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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 513

Why is everyone so somber?, The Museum of Broken Relationships, diversifying The Oscars with The Wayans, Seth watches Ghostbusters, The Summer of Bonsai, USA Today Snapshots, The Boys of the Boulevard, riding on reaper tires, The Hall of Fish Paintings, empty movie theaters, Soylent 2.0, The Summer Fancy Food Show, Sports Cliche Week, 10 words - 2 letters, Miss Mississippi battles Satan, preparing for snake bites, spellios, UYD's Fast Casuals, saying goodbye to Wilson Hardware, repairing The Dance's window, Ma and Pa-cast, and the movies of 1984.

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Episode 512

Six Flags over Saudi Arabia, saying goodbye to fall foliage, Seth watches Parenthood, Jonathan watched Parenthood, National Ventriloquism Week, Jeff Dunham gets unhinged in Hollywood, no spoilers for Magic, $350 rent, Solar Roads, USA Today Snapshots, 5 seconds with your eyes off the road, Ask Jonathan, a sharp rise in A's, full page newspaper apologies, do you want to take my virgin?, The Days of '76 Rodeo, trapped in our own inside Hilton, Flapper Seth, The USA Luge Slider Search, American Treasure Kirk Douglas, 54,945 Google searches per second, UYD's Fast Casuals, The Carbondale Eclipse, having a kid by 2024, and The Gluten Crisper Brexit.

UYD: Open minds and open doors.

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Episode 511

Nothing more American than dirt bikes, Sister vs Sister in The Carol King Musical, Jonathan covers The Dead, The 2016 XXL Freshman Class, Lil Kokane, school crossing guards lose their badges, re-enacting the Mormon pioneers, The AVN's on Showtime, Riley Reid can't eat her own pussy, K-9 officers locked in hot cars, scrapping with Joe Biden, UYD's Fast Casuals, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's TV Picks, UYD's Christmas Movie, Nude Recreation Week, saying goodbye to Al's Liquor, saying goodbye to Donut Time, saying goodbye to the street walking hustlers, my son STIHL, Roach Art, and came covered bridesmaid dresses.

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Episode 510

SJR and JPL, dust tagging, the valley's most neighborly town, the worst place to make a living, OchoCinco's piss soaked ankles, UrOwnUrine, The World Board Gaming Championships, seeking inspiration from The Brady Bunch, LA's first black architect, COPS is still going, Hubie Brown says the coolest things, air turbulence alerts, wave to The Waze Train, National Women's Motorcycle Month, Seth's fender bender, USA Today Snapshots, saying goodbye to Circus of Books, The Delta of Vaseline Alley, nature's original soft-drink, UYD's Fast Casuals, #AbsolutelyWillNeverForget, vapor notchbacks and up-dos, the ancient art of police sketching, Jay Leno's killing spree, busting police myths, the odd life of John Grega, American shoes for America's Armies, Ask Jonathan, Rockonsin, rebel checks, and the many celebrity guests of UYD.

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Episode 509

Formula 509, exhausting virtual realities, the telepathy cloud, extreme river rafting, All Cheer/No Beer, Vegan cab drivers, (Hi Joaquin), delicious Vegan jizz, Turtle Crossing, renting Jeffrey Dahmer's home, hot coffee/hot cancer, UYD's Fast Casuals, The UFO Festival, The Fermi Paradox, The World's Largest Tree Hug, The World's Largest Square Dance, 24 hours of pull-ups, murdering Jonathan, remembering the Casey Anthony trial, Weck's Wiki done fell off, National Unassisted Home Birth Week, saying goodbye to Brunchies, Ask Jonathan, the dying breed of off color jokes, biblical numbers for James Paterson, USA Today Snapshots, the people who eat at 7-11, Armorway or the highway, and falling asleep to UYD.

