, Pepsi Rockstar, the power of A Shoc, The Cotton Punch, hard coffee, Four Loko and cocaine, the end of Playboy, The Dance needs a recharge, MC Life, gay erotica read by two erotic men, Christian / Country Song of the Week, an early equinox, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, and Seatbots.

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Episode 781

175 new TV shows to watch, an exercise in letting go, the future of The Dance, The Platform Wars, French Vanilla vs Hazelnoose, metropolitan hitchhiking, Harrison Ford and Kanye West playing baseball, questions about Growth Ed, what is butt hair?, the fastest growing jobs of the new decade, the enlightened death of Paramahansa Yogananda, toothpaste bits, criminal health attendants, everyone is stealing, Seth Yogatelli, children supporting their parents, and a rise in scratcher videos.

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Episode 780

Hate that chicken from Pioneer, the dupe of 1 Corey, cream of Dr. Pepper, sober and singing jingles, fully sleeved state troopers, the accents of Spenser Confidential, USA Today Snapshots, quotable quotes, yoga bans, The Dynamite Crew,  The Dance is safe, The Lucidity Festival, roving characters, Sloppy Flow, Jon So Wrong, the mature songs of swamp sparrows, and the vortex nectar of comedy.

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