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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 523

Always talking politics, the flat out lies of Hollywood Tours, Seth's All Thing Hollywood Tours, treat yourself with a TMZ Tour, making Hollywood happier in the air, 319 home runs for the Fielders, Eve Plumb's house for sale, USA Today Snapshots, gift card fraud, UYD LIVE in Milwaukee, famous vegan mashees, saying goodbye to American beers, a stairway to heroin, coke spoons for sale, UYD Fast Casuals, watching The Rams play at the Coliseum, Seth visits the Italian American Museum, saying goodbye to The Style Shop, another month un-shot, Metromile, The Muskegon River Clean Up, National Safe At Home Week, Joseph E. Romatelli vs Fire, pissing Uber drivers, and uninterrupted American comedy.

UYD: More fistfights in this city, please.

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Episode 522

Average US Life Expectancies, Waffle House Face Offs, trapped inside a gun safe, mailbox prayers, The World Wide Wake Up Tour, the combination of pseudosciences, Dudes Where's My Car?, tubers on Mars, saying goodbye to Caboose Hobbies, preparing Idaho for 2 area codes, the football family of Rooney Mara, living in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Ask Jonathan, UYD Fast Casuals, 4-Gens eat free, National Resurrect Romance Week, The Symbiosis Gathering, Weed / Band / Mind's Eye, the shared consciousness of the crossword puzzle, USA Today Snapshots, treat your wounds like your eyes, and hiring UYD for a private event.

UYD: Aquaphor.

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Episode 521

The Imagine Music Festival, USA Today Snapshots, on that Steal Life, The Grand City Grocery Black Market, behind the scenes of Smokey and the Bandit, behind the scenes of Stripes, National Motorcycle Week, The Po'boy Po'cast, Pina Colada/Tequila Cheese, honey on everything, UYD's Fast Casuals, hiring rockstars, Stouffer'z French Bread Pizza, scented trash bags, tap the 57, explaining the speed of light, Prof. Daddy, Parking Ticket Hot Zones, Switch is for liars, where the hell is Justin Bobby?, The August Concert and Wing Festival, saying goodbye to Higley TV & Appliance, fresh pony meat on Assateague Island, Seth's Sting Operation, Alabama Cock Fights, and lane splitting is not a crime.

UYD: It's really wonky with light.

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Episode 520

From the boardroom to the bedroom, should you still re-up your Playboy subscription?, Chipotle: The Poison Emporium, breathing is mandatory, Kevin Nealon's house for sale, students flying planes, National Exercise With Your Child Week, Real Life Hulks, UYD's Fast Casuals, What's The Haps With These Apps?, Ask Jonathan, saying goodbye to Skatezone, USA Today Snapshots, fighting the Zika Virus, big ups to Joel Begleiter, it's a bird bloodbath at The U.S. Bank Stadium, bear harvesting, Season 11 of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Project Franchise, bird divorce, murders galore on Hollywood Blvd, dumb digital baseball cards, and let's figure this all out while drinking.

UYD: You need all types for a good Derby Team.

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Episode 519

Emotionally affected by the LA fires, what happened to Utopia?, Larroquette: Arson Investigator, apps for your dog, hot Hollywood agent talk, Seth goes to The Cowboys Training Camp, Happy Birthday Jonathan!, National Stop on Red Week, the best concert Jonathan has ever seen, cutting up The Chicago White Sox throwback uniforms, hacking your solar panels, darting eyes and hoodies, Hairbucks, #TacoBellWedding, #ICouldGetInThere, USA Today Snapshots, going down a Herda-Hadda Hole, saying goodbye to The Book Store, saying goodbye to Book World, the pony deaths of Assateague Island, showering underneath Seth's window, Entrepreneurs Awakening, UYD's Fast Casuals, OD'ing twice in one day, carfentanil will put you down, an elephant's greatest piss, full legal murder in the animal kingdom, preparing for Jeep Fest, Ask Jonathan, lettuce salads, and the scariest thing about Stranger Things is the kids on bikes.

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Episode 518

Howth the universeth worketh, Sethupathi, The Flights of Contour Airlines, MTV Casting Calls, The Tweets of T.D. Jakes, teaBOT does what teaBOT does, National Baby Food Week, UYD's Fast Casuals, Foul Mouthed Shirts, Cunt Boxer, Christin Stewart's Twilight Steakhouse, USA Today Snapshots, saying goodbye to Premiere Video, waiting for 5G, Bail Capping Schemes, Ask Jonathan, Starbucks gift cards are the new age stamps, Casamatic, and my baby grew up in a dispensary.

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Episode 517

Not so many layers on the swim team, USA Today Snapshots, saying goodbye to the Jamba Juice in Larchmont, Bluemercury, North Eastern Road Rage, Physical Gesticulations and Their Origins: The Podcast, turning blood into gum, The World's Largest Float Center, Planet of the Apps, Antiwater, rebranding Ashley Madison, UYD's Fast Casuals, complete fraud Tony Robbins, the tough life of the Hough siblings, National Independent Retailers Week, talking shit about celebs, Ask Jonathan, the coming out of Clayton Rohner, The Devil In Music, aural excitement, Derrick Cocaine Jordan, and don't sleep on a bomb-ass name.

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Episode 516

It's all in the numbers, the area codes of Puerto Rico, a pranic level of nectar, preparing for Jonathan's birthday, subway microbes, Google sees all, UYD's Fast Casuals, saying goodbye to Aubuchon Hardware, National Parenting Gifted Children Week, extreme GoPro babies, Joey Chestnut eats a lot of hot dogs, preparing for the IRL Purge, USA Today Snapshots, The Montana Testicle Festival, being caught in the middle of a naked bike ride, Spartan barley, Ask Jonathan, fish recognizing human faces, Ithaca's injection party, and being happy at 33.