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Episode 508

Stay woke, remember KDAY, Wang Chung takes it's time, the fate of The Playboy Mansion, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Kim Komando, Wendy goes Vegan, Vice President Lady, National Women's Gold Month, Adult Breastfeeding Relationship, The Podcaster's Union, the painful truth of video game voice acting, precision vs performance driving, pronouncing Feng Shui, Reiki on your house, brown vs white rice, the accidental orgy cruise, Ask Jonathan, Seth's crossed landlines, saying goodbye to The Bohemian Cafe, UYD's Fast Casuals, and sleeping while blind.

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Episode 507

Tarzan 2.0, Thank You to Toronto, UYD's Fast Casuals, Jonathan witnesses a car accident, no craft beers / no bicycles, setting off all the warning alarms at the CDC, The Dasani Virus, National Caribbean American Heritage Month, Spike's Guy's Choice Awards, Gigi Hadid remembers Muhammad Ali, Seth's new rules for Chime-In Charlies, Jonathan gets trapped in a memory, USA Today Snapshots, returning your house with Open Door, The Verizon Traitor, "We have Flo now.", saying good bye to Fiesta Villa, don't sleep on Father's Day, "We're all Gain Men.", Truckfest, Seth's a Triple-Man!, The Endless Yard Sale, Ebony-bnb, To Catch A Racist, Thank You to Vice and LA Weekly, Ask Jonathan, The World's Fastest Wooden Roller Coaster, a term for the burn, and The Loch Ness of Podcasts. Seatbelts / Helmets

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Episode 506

LIVE from Toronto, Seth's first impressions of the north, saying goodbye to The Big Slice / Rocca's No Frills / Honest Ed's, Jonathan's Man-pons, Hawaii's new moped regulations, The Sweet & Snack Expo, CAA Culinary, Jonathan's vegan fantasies, Uptown Alley, do the Chinese bowl?, The American Library Association Conference gets rowdy, no DEET in Canada, Celebrity Name Games, Toronto Fast Casuals, the pitfalls of sleeping outside, a teacher gets a pencil stuck in her back, Air Hollywood, The Big Tree Hug Challenge, Postcards from Korea, Seth visits The Shoe Museum, The Wakashu can do all the things, Seth's 2016 Summer Jam, USA Today Snapshots, Jonathan meets Muhammad Ali and Alice Cooper, Haverhill Community TV, Seth's High School Graduation, fighting for Jessica Perry, Air Rage, teens on the road, Fabanaise, drunken attorneys, Old Maid's Day, stoney hunky boxers, G-D, Uhh-Dude, OJ: Made In America, and fuck Tijuana.

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Episode 505

Olfactory aura creations, Q-tips warnings, illegal Hollywood slots, Seth "Lil Bosch" Romatelli", USA Today Snapshots, Nature's Antiseptic, The Most Popular Baby Names of 2015, baby Seth and Jonathan, Pastoral Medicine, people hated Jackie Robinson, America's 1st Impression Based Challenge Show, Kevin Pollak's mental illness, Pornhub stats, WIIIILLLLLLMMMMMAAAAA!!!!, UYD's Fast Casuals, high ceilings and handhelds, S.C.A.N. (Seek Canines and Newborns), Tastebuds, watching Tinder dates unfold in realtime, are women slutty?, a river of human tears, saying good bye to Kelley's Men's Shop, NBC 90's hair, National Lane Courtesy Month, Seth's Cellphone Lockbox, The Drunkest Cities in America, 126,000 trophy animals imported each year, 603 for life, Sailor Rylan, fly in for UYD LIVE in Toronto, and the future is female.

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Episode 504

The Zika comes for Jonathan, bitch-voiced impostors, penicillin and mom, psycho tropical, Ask Jonathan, how do you leave a note on a family?, night plates, The Sex Factor, the oldest living woman in crotchless panties, riding nitro coffee, Deez Celebrity Name Games, Ask The Captain, the power of moms, courthouse dogs, LA Ragamuffins, LGBTQQIPOFGNBBA, two-spirit, Walmart Jump, UYD Fast Casuals, Derma-bag, The New Hampshire Moose Hunt Lottery, Louisville Vegan Jerky, saying goodbye to the Campbell's Diner, National Bathroom Reading Month, The Waterpark Capital of the World, millions of gallons of waste water, USA Today Snapshots, Buff Bake, UYD LIVE in Toronto, and stay tuned for "Talking Uhh Yeah Dude".

