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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 923

Keeping things tickety-boo, peeking behind the SAG curtain, the power of improv, the plural of Matrix, The Horrible Hundred, tan hot water with flea eggs, electric fire engines, taking down Elon, the con is always on, lifeguard shortages, not helping Jack Nicholson, moon dirt, no more videos on Yo! MTV Raps, piss drinking dolphins, dumping radioactive water, and the passion of podcasting.

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Episode 922

Deeply cathartic, gambling's best month ever, allergic to Yaamava', The Rainbow Gathering, respecting the honeybee, film disclaimers, Encino Woman, Logan and The Dark Knight, listener supported / jungle thriving, Tudor's Biscuit World, Gino's vs Papa Gino's, valor theft, nyctophobia, mega-droughts, warbal gloming, banned furs, ocean memory, and Tropical Twinkies.

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Episode 921

More than a friend, 96 in a Hagar, throwback American Girl Dolls, Crystal Starshooter, retiring the iPod, since 2006, exclusive and all inclusive, ancient viruses from the ocean, The Best Musical of the Year, dueling Michael Jackson's, poking Bubbles, The Summer of Plum, scouting locations for Bosch, we need a ghost or a UFO by Christmas, birthday cake sunscreen, Reef & Beef, and Curbstomp Saturdays.

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Episode 920

Saying goodbye to TV schedules, comments left for Roku, covered in gravy, Columbo is the best, geofence warrants, Anderson Cooper investigates marijuana, US flag codes, siblings graduating 27 years apart, trying to censor the internet, in bed with Maya Angelou, committing crimes on the moon, USA Today Snapshots, The Pumpernickel Kid, a love of deli foods, and the custodian spanking room.

UYD: Artisanal Whites.

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Episode 919

Sith Romatelli, sober baseball viewing, 4% capacity, Tootsie: The Musical, still working 9to5, Jonathan's new friend, the flavor-roll, sexual slavery role play, The Pussy Posse Prospect, US Today Snapshots, official church merch, Jesus done scaled, climate havens, comminity college classes, saying goodbye to feral hogs, hugging Axl, Benz Bros talkin' cars, driving loafers and gloves, iron sharpens iron, and Kid Jesus.

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Episode 918

We da best, Home Alone in Uzbek, terrible father/terrible snake handler, time might not exist, The Balloon Spectacle, Jonathan's street racing, The Sea Hero Champion, Mama Gabrielle's Sweet Tea, ads on sports uniforms, elaborate code signaling, USA Today Snapshots, DMT Blast Offs, tasting good like a cigarette should, eating 8 sturgeons a month, Baskin Robbins changes everything, and assuming the worst about UYD.

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Episode 917

Live from Tinseltown, Seth returns from Hawaii, bloody knees and moondust, in the midst of SEALs at all times, how can you be a new legend?, cancelling Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Freevee is a terrible name, Nova Scotian Popeyes, getting tattoos and Hep C in prison, 3 Kmarts, The Town of Yesteryear, USA Today Snapshots, The Cody Jamboree, .99 cent tea, Coke Byte, and phone only tacos.

UYD: Breaded and boneless.

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Episode 916

Professional podcasting, pumping and swearing, swollen twats, foreigner-only casinos, the underwhelming McPlant, strong as steel - light as plastic, the study of polymers, love letters to realtors, The Hunkstie Boys, catching up with CBS, Jerry O'Connell is the funniest guy in the office, what happens on a phone sex line?, let your tokens do the talking, and Seth's Hawaiian vacation.

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Episode 915

Vessels of peace, questions for Jared Leto, USA Today Snapshots, Justin DeForest, plastic blood, Clean Ocean Action: Double Trouble, hooked on mango-creamsicle, legal jazz dancing, banning The Carolina Squat (aka The Tennessee Tilt), how big are Bigfoot's tires?, Hummingbird from Pepsi, the return of Judy Justice, the return of Bosch, the price of pothole damage, no cops and no coppin' feels, flies and forensics, and keep an eye on your people.

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Episode 914

One of life's greatest pleasures, the prequel to Mindfreak, the intent of chimpanzees, UPS on the moon, the commercial lunar-market, a new Corvette raffle, driving 130 mph, unpleasant urban environments, the need for fractals, drinkable sunscreen, the integrity dupe, USA Today Snapshots, crime survivor DNA, and winning the lifetime achievement for podcasting.

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Episode 913

Environmental art experiences, eating roadkill, jerk mule deer, 7 generations of Na'vi, UKPD, noggin knockers, the 1 murder in Denmark, Waba-wide steaks, divorced vegan dads, ruined by Starlight, Pepsi Nitro, Not Your Daddy's Beverages, deleting 23 hours of evidence, USA Today Snapshots, The Preppsident of the United States, trying to explain soccer, Jack in the Box bought Del Taco, nominations for The Hollywood Walk of Fame, you gotta check in on Virginia Madsen, Snoopy Warhol, and getting on Funko's radar.

UYD: Redefining Radio.

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Episode 912

America's Go-To Podcast, the most famous person to get a UYD business card, Jay Leno's Rodney Run, celebrities that can't stop, the effects of lead gasoline, the first plastic baby, leaving a billion dollars in Nevada, relating genomes, Samantha's Oculus, free-climbing in VR, slack life, dying doing what you love, The Keyboard Cowboys, Chick-fil-A in PR, lead filled eagles, the best tasting water in the world, and laughing at your TDS levels.

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Episode 911

Space flavored beverages, Mtn Dew Legend, Janet Jackson reveals herself, dueling Chippendales docs, the history of CHiPs, waiting for the buzz to die down, New Mexico needs corpses, RealDolls with guts, finding 8 human heads, Native American majiuana cards, anti-semitism in Kentucky, Seth for State Representative, save the whales, beaten over bbq, Hitler was a vegan, study finds that facemasks mask the face, and built on the backs of women.

UYD: Mavericks in a burgeoning field.

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