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Episode 515

The most beautiful cities in the world, grab-ass locker room games, Jonathan gets pantsed, Jay-Z's apartment pop up, bringing beverages on a cruise ship, unused college plane tickets, a pube-less economy, the 6 tones of books, do you like staff picks?, Seth Clips 25, no parking tickets for the homeless, the unproductive helmets of Paul Hornung, The White Hot Chili Peppers, stealing your PIN Number though your Fitbit, USA Today Snapshots, stealing > showing dick, stealthy speaker thieves, rolling up in jeans and a badge, Ask Jonathan, adding a leap second, UYD's Fast Casuals, saying goodbye to The Moxie Store, National Zookeeper Week, one hitter walks, and donating to cute Jamaican girls.

UYD: Fighting the woke fight.

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Episode 514

Can't we all just have a laugh?, Rubies+Diamonds, a tolerance for love, National Everyone Deserves A Massage Week, remembering K-DAY, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, UYD's Fast Casuals, ancient wheats, Skype it to my QR Code, you can't put 0's and 1's in a shoebox, The Enchanted Forest Gathering, Band/Weed/Mind's Eye, saying goodbye to Schwartz's Intimate Apparel, The Six Tastes of Food, money spending boners, The Most American Car, Chefy-D, Side by Sides, suicidal farmers/lumberjacks/fishermen, robots slipping on bananas, RaftUp, FriendControl, and separating the fireworks from the gunplay.

UYD: Balancing the sacred, sexy, silly and saucy.

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Episode 513

Why is everyone so somber?, The Museum of Broken Relationships, diversifying The Oscars with The Wayans, Seth watches Ghostbusters, The Summer of Bonsai, USA Today Snapshots, The Boys of the Boulevard, riding on reaper tires, The Hall of Fish Paintings, empty movie theaters, Soylent 2.0, The Summer Fancy Food Show, Sports Cliche Week, 10 words - 2 letters, Miss Mississippi battles Satan, preparing for snake bites, spellios, UYD's Fast Casuals, saying goodbye to Wilson Hardware, repairing The Dance's window, Ma and Pa-cast, and the movies of 1984.

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Episode 512

Six Flags over Saudi Arabia, saying goodbye to fall foliage, Seth watches Parenthood, Jonathan watched Parenthood, National Ventriloquism Week, Jeff Dunham gets unhinged in Hollywood, no spoilers for Magic, $350 rent, Solar Roads, USA Today Snapshots, 5 seconds with your eyes off the road, Ask Jonathan, a sharp rise in A's, full page newspaper apologies, do you want to take my virgin?, The Days of '76 Rodeo, trapped in our own inside Hilton, Flapper Seth, The USA Luge Slider Search, American Treasure Kirk Douglas, 54,945 Google searches per second, UYD's Fast Casuals, The Carbondale Eclipse, having a kid by 2024, and The Gluten Crisper Brexit.

UYD: Open minds and open doors.

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Episode 511

Nothing more American than dirt bikes, Sister vs Sister in The Carol King Musical, Jonathan covers The Dead, The 2016 XXL Freshman Class, Lil Kokane, school crossing guards lose their badges, re-enacting the Mormon pioneers, The AVN's on Showtime, Riley Reid can't eat her own pussy, K-9 officers locked in hot cars, scrapping with Joe Biden, UYD's Fast Casuals, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's TV Picks, UYD's Christmas Movie, Nude Recreation Week, saying goodbye to Al's Liquor, saying goodbye to Donut Time, saying goodbye to the street walking hustlers, my son STIHL, Roach Art, and came covered bridesmaid dresses.

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Episode 510

SJR and JPL, dust tagging, the valley's most neighborly town, the worst place to make a living, OchoCinco's piss soaked ankles, UrOwnUrine, The World Board Gaming Championships, seeking inspiration from The Brady Bunch, LA's first black architect, COPS is still going, Hubie Brown says the coolest things, air turbulence alerts, wave to The Waze Train, National Women's Motorcycle Month, Seth's fender bender, USA Today Snapshots, saying goodbye to Circus of Books, The Delta of Vaseline Alley, nature's original soft-drink, UYD's Fast Casuals, #AbsolutelyWillNeverForget, vapor notchbacks and up-dos, the ancient art of police sketching, Jay Leno's killing spree, busting police myths, the odd life of John Grega, American shoes for America's Armies, Ask Jonathan, Rockonsin, rebel checks, and the many celebrity guests of UYD.

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Episode 509

Formula 509, exhausting virtual realities, the telepathy cloud, extreme river rafting, All Cheer/No Beer, Vegan cab drivers, (Hi Joaquin), delicious Vegan jizz, Turtle Crossing, renting Jeffrey Dahmer's home, hot coffee/hot cancer, UYD's Fast Casuals, The UFO Festival, The Fermi Paradox, The World's Largest Tree Hug, The World's Largest Square Dance, 24 hours of pull-ups, murdering Jonathan, remembering the Casey Anthony trial, Weck's Wiki done fell off, National Unassisted Home Birth Week, saying goodbye to Brunchies, Ask Jonathan, the dying breed of off color jokes, biblical numbers for James Paterson, USA Today Snapshots, the people who eat at 7-11, Armorway or the highway, and falling asleep to UYD.

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