UYD: Bring us on, then break us off.

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Episode 503

Happy Cinco De Mayo, virgin micheladas, Captain D's, slow serious, gathering marijuana usage data, Emmy Award Winner Craig Ferguson, Rick Fox on Celebrity Name Game, Bob Marley's "Don't Worry, Be Happy", roided up Mexican meat, The League comes to LA, all the best Seth's, Mr. Leather International, USA Today Snapshots, UYD still kickin' on Reddit, Harris Wofford gets out there, disrupting gas stations, ScooperMan, preparing for the really big one, the crumbling buildings of Hobart Blvd, Seth's Makeshift Earthquake Kit, kill 'em dead at the hospital, National Building Safety Month, a computer smarter than all humans, seeing yourself from 4 feet away, and the 504 turning point.

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Episode 502

American Hombres, guessing Canadians on Celebrity Name Game, the beat scats of Matisyahu, Cheeseburger Bobby's, fuck you Steak 'n Shake, Roma The Rooster, voting on your birthday, Seth's first election, Clutter Inc., Jonathan gets magazine grifted, scam trackers, circling back to some apps, Jonathan goes corporate, saying goodbye to Sport Chalet, saying goodbye to Ben Franklin's, Shakti Fest, Mayor of the Ren Faire, USA Today Snapshots, National Photo Month, praying and polishing, the emotional connection of cash, a fast nickel beats a slow dime, Ask Jonathan, and you gotta wear clothes.

UYD: Coagulated Energy.

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Episode 501

The Levi's Episode, Jonathan's new whip, Doc Popcorn, Seth's 23 and Me results, Neanderthal variants, legacy landlines, even more skits on SNL, Guide to Joy, vapor wake dogs, Soberchella, skid row's drug kingpin, sodas over sex, America loves to party, saying good bye to The Colonial Bowling Center, smokehouse BBQ cat food, burner homes, WWTKD?, don't sleep on Mother's Day, Down To Lunch, The Real Ones, casual caveman rape talk, from Clooney to Steve-O, Ask Jonathan, "The servers in the cloud!", National Meditation Month, USA Today Snapshots, UYD Live in Toronto, and the history of Yukon Gold Potatoes.

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Episode 500

Episode 500 Live from The Regent Theater in Los Angeles CA, hot cold soup talk, dipping back into Craigslist, Joel Osteen tweets, two actors in a jail cell, 14 years of Seth sobriety, a pre 9-11 couch, the world's oldest living person, remembering Gertrude Baines, Couples Appreciation Month, cyber man-wife, the many movies of Robert O'Neill, #getfried, Chinese Product Recalls, postcards from Korea, Seth's genealogy report, the world's biggest roller coaster, a unique ongoing connect, plumbing is coming to Bonnaroo, Jonathan's pee break, Hip Hop/Country Song of the Week, Ask Jonathan, rouge Dr. Hansen's, USA Today Snapshots, Weed/Horse/Mind's Eye, happy birthday LSD, stolen shoe fetish, JAH!-nathan's Poetry, This Week In Florida, expansive gestures, getting aroused when touching a robot, a special thanks to the mom's and dad's, and UYD live in Toronto.

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Episode 499

Preparing for the primero episode, Seth Tomatellim, the best state for retirement, acquiring more states, the limited vision of Jake Gyllenhaal, Seth shoots Michael Jordan, Only In Your State, just the right amount of burn with edible candles, Jonathan's chop stick skills, The World Championship Cheese Contest, trusting in the government, the most popular dog, the late fees of The San Jose Public Library, congrats Craig Ferguson. mama mia that's a lot of Star Wars, the deadly speed of the Texas Rat Snake, digital doorbells, saying good bye to Les Bois Park, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, Silicon Beach, and stranger things have happened.

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