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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 754

Welcome to November, working The Rosti, Happy Birthday French Montana, USA Today Snapshots, running into windows at Radio Shack, Dr. Oz investigates, the dangers of youth sports specialization, move it old man, first hand accounts from The Grateful Dead Symposium, free ass-kickings, safe for bullying, Ask Jonathan, the perceptions of inequality, keeping a deck of cards on hand, and rewarding mediocrity.

UYD: That's where The Dick's is.

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Episode 753

Preparing for The Frost Moon, Turtleneck Seth, a new breed of apples, USA Today Snapshots, The UYD Habitat Bridge, Burning Man Forever, spooky action at a distance, an omniverse of Jokers, macrodosing osteocalcin, nose to toes, antique firearms, Jonathan's marlin fishing in Puerto Vallarta, remembering One Special Victory, "J. Preston", Montezuma's ultimate revenge, C-suite aqua execs, and keep us going until Black Rock.

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Episode 752

Comedy after dark, the countdown to christmas, A Teen Whore Christmas, Candy Cane CEO's, USA Today Snapshots, Reign colabs, the polls are open for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Doobie Dan, Mama Benatar, don't hesitate to share your Disney+ logins, the best and worst airports, being criticized by a female boss, meatless pizzas, Baby Bitch Beyond Brat Boy, The Sasquatch Museum and The Masters of Holiday Horror.

UYD: Doubly less interested.

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Episode 751

The Uhh Yeah Cruise, the comfort of COPS, the tears of lying scientists, suicidal veterinarians, The 7 Types of Sugars, treating your voice assisted AI with respect, The Equine Affaire, USA Today Snapshots, botanically speaking, being outsmarted by a monkey, Seth bashes his door, and death is the ultimate L.

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Episode 750

Congrats on 750, Ask Jonathan, the oldest players in The NFL, The Gypsy Kicker, no laughs in The Joker, new multi-state lotteries, double 27's, Mtn Dew Maui Burst, Uncle Sam for Scientology, Key In / On Source / Dream Ball, The World's Heaviest Avocado, The 2nd Annual PornHub Awards, 1,000,0000,000 views isn't impressive, pornographic comedy shows, USA Today Snapshots, laugh like the whole world is crying, Seth's Internet Advice, The Really Big One, and not having a Bug-Out Bag at the ready.

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Episode 749

Mixing coconut and unknown berries, another decade is gone, The Full Beaver Moon, Cigar Aficionado's Big Smoke Festival, The LA Coffee Festival, USA Today Snapshots, the garbage delivery man, freshly bleached hands, the percentages of female police officers, East Virginia is wild, watching videos with apes, solo nude binging, The OA Finale, Ask Jonathan, vegetable condoms, and unleashing the power of Peanut Rage.

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Episode 748

The Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show, Stevie B CD's are the G, Space Needle Protege, losing 3 billion backyard birds, Chewels for cats, streaming Malaysian football comments, Aaron Rodgers' family hates him, long living dog owners, bodies moving after death, if only I had a back-arm, missing bull genitals, The Elysian Park Cult, Ask Jonathan, A Long Strange Trip, The World's Fastest Painter, USA Today Snapshots, cats stealing your life force, and all cults love canned peaches.

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Episode 747

There's 400 Lucille's, the most expensive guitars, The State Fair of Louisiana, there's a thumbo in my gumbo, USA Today Snapshots, fudging a couple of KORGs, Ask Jonathan, preparing for Real IDs, Seth the Jet flies high, indoor asphalt volleyball, The Hollywood of the North, Braveheart 2, smiling to improve your mood, easing into micro-doses, wearing sunglasses at night, finding beachfront street performers, sonic parasite shields, Americans love garbage, diabolical macro-dosing, producing a #1 Reggae album, and The Kirtan of Podcasts.

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Episode 746

Jonathan's terrible week, backing into stationary objects, trapped in retrograde, fighting over the phone, screaming in your sleep, telephone polls for record clerks, video killed the radio star uggo, finding a new lead singer for Max Impact, Arby's buys Jimmy Johns, taking down The Sonic Guys, pizza bribes, MoFo Nation: Let's Ride Bitch, perps in heaven, The Cyber Security Conference, Seth's power outage, Lawnmower Parents, My First Body Cam, and The Period of Madness of October.

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Episode 745

Easing into Live PD, The BARmuda Triangle, Land of the Free / Home of the Guns, A Concert For One, the critics and bots agree, going against protocol, Rambo Swag, Happy Birthday Seth, covered in Impossible juice, Incogmeato, USA Today Snapshots, living gender creative, toning it down for Disneyland's Gay Days, the brothels of Deadwood, sleep meditation, a portal to ascension, the secret death of Cynthia Crawford, The Council of Five, Jonathan's gun school, and defending your Starseed.

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Episode 744

America's original comedy podcast, the over/under on Halloween Jokers, Adam Sandler puts on pants, breaking scientific news, Master Actor Chris Game, USA Today Snapshots, The KKK Kookout, Exploding Head Syndrome, how to remember The Great Lakes, a plastic planet, all the great podcasters are left handed, throwing right/batting left, Starbucks Reserve, 62 pumps, The OA Hunger Strike, bee's seminal fluid,  The Pyrotechnics Guild, The UYD Telethon, and fine tuning your internal clock.

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Episode 743

America's first comedy podcast, bacteria killing police bots, mobile homeless showers, the new Playboy Advisor, ruining NFL's 100 greatest plays, Jerry O'Connell roots for both sides, Seth digital ticket, Jonathan goes to gun school, Hollywood Game Night, Drew Brees is 40, making tomorrow today, the most expensive cities to live in, bisexuals in the closet, once is curious: twice is queer, the season finale of The Hills, falling behind on Ken Burns, USA Today Snapshots, Sean Pillow, and Seth pimping UYD on the streets of Hollywood.

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Episode 741

Yet again we are America's Podcast, impersonating someone on LIVE PD, what's driving women to drink?, The Working-Class Therapist, preparing for the world's longest flight, Jonathan's travel show, Mr. Mom the TV show, out-of-state driver suspensions, supporting global warming, relaunching the XFL, yoga bans in Alabama, striving for the highest consciousness, sending your name to Mars, a growth in osteopathy, DriverFocus, and Kirk Douglas could become the world's oldest man.

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Episode 740

Holding onto summer vibes, celebrating Seth's birthday via Rambo and LIVE PD, The Tennessee State Fair, Seth and The Stones, the effects of microplastics, the integrity of ghost hunting, Friends in 4K, UYD Live in Texas, Kentucky Fried Miracles, eating tacos with Trejo, the wickedness of coffee, The Woodstock Medical Log, Learning Man, the inside of Seth's ears, USA Today Snapshots, positive vibrations for Marcia, Seth's VR massage, and vaping grass.
UYD:  "Lach" not "Lay".

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